Malaysia Public Holidays & School Holidays 2019 in Google Calendar

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Malaysians love holidays, especially long weekend holidays. It can be tough to remember all the holidays because Malaysia is so unique that we celebrate the festival of all races. In order to better prepare myself for a great new year, I have looked up on the internet for public holidays and school holidays in Malaysia. […]

Best DNS for Fastest Browsing Speed in Malaysia 2019

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What is DNS? DNS stands for Domain Name System is the GPS of the internet. Each website has its unique internet protocol (IP) address similar to each location has its own GPS coordinate. However, we access websites through domain names, like and Thus, DNS helps us to turn the domain names into IP addresses […]

6 Easy Hacks for Malaysians to 2X Productivity Immediately

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The new year is coming and you have set new resolutions to improve and achieve more. However, you never seem to accomplish a big part of them and frustrated with your unproductive self. Unlike any other common bits of advice that ask you to follow abc and xyz. We all know that staying focus, less interruption, […]