4 Best Instant Water Heater In Malaysia

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I believe nowadays everyone prefers to have a hot warm bath instead of an icy cold bath. Thus, installing a good and reliable instant water heater system in the house is very crucial. Safety is of the utmost importance when choosing an instant water heater. Especially when we’re dealing with both water and electricity when heating up the water.

We have handpicked 4 different types of best instant water heaters in Malaysia, click below to read each of their reviews:

  1. Best instant water heater without pump – Joven SA20e
  2. Budget pick- cheap instant water heater without pump – Panasonic DH-3RL1
  3. Best instant water heater with pump – Toshiba DSK38ES3MB-RS
  4. Budget pick- cheap instant water with pump – Panasonic DH-3RP1

For those who already installed a booster pump at your water tank, you could just settle for water heaters with no pump to save money. The pump feature of water heater will become redundant because pump pressure from the heater is almost negligible compared to a booster pump pressure.

1. Joven SA20e

Best instant water heater without pump Malaysia

joven sa20e Best instant water heater without pump Malaysia

Joven SA20e is the best instant water heater without pump in Malaysia. It is the trusted local brand that is synonymous to the water heater. Simple design, reliable heating performance and comes with an adjustable slide rail should cater to the needs for most Malaysia household.

RM267 on Lazada RM268 on Shopee

Well, we chose JOVEN SA20e, the seemingly standard and simple instant water heater is recommended for its reputable track record.


It has a built-in EELS System with a surge protector, so in case of any electricity leakage, this system will detect it and protects the board from any sudden power surges – 10mA sensitivity automatic electrical leakage detector. There is also a TEST/RESET function ready to reset the system in case of any problems. 

And also, it has the IP25 Splash Proof Protection feature, so that any minor water splashing will still be safe which complies to IEC ( International Electrotechnical Commission) 60529.

They also do have a built-in safety thermostat/thermal cut-out to ensure no scalding occurs, no overheating and most important of all protect against any possible fires.  There is an auto flow sensor switch to protect the heating element and reduces energy consumption too. 

Temperature Control

For temperature control, Joven has what they call stepless electronic power control which is a gimmicky marketing term. Temperature control for any instant water heater is always stepless as long as I can remember. It allows the users to increase or decrease water temperature by turning the dial.

Showerhead & Build Quality

Joven SA20e comes with an adjustable slider bar and a basic shower rose. The shower rose has 3 types of spray patterns, Jet Spray for high-pressure focus spray, Maxi Spray for normal spray and Wide Spray for bigger coverage and slightly lower pressure.

The casing of the heater and showerhead are made of white-coloured plastic material and the flexible hose is 3 layers reinforced to ensure durability. 

Joven provides a 1-Year warranty for this unit.


  • EELS with Surge Protector
  • IP25 Splash Proof – Protects against any water splashes. 
  • Protects against any dangers when accessing any dangerous parts.
  • Good track record based on personal experience


  • So far, nothing yet.

2. Panasonic DH-3RL1

Budget pick – cheap instant water heater without pump Malaysia

Panasonic 3rl1 cheap instant water heater without pump Malaysia

Panasonic DH-3RL1 is our budget pick for the cheap instant water heater without pump in Malaysia. It has 9 safety points including IP25 casing, built-in electricity leakage sensor, thermal sensor, flow sensor which gives users peace of mind.

RM195 on Lazada RM195 on Shopee

Panasonic Non-Jet Pump DH-3RL1 is also another great pick. Well, Panasonic is chosen for the same reason as Joven. They are both have a long and reputable history in producing water heater.


DH-3RL1 has a built-in earth leakage breaker (ELB), the power supply will be cut off immediately when electricity leakage occurs. It also has a water flow sensor that shut off the machine if the water flow is too low, preventing the heater from overheating and burnt the chipset inside.

Temperature Control

Nothing fancy for the temperature control, it is the usual circular knob for adjusting the temperature.

It has a thermal sensor that will automatically cut off the power water temperature exceed its set limit, 55 degrees Celsius.

Showerhead & Build Quality

One thing to take note that this water heater does not provide sliding rail. Its shower rose has only one type of shower spray pattern. So, it may not be suitable for some families that need to adjust the shower rose height frequently. Alternatively, you can get one shower rail separately at Lazada/Shopee .

The casing material is made of non-flammable and non-electric conducting material. It is insulated thoroughly well, preventing any possible electrical shocks. The cover is rated IP25, so no issues on any minor water splashing onto the heater.

Panasonic provides a 1-Year local manufacturer warranty for its water heater.


  • Cheap
  • Simple and reliable
  • 9 safety points


  • No shower rail
  • Showerhead only has 1 type shower spray pattern

3. Toshiba DSK38ES3MB-RS

Best instant water heater with pump Malaysia

Important note: After reading comments from our readers and further research, I found that Toshiba DSK 38ES3MB-RS indeed has issues with low pressure and not hot enough.

So, it is better to stick with Joven and Panasonic instant water heater.

Toshiba DSK38ES3MB-RS Best instant water heater with pump Malaysia

Toshiba DSK38ES3MB-RS is chosen as the best water heater with pump in Malaysia. It offers the most complete package among all the premium water heater. It has a digital display, 5-click shower spray pattern, rain showerhead and a very modern black colour gloss finish casing.

RM587 on Lazada RM662 on Shopee

Instead of Panasonic or Joven water heater, Toshiba DSK38ES3MB-RS is selected as the best instant water heater with pump. It offers the most complete package at very reasonable pricing. Personally, I have no actual experience with Toshiba heater but I am okay to recommend it because it is giving 5 years warranty on its pump and heating element. And I have good experience with Toshiba home appliance myself, a Toshiba fridge.


Like any modern water heater, Toshiba water heater automatically detects earth connection. If the earth connection is not found, the water heater will not be power up.

It also has electricity leakage sensor, should there be any electricity leakage, both live and neutral wires will be cut off at the same time, to ensure the highest safety of the users.

Temperature Control

Toshiba water heater LED display
LED display for water temperature. No more guessing game.

One of the more notable features on this Toshiba DSK38ES3MB-RS is the LED display for temperature. This is definitely a huge convenience for many users because it finally marks the end of guessing game for water temperature.

Well, some may say Panasonic DH-3NDP1MS also adopt a digital display for temperature. But Panasonic approach of using digital button control instead of a knob dial makes it less convenient and intuitive.

So, that’s the reasons Toshiba’s water heater is preferred over Panasonic’s one.

Pressure Control

This Toshiba water heater uses a DC pump to increase water pressure, it is said to be 60% more energy saving compared to an AC pump. It is also very quiet at just 38db.

Smaller brands like Alpha, Rubine, Deka always provide pressure control dial on their water heater pump series.

However, Toshiba’s water heater pump series doesn’t come with pressure control. In fact, most established water heater brands like Joven and Panasonic also don’t provide pressure control on their heater.

I believe the reason being that the manufacturer believes you should simply control the pressure by adjusting your water volume control valve. They just preset the pump to work at its optimum pressure level. So, there’s no point of having an additional knob/dial for controlling the pressure.

Shower rose & built quality

Toshiba water heater water spray pattern
5 types of shower spray pattern for different users’ preference

This particular model comes with a hand shower rose and a rain shower! So, you get complete shower options. So no worries if one of your family members prefer rain shower while another prefers to use a hand shower head. Moreover, the hand shower head comes with 5 different shower spray pattern: standard, soothe, combo, massage and jumbo.

image 8

Another thing to compliment for this water heater is its slick and modern design. The water heater casing is black in colour with a mirror-like gloss finish. This is one of the few water heaters that actually looks nice, feature-packed and gives 5 years local manufacturer warranty.


  • Built-in silent DC inverter pump (38dB)
  • Energy saving
  • Electricity leakage protection and earthing connection checker
  • Modern and sleek design
  • 5 years warranty for the pump motor and heating element. 


  • No long term track record available or user experience to be found online. There is one user had claimed that he used it 3 years+ and counting without any issues.

4. Panasonic DH-3RP1

Budget pick – cheap instant water with pump Malaysia

Panasonic DH-3RP1

Panasonic DH-3RP1 is simple and functioning well. Although it is Japanese brand, this DC pump water heater is among the cheapest while other brands only give AC pump at this price point.

RM380 on Lazada RM380 on Shopee

We recommend Panasonic DH-3RP1 as the best cheap instant water with pump in Malaysia. This water heater is a great bargain at only RM380.

Safety feature

All Panasonic water heater comes with 9 safety point. These important features include:

  • Non-flammable material compliance
  • IP25 splash-proof casing
  • built-in electric leakage breaker
  • auto thermal cut off
  • flow sensor cut off

Temperature control

Nothing to brag about for Panasonic 3RP1 temperature control. It utilizes a standard knob dial to adjust the water temperature. And there is an auto thermal cut-off which limits at 55 degree Celsius.

Pressure control

Similar to what I explained earlier for Toshiba water heater, Panasonic water heater doesn’t provide pressure control dial. You can only control the pressure by adjusting the water control valve.

This model stands out as one of the cheapest DC pump water heaters in the market. Many other brands only offer AC pump for this price range.

Shower rose and build quality

Panasonic 3RP1 gives you the most basic ever hand shower head. There is only one type of shower spray pattern. And there is no adjustable slider rail for users to adjust the shower head height. It is definitely the biggest shortcoming for this model.

Panasonic provides a 1-Year Local Manufacturer Warranty (Onsite warranty by Panasonic Malaysia).


  • Silent DC Pump
  • Simple yet modern design
  • 9 safety points


  • No slider rail and no rain shower
  • Only one shower spray pattern

The competition

Panasonic DH-3NDP1MS DC pump water heater is a very viable competitor to Toshiba. For those who prefer to stick to reputable heater brand, you should get this model instead of Toshiba DSK38ES3MB-RS.

It has a sleek design and digital display for temperature. It even has a time display which is very convenient for one to keep time in check.

Its pump is made in Japan and has an e-Cycle function which switches between hot & cold water intermittently. It is believed to be good for health, relax muscle and detox.

On top of that, it has e-Hybrid Shower feature introduce air bubbles into the water which able to clean more effectively and save water.

Personally, I think the rain showerhead is important to qualify as a premium range shower wares Thus, I recommend Toshiba over Panasonic for the premium range water heater with pump.

JOVEN I90PRS DC pump water heater is the premium series of Joven water heater. Although Joven has a reputable track record being a reliable water heater, its high pricing for DC pump series makes it less favourable compared to Toshiba & Panasonic’s water heater. The other two brands heater have better design and feel more premium at a similar price point.

Alpha water heater series – As much as I would like to recommend a local Malaysia brand. The bad reviews that I have encountered and seen on the internet turn me away.

Alpha 18I Plus– DC pump water heater with rain shower. Its design is modern but cost more than the Toshiba model that we recommend. And it has no LED display for temperature. Alpha instant water heater follows warranty period as above.

Alpha IM9EP Rain Shower Plus AC pump water heater – Premium pricing with only AC booster pump. Not worth the money.

Alpha AS-2EP– AC pump with rain shower. Needless to say much, it cost a premium but only gives an AC pump is already a huge turndown. The positive side is this model gives a 5-year warranty.

Alpha Evo-i DC pump water heater. It cost as much as Panasonic 3RP1. It has a 5 years warranty compared to Panasonic’s 1-year warranty. Apologies on my bias toward Panasonic brand here because I believe Panasonic does have a better engineering team for home appliance whereas most local manufacturers would reverse engineering to replicate what Japnese’s brands do.

Rubine RWH-SSE852 AC pump water heater comes with a 9-year warranty. Not sure how they exercise this 9-year warranty because 9 years is a very long period for this type of home appliance. For me, the Panasonic 3RP1 with DC pump with a good track record is preferred.

Rubine RWH-SSE851D-RCB DC pump water heater comes with rain shower. Personally, I have 2 of the previous model of this water heater series. This model comes with only a 1-year local warranty for the internal parts, 5 years on pump and 7 years for the heating element.

Both of them became malfunction in the second year due to chipset problem. These 2 incidents leave me a very bad impression for local manufacturers.

Personally, I will not buy another Rubine brand product ever.

Deka Pro 80 DC pump water heater – Another local home brand. For whatever reason, the water heater looks exactly as Rubine’s one. (same OEM manufacturer perhaps?) It also comes with a rain shower. It even has the same warranty as Rubine, 1 year for general parts, 5 years on DC pump and 7 years for heating element. No hands-on experience, anyone will experience with it please leave a comment below.


Should I use instant water heater or storage water heater

What are their differences? A storage water heater has a water tank, and it has an insulator that ensures that the water inside the tank is kept warm. It comes with a thermostat to ensure the water temperature is steadily controlled and maintained.

In order to achieve this, it requires electricity to be continuously supplied to keep the water warm constantly. So, from here, it is a no-brainer that with this option, you will never be able to conserve and save electricity. But, having said this, a tank water heater has its plus. It supplies hot water to more outlets in the house – sink, mixer taps, washing machine, bathtubs etc. It is best to serve as a multipoint system. 

Whereas for the instant water heater, this is more compact in size and provides hot water as and when required. So, in a sense – hot water on demand. And it does this without any water tank at all!

Electricity will not be wasted on heating up water, as you only turn it on the heater when required. But of course, there are always ups and downs to everything. So, in this case, the instant water heater is more suitable as a single point system in the sense that it provides hot water to that one particular outlet only – showerhead as in our case above. 

How to select the right instant water heater?

There are mainly 2 types of instant water heaters, namely with pump and without pump.

The need for a booster pump very much depends on the existing water pressure in the household. If you do have good water pressure in the house, you can go for a water heater without pump.

Do keep in mind that pump in water heater requires a minimum amount of water flow for it to runs. If your water pressure is extremely low, the pump will not be able to work at all. So, you should check out the minimum water flow of each water heater model.

DC pump or AC pump better?

DC pump is always quieter, more efficient but generates slightly lower water pressure. AC pump is louder, less efficient but generates slightly higher water pressure. My advice is to go for DC pump water heater.

Which water heater brand is the best?

For local Malaysia brands, we recommend Joven for its reputable track record and manufacturing water heater is their core business and strength.

Although we don’t highly recommend, Alpha could be your second choice. Other local brands like Deka, Rubine are not recommended.

For international brands, we recommend Panasonic for its good build quality and expertise in home appliances. Toshiba is worth to explore.

And China brand water heater like Midea has no long term review available online. So, it’s not recommended.


Based on users’ feedback and personal experience, Joven & Panasonic have a sturdier and long-lasting quality standard. Thus, Panasonic and Joven are the preferred brands in our article. We believe that they should serve well for many Malaysians and keep you in the peace of mind.

And finally, if you like this article and wish to see more similar content. Remember to support me by clicking any of the lazada/shopee link listed on the site before you make any purchase. And like our Facebook page too.

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1 year ago

I have the Toshiba water heater. Very disappointed. Pump is weak. And heating is slow. Doesn’t feel hot at all. Only warm water. Water is only hot when water flow is very low. Almost unusable. Disapponted. Feel like a waste of money.
Very very regret. .

Aizat Muslim
1 year ago

Nothing on Electrolux?