5 Best Instant Water Heater Malaysia


Nowadays, most people prefer a hot, warm bath instead of a cold, icy one. Therefore, it is essential to install a good and reliable instant water heater in the house. 

When choosing an instant water heater, safety is of the utmost importance

What is the best instant water heater in Malaysia?

The best instant water heater is the Panasonic N series Water Heater. It provides a comfortable shower experience with a good water pressure boost and quick heating. It also has the highest safety standards among all water heater brands.

Here are the top 5 instant water heaters for Malaysians:

  1. Best Rain Shower Water Heater: Panasonic DH-3NP1MSR
  2. Best  DC Pump Water Heater: JOVEN SC33
  3. Safest Water Heater Malaysia: Panasonic U Series Water Heater
  4. Best Cheap DC Pump Water Heater: Haier Water Heater With DC Pump EI36MP1
  5. Best Cheap Water Heater: Midea Water Heater Shower MWH-38Q

1. Panasonic N Series Water Heater DH-3NP2MSR

Best Rain Shower Water Heater

Panasonic N Series Water Heater DH-3NP2MSR

Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee

Panasonic DH-3NP2MSR N Series Jet Pump with Rain Shower Water Heater has the most complete and balanced package compared to other models and brands. 

It has a great design, good heat control, adequate pump pressure, a big rain shower and safe one-push ON/OFF switches.

In comparison to the Panasonic DH-3NP1MSR with a digital display, I prefer the Panasonic DH-3NP2MSR with knob control because it is more convenient and faster, albeit with slightly less accuracy in temperature selection.

This model also has fewer digital components, so it’s less likely to break. The disadvantage is it lacks the e-CYCLE feature that DH-3NP1MSR has. e-CYCLE is a feature switching between hot and cold water automatically to enhance blood circulation.

Compared to other water heater brands, the Panasonic N series water heater has few advantages.

Smart Steady Temperature 

  • built-in sensor to maintain constant shower temperature

Easy Switching Shower Head

  • easily switch between different shower modes with a push of a button

Easy and Safe One-Push Switch

  • large ON/OFF switch which no other water heater brands provide

Japan-designed Control Circuit Board

  • Circuit board design that is well thought out and does not cut corners

Made in Japan DC Pump Motor

  • Silent DC Pump which is made in Japan instead of using a local or China-made motor

The Panasonic DH-3NP2MSR Rain Shower Water Heater is an ideal water heater which is safe and reliable for modern bathrooms. It is energy efficient with a consumption of 3.7kW. And its maximum temperature is 55 degree Celsius.


Best  DC Pump Water Heater


Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee

If the Panasonic N series water heater is too expensive, you can consider the Joven SC33IP water heater. Panasonic and Joven are two of the most reputable water heater brands in Malaysia.

Locally, Joven is synonymous with water heaters. In general, Joven water heaters have a simple design, reliable heating performance, and great build quality.

The Joven SC33 water heater series features a more stylish design than previous models. It comes in dark silver and dark grey colour options.

These models have a double-layer 2K paint finish that is very durable.

A key feature of the Joven water heater is its long-lasting copper heating element. Joven has an amazing track record of producing durable and safe water heaters.

Besides that, it has various built-in safety features such as thermal cut-out technology, IP25 casing, nylon fibre tank, and safety flow sensor technology.

The Joven water heater also comes with a very comfortable shower head with 5 spray modes. There are medium spray, mixed spray, wide spray, combo spray and lastly the jet spray for massaging.

Joven water heater has great water warranties too. Pumps are covered by warranty for 5 years, heating elements for 5 years, tanks for 10 years, and general parts for 1 year.

3. Panasonic U Series Water Heater

Safest Water Heater Malaysia

Panasonic U Series Water Heater

Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee

The Panasonic U series water heater is the safest instant water heater in Malaysia. This new U series water heater is the latest and most stylish model Panasonic has ever released.

The Panasonic U series water heater comes with a unique 9-point safety system.

  1. The casing is rated IP2X which is water-resistant and splashproof
  2. A fully insulated casing protects against electric shock
  3. The casing material is non-flammable
  4. One-push switch to turn the heater on and off
  5. A built-in ELB prevents electric leaks
  6. Water flow sensor to auto cut-off power if water pressure is too low
  7. Power supply automatic cut-off if any parts in the water heater malfunction
  8. Temperature limit to 55 degrees celsius
  9. A durable heating element that prevents overheating and fire

Other than being extra-safe, the Panasonic U series also have comfort features that are not found in any other brand.

These unique features are known as U-memory and U-mode.

  • U-memory – 3 preset temperature options for quick temperature selection
  • U-mode – 3 different shower modes: gradually increase temperature, gradually decrease water temperature, and alternate between hot and cold showers.

Lastly, the Panasonic U-series water heater has a showerhead that provides a spa-life shower experience. The water texture is soft and comfortable. In addition, the showerhead itself is made of antibacterial Ag+ crystal material.

4. Haier Water Heater With DC Pump EI36MP1

Best Cheap DC Pump Water Heater

Haier Water Heater With DC Pump EI36MP1

Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee

If you’re looking for a cheap DC pump water heater, then you should try out the Haier Water Heater EI36MP1. It is currently selling for only RM300+.

Although Haier is not popular in Malaysia, it is the top water heater brand in China.

The Haier Water Heater uses a circular clean heating system. It is a unique tankless water heating technology. It’s better than other instant water heaters that use a small tank.

Due to this, the Haier water heater is 100% shockproof and less prone to scalding problems.

The heating element is completely isolated from water so there’s less chance of electric leaks. In addition, there is no tank that would build up scale over time.

Haier Water Heater With DC Pump EI36MP1 uses a circular clean heating system

The DC pump is also ultra-silent and very energy-saving.

In terms of comfort features, the shower head has 3 different modes: rain, combo and massage.

I like the Haier Water Heater EI36MP1 for its innovative heating technology. On top of that, it provides an extra long warranty, namely 2 years on internal parts, 5 years on the DC pump and 6 years on the heater. 

5. Midea Water Heater Shower MWH-38Q

Best Cheap Water Heater

Midea Water Heater Shower MWH-38Q

Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee

You only need a normal water heater without a pump if your house already has a water pump. The water heater’s pump generates negligible pressure increments compared to the house water pump.

In this case, I would recommend you buy the Midea Water Heater Shower MWH-38Q.

The Midea Water Heater Shower MWH-38Q is one of the best-selling water heaters on Shopee. It has sold thousands of units and received an incredible 4.9-star rating from customers.

Similar to Haier, Midea is another top water heater brand in China. In China, these two brands dominate the market, but overseas, they are less well-known.

Midea Instant Water Heater works well and is easy to use. 

It has built-in ELCB, overheat protection, auto-flow sensor, anti-dry-heating protection, and automatic thermal cut-out.

Overall, the Midea Water Heater Shower MWH-38Q is a cheap and functional water heater. It has a 1 year general warranty and 6 years heating element warranty.


Toshiba DC Pump Water Heater Review

Toshiba DC pump water heater was one of my top recommendations previously. But there are quite many customers who complained that the DC pump helps very little in boosting the water pressure.

Because of this, I don’t think it is a good purchase anymore since people buy water heaters with pumps mainly to solve low water pressure problems.

There are complaints about water leakage from the pipe fittings as well.

Although Toshiba offers great value for its designs and features, I no longer recommend buying a Toshiba water heater unless it improves the pump performance.

Alpha Water Heater Review

Among local consumers, Alpha water heaters are popular because they are stylish and can add on rain showers. 

On the internet, you can find mixed reviews about Alpha water heaters. While some claim the device is reliable, others report durability issues and faulty warnings.

Since Alpha water heaters are not much cheaper than Panasonic and Joven, so I would not recommend buying them. Panasonic water heater will be a better choice.

Rubine Water Heater Review
I was a user of Rubine DC pump water heater and own 2 units of them. Both of them become malfunctioned due to circuit board problems. These incidents left a very bad impression on Rubine products.

Personally, I will not buy another Rubine home appliance ever again.

Deka Instant Water Heater Review
Deka DK1 is one of the cheapest AC pump water heaters in Malaysia. There are many satisfied customers.

However, I am concerned about the quality of their products due to the similar design of the Deka N20 and Rubine Water Heater.

If there’s any user with hands-on and actual experience with Deka Water Heater, please share with me in the comments below.

Instant Water Heater FAQ

Should I use an instant water heater or a storage water heater?

Instant water heaters are smaller in size and provide hot water as needed. Shower heads and accessories are usually included. Meanwhile, storage water heaters store hot water in an insulated tank, providing hot water to multiple water outlets including showers, basins, baths, and more. Overall, an instant water heater is more convenient.

How to select the right instant water heater?

There are two types of instant water heaters: with a pump and without a pump. Buying a normal water heater if you already have a house water pump installed. And preferably go for reputable brands like Panasonic and Joven.

DC pump or an AC pump heater is better?

In general, DC pumps are quieter, and more efficient, but generate slightly lower water pressure. Water pressure is slightly higher with AC pumps, but they are louder and less efficient. Under normal circumstances, the DC pump water heater is usually better.

Which water heater brand is the best?

We recommend Panasonic for its good build quality and expertise in home appliances. Among local Malaysia brands, we recommend Joven because of its reputation and expertise in manufacturing water heaters. 

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Andrew Guo
1 year ago

Rubine P10 is horrendous, failed on me 5 times within a year (flow sensor, heating element and overheating issue) and even after a full unit replacement, it still failed after 2-3 months.

There is an obvious design and quality issue with the P10 and considering that the P10 is their top-of-the-line model, one can only imagine the kind of quality for their lesser model ranges.

avoid Rubine at all cost.

3 years ago

I have the Toshiba water heater. Very disappointed. Pump is weak. And heating is slow. Doesn’t feel hot at all. Only warm water. Water is only hot when water flow is very low. Almost unusable. Disapponted. Feel like a waste of money.
Very very regret. .

Aizat Muslim
3 years ago

Nothing on Electrolux?