11 Best Dining Tables in Malaysia – Cheap & Solid

best dining tables malaysia

In Malaysia, food plays a big part in our culture and having a good dining table serves as a centrepiece for family gatherings. It is a place where we share our meals and have meaningful conversations. 

There are many different types of table designs available. Some prefer rectangle tables, and some prefer round tables.  But, choosing the right material for your dining table top is of utmost importance because it directly impacts the table’s durability. 

In this article,  we will recommend different types of top dining tables in Malaysia. 

What is the best dining table in Malaysia?

For most Malaysians, the best dining table is the Nordic dining table sold by Musisen. This table is made of solid wood and priced reasonably. Its rectangular design and rounded corners, the tabletop is both stylish and protective. 

Besides that, we’ve rounded up our favourite dining tables, including round dining tables, extendable dining tables, marble tables and more.

  1. Best Cheap 4-Seater Round Table: Gdeal Nordic Table
  2. Best Cheap Dining Table Set: Eames Dining Table Set
  3. Best Nordic Dining Table: Musisen Nordic Dining table
  4. Best Solid Wood Round Table: newNordic Solid Round Table
  5. Best Extendable Dining Table: Jo ELLE Extendable Dining Table
  6. Best Large Solid Wood Dining Table: Atmua Vivo Dining Table
  7. Best Modern Dining Table: Grenzo Dining Table
  8. Best Sintered Stone Dining Table: Carlos Sintered Stone Dining Table Set
  9. Best Rectangular Marble Top Dining Table: Bahagia Bonee Marble Top Dining Table
  10. Best 8-seater Dining Table: KitchenZ Marble Dining Table
  11. Best Round Marble Dining Table: Teck Seng Marble Dining Table Set

1. Gdeal Nordic Table

Best Cheap 4-Seater Round Table

Gdeal Nordic Table

Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee

GDeal Nordic Table is a multipurpose small round dining table that can be used for both dining and coffee tables. The compact size of the table, 80 x 80 x 73 cm makes it an ideal choice for small apartments and hostels. 

This table weighs less than 10 kg makes it easy to move around and can be stored in a corner when not in use.

The minimalist and Nordic design brings a modern but warm vibe to the dining space.

The table top is made of MDF and comes with solid sturdy wooden legs to ensure it can withstand a considerable amount of weight. 

A downside of this table is that once the MDF layer is chipped off, it cannot be repaired. The table can become ruined by moisture and water seeping inside.

In summary, the GDeal Nordic table is a great 4-seater table that is cheap and practical for small households.

2. Eames Dining Table Set

Best Cheap Dining Table Set with Chair

Eames Dining Table Set

Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee

This Simple Eames Dining Table sold by Nethome is both stylish and modern. The size of the table is just ideal at 120 x 60 cm. This table can be used for four or six people.

This dining table uses an iconic Eames design style which is very popular in recent years. It has sleek lines and a minimalist look that complement the modern home decor style.

The table top is made of Melamine which is a better material than MDF. It is slightly more water-resistant and stronger.

The Eames Table can be purchased with or without the Eames Dining Chair. To make sitting more comfortable, you can opt for a dining chair with cushions.

For such a low price, the Nethome Eames Dining Table Set is a steal. The design is practical, strong, and stylish at the same time.

3. Nordic Dining table

Best Nordic Dining Table

Nordic Dining table

Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee

The Nordic dining table sold by Musisen is the best value nordic dining table if you’re looking for a solid wood table. That’s what sets it apart from other Eames dining tables.

There are two lengths available for this dining table set: 1.2 metres and 1.4 metres. Users can choose between walnut or birch wood colour.

Nordic Dining table set has 2 different lengths of table and 2 different colours of chair

One of the most attractive features of this table is that it is made of solid wood, making it very sturdy and durable. It can easily accommodate 4 to 6 people.

Furthermore, the user can purchase matching solid wood chairs, which are not only high quality, but also come with cushions.

In short, The Nordic Table by Musisen is a good choice if you want a quality solid wood dining table without breaking the bank.

4. newNordic Solid Round Table

Best Solid Wood Round Table

newNordic Solid Round Table

Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee

For those who prefer a round dining table, you should check out the NewNordic Solid Wood Round Table. 

It comes in various sizes including 60cm, 80cm, 90cm, 100cm, and 120cm in diameter.

The 90cm diameter dining table is perfect for those with limited space but still, want a stylish and functional table. Be sure to measure properly before placing your order since 60cm diameter could be too small as a dining table.

This NewNordic Solid Round Table is made of rubber wood. Its unique feature is its non-conventional table leg, which looks great and provides additional stability.

5. Jo ELLE Extendable Dining Table

Best Extendable Dining Table

Jo ELLE Extendable Dining Table

Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee

The Jo-ELLE Walden Extension Dining Table is a stunning, extendable solid wood table. It is a rectangular-oval table, measuring 150m x 90cm. If it is extended, it adds another 45cm, making 195cm.

This table can accommodate 6 people comfortably. The extension leaf increases seating capacity even further, allowing up to 10 people to eat together.

MDF is used for the tabletop and Malaysian oak for the table legs. As mentioned earlier, MDF is not always the best material for dining tables. It is important that users handle the surface with care and do not chip it.

This table can accommodate eight to ten people.

This Jo Elle Dining table will be a good choice if you are frequently hosting parties and gatherings at home. When there are more guests, you can simply extend the table and fold it back when not needed.

6. Atmua Vivo Dining Table

Best Solid Wood Dining Table

Atmua Vivo Dining Table

Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee

The Atmua Furniture Vivo Dining Table is the perfect dining table for big families. It measures 180 x 90 cm and can accommodate 8 people. 

Atmua’s table is made from durable rubber wood, which offers good strength and durability. Additionally, it features an A-shaped table leg, which is both unconventional and trendy.

Despite its size being perfect for large families or gatherings, it may be too big for apartments or smaller homes. 

However, if you have enough space in your house, Atmua Vivo Dining Table is definitely worth the money.

7. Grenzo Dining Table

Best Modern Dining Table

Grenzo Dining Table

Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee

The Grenzo 323 Modern Dining Table is a unique and modern dining table. There are two sizes available: 180 x 80cm and 200 x 90 cm.

The table top is one piece of solid rubber wood and its table leg is made of steel. The unique pattern of this table leg stands out in your dining area, enhancing its character.

This table is easy to assemble, and the instructions are simple to follow. 

The Grenzo 323 Dining table costs more than RM1000, but thanks to its solid construction, it is a good investment that will last for a long time.

8. Carlos Sintered Stone Dining Table Set

Best Sintered Stone Dining Table

Carlos Sintered Stone Dining Table Set

Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee

If you’re looking for a dining table with a durable table top, check out the Carlos Sintered Stone Dining Table Set. This table set consists of a dining table and six comfortable dining chairs.

The table is made of sintered stone and its appearance is similar to marble. The advantages of sintered stone include waterproof, stainproof, heat-resistant, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean. 

It is easy to clean and maintain, making it very safe for kids to use, especially for families with children who may drop food on the table occasionally.

The best part is that this Carlos Sintered Stone Dining Table Set includes installation, unlike other dining table sets on Shopee and Lazada that require self-assembly.

9. Bahagia Bonee Marble Top Dining Table

Best Rectangular Marble Top Dining Table

Bahagia Bonee Marble Top Dining Table

Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee

If you prefer only a marble-top dining table, then you can check out the Bahagia Bonee Marble Brown Top Table. It comes with 6 dining chairs too.

This table set is perfect for those who are looking for a rectangular dining table that will last for years with a conventional style. There are four solid rubberwood legs supporting the heavy marble top.

The size of the table is 140 x 80 cm, suitable for small to medium-sized families.

Many customers praise that the quality of the table is top-notch and sturdy. And the marble table is really heavy.

Aside from that, most of them say Bahagia Bonee Marble Brown Top Table is totally worth the money since it includes 6 chairs and only costs RM1100. There is also a free installation service along with every purchase.

10. KitchenZ Marble Dining Table

Best 8-seater Dining Table

KitchenZ Marble Dining Table

Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee

The KitchenZ Marble Dining Table is a marble table with a stylish appearance, which is more suited for modern homes compared to the Bahagia Bonee Marble Top Dining Table.

This set includes a dining table and six chairs, so you don’t have to search for matching dining chairs.

The tabletop is made of a rectangular slab of white marble. It’s rounded at the four corners, so bumping the slab accidentally will not cause too much pain.

The marble top surface is moisture and stain resistant so it is very easy to keep clean.

However, please note that the surface is matte instead of glossy, so if you’re looking for a glossy marble-top dining table, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Customers praise that the chair is comfortable and provide ample support, well worth the price.

11. Teck Seng Adelaide Marble Dining Table Set

Best Round Marble Dining Table

Teck Seng Adelaide Marble Dining Table Set

Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee

The Teck Seng Adelaide Marble Dining Set is the best round marble table. The round marble table has always been a favourite of Malaysian households, particularly the Chinese. It is available in two sizes, 135cm and 150cm in diameter.

A key feature of this Adelaide Marble Dining Table Set is its elegant, timeless design. This marble dining table screams luxury since it is completely made of marble. Marble is used to make the table, table turner, and table leg.

To produce this table, premium materials and craftsmanship were required. As a result, the table alone is selling for more than RM2200, which is the most expensive table in this list. 

It is safe to say that this type of marble dining table can last a lifetime, if not generations. In most cases, you won’t need to buy another dining table unless you are already bored with its design.


SamPoint Dining Table Review

SamPoint is one of the most popular Shopee stores that sell furniture, especially dining tables and chairs. There are thousands of good reviews, but there are also hundreds of bad reviews. This makes me think that it is a controversial seller.

A majority of complaints are regarding late or non-delivery of products. Although Shopee can refund you if you don’t receive your product, it is stressful for customers to wait for months and constantly chasing on product delivery.

There are also a few complaints regarding poor quality control, such as uneven chairs and chipped tables.


What type of dining table is most durable?

The most durable dining table material is sintered stone, a new type of material. Despite being a man-made material, it is strong, hard, and nonporous. It is harder than Marble and doesn’t stain easily. Compared to solid wood dining tables, it is certainly more scratch-resistant.

How much is a marble dining table in Malaysia?

Quality marble dining tables usually sell for between RM1500 and RM3000.

How much is a solid wood dining table in Malaysia?

The price of a solid wood dining table varies greatly depending on the type of timber. Rubber solid dining tables start at RM1000, which is the cheapest solid wood dining table. Then, there are also solid oak wood dining tables which usually sell for RM2500 or more.

How do I choose the best dining table?

To choose the best dining table, one should always consider factors like size, shape, style, material, and budget. Ideally, a table should be proportional to the size of the room and be comfortable for use. Finally, set a budget and buy a table that meets all your needs.

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