Malaysia Covid Test Price List Compilation (Updated Feb 2021)

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With the recent spikes of COVID-19 cases in Malaysia, chances are high that you get in close contact with a covid-positive patient.

If that happens, it is necessary to self-quarantine and take a covid test at the clinic or hospital nearby. 

Where to get test for Covid 19?

Open up the MySejahtera app on your smartphone and choose health facilities. It will show all the available testing facilities near your area.

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MySejahtera app healt facilities for covid 19 screening

Malaysian can get a covid test at Government Hospital or Klinik Kesihatan for as low as RM1 only (RM100 to RM200 for Non-Malaysians).

Alternatively, you can choose to test a private hospital/clinic. There are a total of 901 hospitals/clinics which have registered with MOH to carry out covid tests for the public. 


Types of Covid Test

Before you head out to the hospital, take note that there are mainly 2 types of covid tests available: PCR swab test and RTK Ag rapid test kit.

In most cases, it is recommended to get a PCR swab test because it has a better detection rate and more accurate (>95% accuracy).

It is an easy, effective and fast way to diagnose whether you have an active Covid-19 infection.

In general, the whole process can range from downright unpleasant with some gagging to totally painless. Any kind of discomfort usually disappears pretty fast. 

Test results usually take between 24 – 72 hours to be ready.

It is best that you practice self-quarantine while your test results are pending.


RT-PCR test is the medical term for swab test. 

A sample is typically taken from your nose and throat with a specialized swab, then placed inside a sterile container and transported to a lab for testing.

Test results usually take between 24 – 72 hours to be ready

It detects the presence of Covid-19 Nucleic Acid to determine whether a person suffers from Covid-19T

RTK Ag Test

RTK Ag, RTK Antigen test is done through nose swab test as well. For info, RTK antibody test aka RTK bloodtest is not endorsed by government. (I was also confused between these 2 types of test initially, had corrected it now)

It detects the virus that is present in the body 7-14 days after being exposed to Covid-19. 

Hence, this test does not help to detect the early stages of Covid-19 infection. 

And RTK covid test result is less accurate compared to a standard swab test, which is a big disadvantage.

The biggest benefit of using RTK is its affordable pricing.

It is no doubt a better option for small-medium business owners who need to do covid tests for large numbers of workers. 

Covid Test Price List

Nowadays, you can take a covid test through walk-in to the hospital or get a drive-thru Covid test.

I highly recommend heading to go for drive-thru Covid test for greater convenience and safety.

The queue is often shorter and it keeps you away from crowds and other potential Covid positive patients.

In fact, you can even get a Covid test from the comfort of your home. Do take note that home visit test usually will be slightly more expensive than drive-thru or walk-in.

Here’s a list of hospitals and clinics that provide COVID-19 tests:

Note:* The list below is not exhaustive and the prices listed may change. It is best to contact your preferred health facility for further information.

Note:** For price shown as RM250/RM180 under drive-thru column, indicates PCR test @ RM250 and RTK test @ RM180.

Malaysia Nationwide/Multi-Location

Hospital/ClinicPCR testRapid testDrive-ThruHome Visit
All Government Klinik Kesihatan & HospitalsRM1RM1n/an/a
BP HealthcareRM240n/an/an/a
Columbia Asia HospitalsRM380n/an/an/a
KPJ Tawakkan/an/aRM388n/a

KL & Selangor 

Hospital/ClinicPCR testRapid testDrive-thru
Ara Damansara Medical Centren/an/aRM295
Assunta Hospitaln/an/aRM298
Damai Service HospitalRM350n/aRM350
Gleneagles KLn/an/aRM380
Hospital Islam Az-ZahrahRM269n/an/a
HSC Medical Centren/an/aRM330
Laurent Bleu Medical ClinicRM250RM70RM250/RM120
MSU Medical CentreRM300RM180n/a
Pantai Hospitals RM310n/aRM230*
Prince Court Medical Centren/an/aRM330
Putra Specialist Hospital Groupn/an/aRM350/RM138
Subang Jaya Medical CentreRM295n/an/a
Sunway Medical CentreRM300n/an/a
Sunway Medical Centre VelocityRM300n/aRM300
Taman Desa Medical CentreRM290RM160n/a
Thomson Hospitaln/an/aRM300
Tung Shin HospitalRM280n/an/a
Twin Towers Medical Centre, KLCCRM300RM130n/a


Hospital/ClinicPCR testRapid testDrive-thru
Gleneagles Medini Johorn/an/aRM330
KPJ Bandar Dato’ Onn SpecialistRM340RM180n/a


Hospital/ClinicPCR testRapid testDrive-thru
Island Hospitaln/an/aRM480/RM350
KPJ Penang Specialistn/an/aRM388/RM188

Amongst all the clinic and hospitals, the most noteworthy one is Laurent Bleu Medical Clinic because they are offering an RM70 RTK Ag test for everyone.

Apparently, it is impossible for me to trace the price for each and every clinics/hospital. There are more than 900+ Covid test service providers in the whole of Malaysia.

And many of them don’t list their Covid test price on the website or Facebook Page.

The price shown above is only accurate as of the date the post was updated.

Feel free to comment belows and I will update my list for any cheap covid test, or make correction on my post if there is any mistake.

Covid Test FAQ

How to claim Covid 19 test from Perkeso (Socso)?

For foreign workers who contribute to Socso, an employer may arrange the workers to get free Covid Test at selected panel clinic.

For local employees, employers can get a subsidy of RM150. But the application for the subsidy will be ended on 21 Feb 2021.

For more details, refer to

How much is Covid 19 test?

RT-PCR swab test costs between RM 250 to RM380.
RTK Antigen test costs between RM70 to RM215

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