Best Postpaid Plans Malaysia (Unlimited Call & Data)

Celcom vs Maxis vs Digi vs U Mobile, who will crown the best postpaid plan in Malaysia 2020? I have done a very thorough postpaid plans comparison and decided that Yoodo RM110 is the best postpaid plan for most Malaysian users.

Why and when should you use a postpaid plan in Malaysia

Given the current state of markets, I don’t find many reasons to use a postpaid plan except for unusual consumption behaviour, particularly on data. Basically, there is always a cheaper alternative prepaid plan that matches or outvalue a similar price point postpaid plan. One should only use postpaid plan when he/she is subjected to circumstances as below:

  • Mobile data is the only point of internet access, no wifi at home or office.
  • Heavy usage with mobile hotspot (a.k.a tethering), more than 50GB tethering per month
  • You plan to get an iPhone through postpaid plan subscription. I have compare the best iPhone plans available in Malaysia in another article.

If you fall into such category, then it is worth to take postpaid plans above RM100. Otherwise, I don’t recommend anyone to subscribe to postpaid plans.

I will run through postpaid plans at different price ranges and explain the pro and cons. Let’s start with the postpaid plans above RM100.

The best postpaid plan below RM150- Yoodo 110

yoodo logoYoodo RM110 package gives a whopping 100GB and 2000 minutes call time to all networks. No limit on tethering and it has the cheapest price per gigabyte ratio among premium plans.

 Apply now-ios

 Apply now-android

Based on the comparison below, I strongly recommend anyone who needs a lot of data and tethering to take Yoodo RM110 package (100GB+2000 minutes call time).

Telco MaxisONE 158 Digi Infinite 150 Celcom Platinum U Mobile P139 Yoodo
Price RM158.00 RM150.00 RM148.00 RM139.00 RM110.00
Data 50GB unlimited 30GB weekday,
30GB weekend
unlimited 100GB
Price per Gigabyte RM3.16 RM2.47 RM1.10
Free Calls and SMS -unlimited calls  and SMS to all networks -unlimited calls
-1000 free SMS
-unlimited calls  and SMS to all networks -unlimited calls to all networks -2000 mins to all networks
Call Rates
SMS Rates 10sen/sms 10sen/sms
Extra Features -free family roam for all share lines -infinite tethering -free 2 monthly privileges with contract
-free internet roaming in 9 ASEAN countries
-free 100GB Video Walla
-free anydayGB
-3GB roam data
-50GB mobile hotspot
Operator Maxis Digi Celcom U Mobile Celcom

Yoodo is included in my list because it fits as both a prepaid and postpaid plan. This plan simply blows every other competition out of the water with its much cheaper pricing and good network coverage that runs under Celcom. Check out my detail explanation on network performance of different Telco in Malaysia to learn more.

Under limited data category, it totally dominates over competition like MaxisONE 158 plan and its parent company Celcom Platinum plan which only provide 50GB and 60GB separately.

MaxisONE 50GB for RM158 per month is ridiculously pricey.

Celcom Platinum’s 60GB is rather interesting with free anydayGb (worth rm10 but it should be free in the first place) that merge weekend/weekday data and 2 monthly privileges to choose among free Lazada voucher, GSC ticket or app store credit (worth RM20+). It drives down the actual cost of Celcom Plan to RM128. The downsides are these freebies only last as long as 12 months and not as much data as Yoodo.


Yoodo gives 100GB of data that you can use an average of 3.33 GB every day. Wondering how much data is 3.33GB, I have made a chart below based on Androidcentral’s data consumption guidelines.

For 3.33GB per day, you can stream:

Activity (Spotify, Apple music) Hours Activity (Youtube, Viu, iflix) Hours
Low quality music 78.3 240-360p video 10.8
Normal quality music 46.2 480p video 4.7
High quality music 28.3 720p video 3.7

The best part? There are also no tethering restrictions or weekday/weekend allocation. It is ideal for anyone who constantly works on the go and has no consistent wifi access.

You can always keep the mobile hotspot turned on, connect your laptop to the hotspot and do some serious amount of work, eg: online research, email, team meeting, skype video call etc. No worries to deplete the data as long as you are not using it to watch 24 hours of Youtube.

If you’re keen on using this service, currently Yoodo is running a promo which gives free RM20 credit upon SIM card activation. Quickly grab this promo(ios/android) while it still lasts.

Upgrade pick-Digi Infinite 150

Digi logoDigi Infinite 150 is the one and only truly infinite plan in Malaysia. No limit on calls, no limit on mobile hot spot, and free 1000 SMS

 Apply now

I only recommend this postpaid plan for those who are “abusive” over internet usage or one who doubles it as house broadband plan due to not subscribing to any home broadband service, eg: Unifi, Time, or Maxis Fiber. However, it’s always worth to get a home broadband if you want a stable internet connection. Check out my broadband review to help you select the ideal service provider.

It is not an effective upgrade for anyone who needs less than 100GB per month because we all know that Digi network coverage is behind of Maxis and Celcom. Unlimited data is very tempting but internet performance is still subject to the network coverage issue. So, ensure your workplace or house is well covered under Digi area by checking with OpenSignal app.

There is no competition for Digi under unlimited data category. U Mobile P139 is a no-go for few reasons:

  • 50GB mobile hotspot limitation (no point of getting unlimited data)
  • 0 free SMS
  • Poorest network coverage

Nothing much to comment on the Digi Infinite 150 plan, everything is infinite as long as the network coverage is good and not congested. Watch Youtube all day long, download 24/7, work 24/7.

The limitation is on you now, not Digi!

The best postpaid plan below RM100 – Celcom Gold Plus

Celcom gold plus logoCelcom Gold Plus offers unlimited calls and SMS, 40Gb data in total and comes with good value monthly privileges.

 Apply now

Celcom Gold Plus appears to be the most promising postpaid plan under this price range.

Telco U Mobile P99 Celcom Gold Plus Unifi mobile MaxisONE 98 Digi Infinite 100
Price RM99.00 RM98.00 RM99.00 RM98.00 RM100.00
Data unlimited 20GB weekday,
20GB weekend
unlimited 4G LTE 15GB weekday,
15GB weekend
unlimited (10Mbps)
Price per Gigabyte RM2.45 RM3.27
Free Calls and SMS -unlimited calls to all networks -unlimited calls  and SMS to all networks -unlimited calls  and SMS to all networks -unlimited calls  and SMS to all networks -unlimited calls to all networks
-free 300 SMS to all networks
Call Rates
SMS Rates 10sen/sms 10sen/sms
Extra Features -3GB roam data
-30GB mobile hotspot
-free one monthly privileges with contract
-free anydayGB
-free 100GB Video Walla
-10GB LTE hotspot -free family roam for all share lines -20GB mobile hotspot
Operator U Mobile Celcom Unifi mobile Maxis Digi

However, all Celcom postpaid plans advertised are confusing as hell with so many add-on features. I have further consulted with their customer support to confirm the features available.

celcom support explaining postpaid plan privileges
My recent conversation with Celcom online support regarding the monthly privileges

Ironically, when you compare Celcom Gold Plus and Platinum, you find that Celcom Gold Plus’s price per gigabyte is in fact marginally cheaper at only RM2.45 per GB. With this package, you get free anydayGB, iflix access worth RM10, one monthly privilege worth RM10, and same free 100GB Video Walla as Platinum package. (something wrong with Celcom Sales Strategy?)

celcom monthly privileges option with lazada, face,shopee,boost
Source: Celcom

The monthly privileges consist of useful vouchers like Lazada, Boost & Fave which you can easily redeem them and spend elsewhere. It indirectly reduces your actual cost for owning this package to as low as RM70+ now.

At this price point, all three Digi, U Mobile and Unifi Mobile’s unlimited plans come with a restriction on mobile hotspot which makes them less favourable compared to Celcom Gold Plus’s free-to-tether 40GB data.

If you plan to use it solely on the mobile phone (no hotspot/tethering), then Celcom Gold Plus 100GB Video Walla easily caters for the biggest data killer(video app like Youtube) on smartphones.

You can totally forget about MaxisONE 98 because no one should pay RM98 and still get weekday/weekend data split.

As mentioned before, the biggest downside of Celcom Gold Plus plan is all the freebies only last as long as 12 months and you’re tied to a contract. As a wise consumer, you can grab this offer while it still lasts and jumps ship when the contract ends!

The best postpaid plan below RM60 – Xpax XP50

xpax logoXpax XP50 gives unlimited free calls and 10GB mobile data. It is the best among the other plans RM60 plans but I don’t recommend because there are better prepaid plans available.

 Apply now

As you can see from table below, postpaid plans below RM60 except redONE are competing for unlimited call time feature. These are the entry price point to get unlimited calls on postpaid plans. There are cheaper alternative postpaid plans available in the market with unlimited calls but i did not include them in the comparison as the mobile data provided is much lesser.

Telco Hotlink Flex 60 Xpax XP50 Digi Postpaid 58 redONE Amazing 48 U Mobile P48
Price RM60.00 RM50.00 RM58.00 RM48.00 RM48.00
Data 10GB 10GB 5GB weekday, 5GB weekend 15GB 5GB
Price per Gigabyte RM6.00 RM5.00 RM4.83 RM3.20 RM9.60
Free Calls and SMS -unlimited calls and SMS to all networks -unlimited calls to all networks -unlimited calls to all networks -unlimited calls to redONE
-free 200 mins to all networks
-unlimited calls to all  networks
Call Rates 15sen/min
SMS Rates 15 sen/sms 10sen/sms 10sen/sms 8sen/sms
Extra Features -24 months contract if you want a free phone -1GB internet rollover -Extra 5GB video streaming
Operator Maxis Celcom Digi Celcom U Mobile

The target group for this package is working adults who call a lot and need a fuss-free budget postpaid plan with plenty of data.

In this price range, Xpax XP50 by Celcom offers the best value among all of them considering their good network coverage and being the second cheapest plan in the list. U Mobile is slightly cheaper but its 5GB data and poor network performance is pale in comparison to Xpax.

However, I do not recommend Xpax XP50 because prepaid plan Ookyo cost only RM30. On the other hand, Ookyo comes with 5GB data, unlimited 4 apps, RM8 add-on for unlimited calls and SMS beats every postpaid plan below RM60.

If you’re uncomfortable with Ookyo VPN or does not like the restriction of 4 apps, get TuneTalk Vibe+ 30, RM28. With only RM28, you get 12GB data + 4GB data each month when you top up. The only disadvantage is you have limited 40 minutes free call time. By the way, you also earn Big Points at the same time that can be used to redeem Air Asia flight ticket.  *updated that both TuneTalk Vibe and Ookyo plan no longer available.

Overall, I think TuneTalk CUN 28 & 48 plans are the best value for money budget mobile phone plan in Malaysia right now. You can explore more option in my best Malaysia prepaid plan recommendation article.

Share your thoughts with me and leaves a comment below. If you like this article, please share it or tweet it.

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1 year ago

For those using Yoodo , do you have any problems with the internet consumption ? Because I read somewhere that when using Yoodo , it consumed so much more data than other telcos per day while doing the same activities. Which means that the internet quota comsumption runs out very fast. Is it true ? Is there any problems with the coverage ? Do you enjoy using Yoodo ?

2 years ago

terima kasih kai

Dr Nizam
2 years ago

Above all the comment below, I identify based on my analysis, Digi Infinate RM150 is the best among the best with unlimited:
* Data.
* Call.
* Thethering.

– The limitation is the coverage, but with a posibility of merger with Celcom one day, its gonna be improve a lot.

– 1000 of free sms, who using the sms now when we have others alternative free medium such as whatup/we chat etc.

I identify based on my experience, if we in good coverage of Digi, the speed gonna blast up to 50mbps download and 20mbps upload.

2 years ago
Reply to  Dr Nizam

btw, for infinite i150, the speed will be capped at 5Mbps once it reached 1TB quota.

Izzuddin Sairan
2 years ago

Bro, I have a trick on the Yoodo RM110 plan you’ve mentioned. You actually can get 152 GB + 2000 minutes calls to all network by simply buy 2 GB of data and 2000 minutes of calls (cost RM24), then after purchasing it, buy another 150 GB of data (RM78) in “Buy more” (or Boost plan), in which you just pay for RM102!

Dennon Low
2 years ago

Actually.. you will get 2GB + 20GB + 150GB = 172GB + 2000 minutes..

2 years ago

bro, can you recommend best postpaid plan for family i.e, me and wife? Currently using Maxis postpaid old plan which is no longer exist. Was looking a postpaid plan for both number which can be lesser than RM80 per month on monthly bill.

2 years ago

Hello admin, thank for your good explanation. Do you know the XPax X50 plan when used up data, how much does the data cost to refill it? Thanks.

2 years ago

Hello Kai,
Can u advise me on this?
– Postpaid with Mobile phone package
– Unlimited data
– Good internet coverage in Lembah Klang Valley (Puchong area)
– Below RM150/month commitment
– Offer the best Mobile Phone (performance) in the market

Really need your advise for this issue, TQ 🙂

2 years ago

Hai,kai if i want change from redone 48 to umobile gx50 i should change or not,because i scared if umobile network slow,thanks

2 years ago
Reply to  Kai

Tune talk under celcom?
So i can buy sim card at celcom?

2 years ago
Reply to  Haiqal

TuneTalk under Celcom, but you can’t buy at Celcom. You only can buy at TuneTalk App or website. Currently TuneTalk latest RM48 plan have some issues. Their free streaming music bundle have bug issue with Celcom for several months and cannot be solve until now. The issue is something like you cannot listen to music in high quality, for example JOOX HI-FI or high quality can’t be stream through the plan. But other free video, social and chat works good.

2 years ago
Reply to  Haiqal

umobile sucks.

2 years ago

Hai,,nak tanya kalau Unifi mobile yg RM99 tu,boleh juga untuk android tv box ke?TQ…

Darren Tan
2 years ago

GX50 baby!

2 years ago

Hi Kai,

Do you have the comparison postpaid plan for multiple number such as Celcom family vs Maxis One vs others?
I do have more than 3 numbers for my family usage. Appreciate your study on this regard.

Thank you for your cool post
(Credit Card, Post and Pre Paid post)


2 years ago

Hi Kai! What do you think of unift Mobile non-stop EM99? unifi 4G LTE speed n no contract?

2 years ago
Reply to  Kai


2 years ago

Nice Info there, Currently I’m using Unifi Mobile at rm86 plus sst for every month, but my place didn’t have strong connection, What rm100 below plan is best for me, Area pasir gudang, thanks????

2 years ago

Hi Kai, I think you may need to update this article with the Hotlink Flex 40. Seems to be the best value postpaid plans and it may even hold up to other prepaid plans

2 years ago
Reply to  Gabriel

Never use Hotlink Flex plan. Such a rubbish, even it shows 4G but the internet will never move. Unless u enjoy rubbish 4G.

2 years ago

Hi Kai,

Thanks for the elaborative comparison. It is much appreciated.

As for the Celcom’s Monthly Privileges, are they limited and only allocated on a first come (or grab) first served basis?

ron wong
2 years ago

Hey, can you reupate the post to reflect the current telco climate?

Jayce Ooi
2 years ago

Too bad Digi does not have good speed at my place. 🙁

2 years ago
Reply to  Kai

Yoodo stop their 20GB for RM20 right? Is it still best value?

2 years ago
Reply to  Kai

Digi infinite caps the data speed for tethering to 64kbs. It’s useless, like back to dialing internet era. My wife use it.

2 years ago
Reply to  Kai

I think there s no digi infinite 150 .. there s only rm100 digi infinite and as we expect when the price is so cheap for worth gb data it might be the speed slow and yeah it s .. if i wrong correct me ????

2 years ago
Reply to  Jayce Ooi

At my place Digi also works very worst so I change to Celcom line base TuneTalk. Because now the TuneTalk plan have issues with Celcom so I plan to change to Yoodo. 100gb + 2000 minutes call is very enough and worth for me. Unless you need to call a lot then you can choose for Celcom postpaid with unlimited calls to all network.