Best Air Fryer in Malaysia 2019: Philips VS Tefal

best air fryer in malaysia

Never heard of air fryer? Or considering to buy a new air fryer after you see this cool looking cookware in your friend’s kitchen? Day by day, there are getting more people who only have induction cooking hob in their houses. Frying food on induction hob is indeed inconvenient compared to using a gas stove. Air […]

Best Ceiling Fan in Malaysia 2019

Best Ceiling Fan in Malaysia 2019 3

A ceiling fan is a must-have appliance for every home in Malaysia. One may not install air-cond in their house but every house will install a ceiling fan in order to beat the heat, right? But, how to choose your ceiling fan? 3 blades, 4 blades, 5 blades, 52 inches, 56 inches or 60 inches blade, […]