Best Prepaid Plans With Crazy Cheap Data in Malaysia 2019

Best Prepaid Plans With Crazy Cheap Data in Malaysia 2019 1

In contrast to the poor home broadband service in Malaysia, I can confidently and proudly claim that Malaysia is one of the few countries in South Eash Asia which offers competitive mobile plans. All thanks to the rapid growth in numbers of the mobile network operators in Malaysia.

Apart from the Big 4 Telcos(Celcom, Maxis, Digi & U Mobile) in Malaysia, you may not aware but there are more than 10 mobile service provides in our country whether they are actual mobile network operator(MNO) or mobile virtual network operator(MVNO). There are also oneXOX, Unifi Mobile, yoodo, ookyo, redONE, TuneTalk, Tron, Tapp, Mcalls, Altel and BuzzMe. More competitions lead to lower prices and drive more benefit to consumers.

After more than 50 hours of research, I conclude that:

  1. TuneTalk Vibe 30 -Best prepaid plan under RM30 for most people(no longer available for new user effective 14 Jans 2019)
  2. ookyo – Best prepaid plan under RM30 for Android user
  3. Digi Super Terrer 58 – Best prepaid plan under RM60

Why you should go for prepaid

There are various factors to go for prepaid plans instead of postpaid plans. Among the factors, the two biggest driving factors for using prepaid plans are the flexibility of usage and money saving.

Flexibility of Usage

For prepaid plans, there is no need to commit any fixed term contract whether it is one year or two years. You can enjoy the privilege to change or swap to any new Telco whenever you want.

There is also no fixed monthly commitment. For postpaid plans, you are tied to a fixed amount of commitment but prepaid plans allow you to switch to cheaper or more expensive plan depends on your monthly budget. Or you may stop subscribing a new monthly plan if you are away for long holidays.

Money Saving

Generally, prepaid plans are always cheaper in comparison to postpaid plans because they are meant for consumers with a lower budget. Effective 6th September 2018, prepaid reload services are exempted from 6% Service Tax for Malaysians based on Section 34(3)(a) while the postpaid plans charge an additional 6% service tax (SST). You may check out a very comprehensive table prepared by Digi on explaining which services are charged with SST and which does not.

There are also various reload channels which offer cash back or discounted top up. Both Lazada and Boost app (android)/(ios) offer cashback for mobile reload through their app. You can even use a credit card to do the transaction and earn additional cash back. If you’re interested in more money saving tips, can check out my choice of best Malaysia credit cards & cash back strategy guide.

All these little savings and cash backs accumulate a considerable sum of money over time. As the Malay saying goes, ‘sedikit-sedikit, lama-lama jadi bukit‘.

Why you should trust me

Throughout the years, I have been a user of various mobile plans in Malaysia so I have a knowledge or two on advantages and disadvantages among the local telcos. As long as I can remember, I started off as a Hotlink user during secondary school because Digi’s network coverage was so bad in the rural area. (Hints: I am from Pahang). I had to reload from time to time. Sometimes I just could not afford to reload and had to keep track of my phone validity period and reload on the very last day.

Then, I moved to town and convert to Digi because of the cheap price and acceptable network coverage in cities. When I started to work I was given a Celcom SIM card and stuck with them for years. It can be frustrating when you switch between mobile network providers in the old days because you have to give up your current number and lost all your contact.

I understand an average consumer’s need because I am standing in the same shoes. Coupling with my thorough research on available information from the service provider and consumer reviews from various online sources including Lowyat forum, I can help you to put an end of your search for the best Malaysia mobile prepaid plan.

Most importantly I review and update my post from time to time based on the latest mobile plan launched in Malaysia in order to keep you updated to the latest information. Subscribe to my email list, Facebook and Twitter for my latest recommendation if you find my review is helpful.

How I picked

Network Coverage

Network coverage is the most crucial factor you should take consider whenever choosing your mobile network provider. Performance of a mobile network can vary depending on location. Some mobile networks perform well in both rural and city area while some are just pure sh*t in the rural area as they do not have the infrastructure to support it. Without good network coverage, everything else including the speed, data, call time and SMS is worthless.


Data speed is the second most important factor and it is directly related to network coverage. There are 3G, 4G and 4G LTE network. 4G LTE is the fastest of them all, wider 4G network, better internet speed.


Each prepaid plan is packaged and priced differently. It can be quite overwhelming for someone to look at so many different add-ons and passes which currently available. I am looking the best and most practical bargain of them all.

Data, Call Time and SMS

Among these three, I consider data/internet is the most essential. Because text messaging and call app slowly replaces conventional call and message (SMS). So, call time and SMS is less of my priority.


I will focus specifically on 30 days validity prepaid package. Users with specific needs like extra long validity period can explore other available options which are currently out of my list.

How I research

My research and user experience are largely focusing on Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area.

Then, I salvage the raw information provided by all the different Telcos and digest them for your easier understanding. Online user’s review and feedback are also collected as additional references.

If you are from different states and have different opinions, please comment below on which Telco is the best in your area.

Based on a regular user consumption needs, I break down my top picks into two categories as below:

  1. Best Prepaid Plan Under RM30
  2. Best Prepaid Plan Under RM60

Best prepaid plan under RM30 in Malaysia: TuneTalk +Vibe 30

*Update- TuneTalk Vibe+ 30 no longer available for new users effective 14 Jan 2019, only available for old users. Stay tune for updates

tunetalk vibe 30TuneTalk Vibe 30 is the best prepaid plan under RM30 offering 12GB data and 40 minutes free talk time to all networks. I

 Check out at TuneTalk

TuneTalk Vibe 30 operating under Celcom network is the best Malaysia budget prepaid plan for most people because it has one of the best network coverage in Malaysia and complete with plenty of data and minimal talk time as well SMS.

Best Prepaid Plans With Crazy Cheap Data in Malaysia 2019 2

It costs RM28.30 per month operating under Celcom network which has the widest 4G coverage and second fastest overall speed.  Consistent user experience is almost guaranteed no matter where you are in Malaysia. It has the lowest data rate among all the plans above at RM2.36 per gigabyte.

Besides, monthly top up of RM30 grants users another 4GB high-speed internet which valid for 15 days. Basically, users get as much as 16GB per month for RM28.30 because 15 days validity for the extra data is a very long period compared to other competitors.

16GB data per month easily put all other competitors’ gimmicky features to shame like night time unlimited data, or selected apps unlimited data.

it also includes 40 minutes call time to TuneTalk and 40 minutes call time to all network which other plans are lacking. Other plans either provide no call time or only free intra-network calls.TuneTalk Vibe 30’s 40 minutes call time can last light-weight user for a month with mindful consumption. Any long duration call to be made through internet calls (eg: WhatsApp & Wechat voice call).

This free call times are very handy when you happened to be at an area without any internet connection or the recipient has no internet connection, you can quickly make a quick normal voice call without using your credits.

Taking call rates of 15 sen per 30 seconds, 40 minutes call time to all network essentially save you another RM12.00 compare to other networks which offer no call time at all. Moreover, you get RM 5 credit with each top up of RM30 which you can use for SMS or make calls.

Network coverage comparison, from the left: Maxis, Celcom, Digi and U-Mobile
From the left: Maxis, Celcom, Digi and U-Mobile compared head to head on 4G network coverage, speed and latency

I used OpenSignal app to generate the network coverage mapping and network speed test as shown above. These are the Big 4 Telcos we have in Malaysia: Maxis, Celcom, Digi and U-Mobile. The data and results are crowdsourced from over 250,000 real users data with up to 1.3 million measurements. It is not data which generated through “ideal situation” by any big corporation or telcos themselves. We can safely assume that the data is pretty reliable.

At a glance, you notice Celcom and Maxis have the best overall 4G network coverage in Malaysia whereas Digi followed behind and U-Mobile is definitely lacking in the East Coast and rural area. Then, we dive down deeper to city area and taking Selangor as our benchmark, all 4 Telco fare quite similar in terms of coverage in the city area.

Quick Tips: Download speed(Mbps, Megabytes per second) higher is better, and latency(ms, milliseconds) lower is better.

One obvious thing you can notice is that U-Mobile network speed is lowest and latency is highest in both test area, Kepong and Putrajaya. There are also many other areas in Kuala  Lumpur and Selangor show similar results which indicating a slightly poorer internet experience if you are a U Mobile user.

Again, Celcom and Maxis emerge as the top 2 performers in terms of speed and latency.

Best Prepaid Plans With Crazy Cheap Data in Malaysia 2019 3

And OpenSignal.com regional performance report agrees with what I have claimed as you can see how GREEN and BLUE the chart is.

With good internet speed and network coverage supported by Celcom, this TuneTalk RM28 plan with 12GB data is your best mobile prepaid plan.

For Android Users – Best Prepaid Plan Under RM30 in Malaysia : ookyo

ookyoookyo operating under Maxis is the almost perfect prepaid plan under RM30 for Android users. It cost only RM38 for 5GB data, 4 apps unlimited data, and unlimited call times & SMS to all networks.

 Check out at ookyo

The latest mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) ookyo launched by Maxis last year is a great (almost perfect) deal for Android Users. Ookyo has tweaked the package numerous times in the process offering different combinations of call time, SMS and data. And finally, the package is mature and worth to give a shot.

Currently, Ookyo costs RM30 and gives 5GB mobile data per month. It is nothing new and boring. BUT! The game changer is that they let users decide and pick their own 4 preferable apps for unlimited data usage. The choice is yours, not some useless bundled chat app or social app selected by Telcos. For example, you can choose YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp and Mobile Legend, the top 4 apps which you use most frequently. It helps to reduce your data consumption significantly.

There is an ongoing promotion from 11 Oct to 31st Dec which gives users a total of  8GB mobile data per month with RM30. After 1st Jan 2019, it will revert back to 5GB per month. However, it is almost guaranteed to last you for a month since your top 4 apps are covered under the unlimited plan.

Another great addon by ookyo is RM8 for unlimited calls and SMS. Slap in additional RM8 per month, you get unlimited calls and SMS to all networks! In contrary to yoodo (operated by Celcom), RM5 only give 50 minutes call time and RM3 gives 50 SMS, making a total of additional RM8 as well. Both cost RM8 but the difference is worlds apart.

On top of all these perks, you get 10% Google Play Store credit upon spending on Ookyo. You are free to spend however you want. This is very much different from the additional credit which force you to spend even more within the mobile carrier ecosystem. You can spend however you want, whether to buy premium paid apps or shop for new skins for your Fortnite or Mobile Legend character.

If you are spending RM38 monthly on ookyo, it gives you an indirect saving of RM3.80 in form of Google Play Store credit. Your actual cost for using Ookyo reduces down to only RM34.20.

I have personally converted from Hotlink to Ookyo to try the service and performance. The conversion from hotlink to ookyo is a breeze. There is no need for SIM card replacement or whatsoever.

  1. Simply register yourself to port into ookyo and make a one-time payment of RM31.80 (RM30+6%SST).
  2. Once the payment is done, verify your email account and you are good to go.
  3. Download Ookyo app from Google Play Store and launch it.
  4. All your credit from Hotlink is fully transferred to ookyo so don’t need to scratch your head on how to spend the balance credit. Big thumbs up on Maxis.Best Prepaid Plans With Crazy Cheap Data in Malaysia 2019 4
  5. Make sure you turn on your mobile data to ensure your unlimited status shows “OK”.Best Prepaid Plans With Crazy Cheap Data in Malaysia 2019 5
  6. If it does not show “OK”, switch your phone to aeroplane mode for 10 seconds and switch back.
  7. Walla, enjoy your unlimited apps.

Frankly, Ookyo is not all sunshine and rainbows. There are some downsides comes along with this package.

  • Strictly Android only. Not for iOS users.
  • Using VPN has a negative impact on your phone battery life. Ookyo should consume less than 0.5% battery per hour based on my real daily usage.
    ookyo battery consumption
    Three Different Real-Life Battery Usage on with Ookyo app

    Best Prepaid Plans With Crazy Cheap Data in Malaysia 2019 6
    Above table shows the calculation for Ookyo app battery consumption per hour
  • VPN causes a minor delay on the unlimited apps. I personally experience longer loading time roughly 4-5 seconds for refreshing Facebook and YouTube homepage.
  • Unlimited YouTube streaming is capped at 480p according to their official statement. The resolution should be sufficient for smartphone users but not for tablet users.
  • VPN connection may go wrong and inactive. Always double check your VPN status before fire up your YouTube marathon. According to Ookyo, some devices (eg: Huawei, XiaoMi, Oppo) have built-in optimization features like ‘Battery Saver’, ‘Data Saver’, and ‘Task Manager’ which automatically closes/shuts down apps will interrupt ookyo VPN.

Personally, I can bear with these minor shortcomings given the competitive price and unlimited calls & apps usage.

For those who are heavy on data usage and if your area is well covered under U Mobile network coverage, can try out the U Mobile GX30 unlimited data plan. Please check your network coverage using OpenSignal app. If it shows network coverage or connection speed is slow at your area, please avoid U Mobile because it is infamous for its poor speed and network coverage.


Best Prepaid Plan under RM60 in Malaysia: Digi Super Terrer 58

Best Prepaid Plans With Crazy Cheap Data in Malaysia 2019 7Digi Super Terrer 58 has unlimited calls to all networks, 8GB of data and daily free internet from 12am to 12pm can comfortably cover all your needs.

 Check out at Digi

My comparison table shows the most popular prepaid plans under RM60 in Malaysia. Mobile networks excel in under RM30 plans not necessarily provide a good deal under RM60.table comparing the best prepaid plans in malaysia


For prepaid plans in this price range, I expect not only plenty of mobile data at my disposal but also comfortable free call times and SMS. Digi SuperTerrer RM58 fulfil all these requirements providing unlimited calls to all networks to all network and 8GB mobile data

You easily cut down your data consumption by half with the unlimited 2Mbps internet from 12am-12pm. And there is also 2.5GB high-speed internet weekly for you to enjoy video and audio apps usage, including YouTube, Spotify, Twitch, iflix, Astro Go and many more.

Even though Digi has only moderate network coverage and data speed-ranked 3rd among the competition, nowadays its network coverage has gradually improved and considered acceptable in most areas especially in cities like Kuala Lumpur, Pulau Pinang and Johor.

Also great – Yoodo RM63 package

yoodo 20gb and 1200 minutes call time
Yoodo is highly customizable that you can totally ditch the voice call and SMS if you don’t need them. Pay RM48 for 20GB per month.

If network coverage and internet speed are your priorities, Yoodo RM63 package is your second best choice. It runs on Celcom network so you do not need to worry about the network coverage issue. Yoodo are worth to try out if you are willing to spend more to purchase the data or call time because it encourages users to spend.

Their package offer is based on the idea of “the more you spend, the more you save.”

It cost RM5 per GB if you purchase only 5GB data. But, when you purchase up to 20GB per month, it costs only RM48 which is equivalent to RM2.40 per GB. The cost saving is up to 50%.

Spending extra RM12 for 1200 mins call time and RM 3 for SMS. A package of RM63 ensures a very pleasant call and internet browsing experience.

If you have depleted your data or call time, you may purchase “booster” in middle of the billing cycle to add more data or talk time. *Thanks to reader Azam for pointing it out*

However, there is one huge disadvantage of Yoodo. It does not allow data/call time/SMS add-on in middle of the month which can be risky when you over utilized your call time or mobile data. You do not have any means to top up additional call time or mobile data.

Upgrade Pick – TuneTalk Vibe 50

The most expensive and well-rounded choice in this category would be TuneTalk Vibe 50 which cost RM47.17 per month for 20GB combining with RM 28 for unlimited calls and 1000 SMS.

This RM75.17 package could give you peace of mind without worrying you will overspend your data or call time.

Similar to TuneTalk Vibe 30, you get additional 4GB high-speed internet upon monthly RM30 top up. Practically, you get a beefy 24GB mobile data for any kind of usage including tethering/hot spot.

However, when you are paying close to RM 80 per month. This opens up more choices for you. There are plenty of postpaid plans offer similar or even better package at this price range.


Malaysians are lucky to have a competitive and lively mobile network ecosystem. We can choose from many mobile service providers, spend some time to explore the options available in the market and there is surely one plan which suits you best.

There is no “one size fits all” condition when it comes to mobile plan choice. Everyone has different needs and consumption behaviour. Nevertheless, I believe all my recommended picks are best for the average consumers in Malaysia with a smaller budget in mind.


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Kai is a gamer and tech enthusiast staying in Kuala Lumpur. Techrakyat.com is where he shares his opinions on the best gadgets, apps and useful tips.

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Hi, what’s your thought on Umobile’s GX 30 plan ?


Hello Kai, I’m currently using iMobile postpaid.i would like to switch to tune talk yearly plan rm200/year. However, the number is currently registered under my sister’s name. I would like to switch the number as well. What is the best way to do?


For Yoodo calls, it is now RM12 for 2,000 minutes.


Hi Kai,
Great article!
My streamyx line is terrible! Can you suggest for a prepaid stand alone for internet only?
I am still using the old style mobile phone (no android).

Thank you ~Lela


Ported to ookyo. RM 37. 80 (GST for RM 30,and RM 6 add on) with 8gb (promo) and unlimited calls.


First off, thanks for all your hardwork in helping us netizens summarize information for these mobile plans. Going through their individual websites (esp Digi) is a massive headache and sore to the eyes. Anyways, I’ve been a Maxis postpaid user for more than a decade now (currently on Maxis 128) and been thinking of changing to a prepaid as sometimes I’m paying the 128 even though I’m not in the country. I’m getting 40GB with unlimited calls & SMS for RM 128++. Also tried converting to Yoodo cos of the strong data customisation but the app crashes on my phone… Read more »

sembur it
sembur it

got money enjoy la.. if not.. main point here is money..


Hi Kai, thanks for the article, it’s really helpful and informative. My monthly budget now is MYR 50 and I would like to switch to another telco, and I wonder if, TuneTalk #SureOne should be the one for me now? I consider me as a heavy data user, I do gaming and also call people. Can you help me with this, please? Much appreciated.

Sharen Toh
Sharen Toh

Thanks for the informative reviews. Yoodo is not reliable as i could not access its data server despite still having 2GB balance. This is quite frequent and hence, opting me to search for an alternative. Also, Yoodo does not allow SMS to nos. 66300, etc.

Btw, i could not subscribe to OOKYO Prepaid 30 as it indicated not available in Malaysia. Please do advise on this. I am staying in Kuala Lumpur.



Hi, I am planning to buy Pre Paid card, My I know what is the best plan for kids of 10 years old.


You should get XOX as the validity is 28 months. Upon buying a xox number plus topup RM60 is RM70 where you can get 333 minutes validity following your prepaid card validity. If you want data topup RM50 and buy season pass 10 GB. Every month subscribe from season pass min 500Mb from season pass so your season pass will last 20 months provided you do not use more than 500Mb monthly. If you subscribe 1Gb monthly then your 10Gb can only last for 10 months. Every time you topup your validity extends RM1 equals 1 day ie above you… Read more »


Thank you Kai, definitively the best prepaid plan review in Malaysia at the moment


Thanks for info. How bout next, you make the data + phone package. Which one is very ‘berbaloi’ for money. Really appreciate it. Thanks man


Hi Cake-san,

I think the Tune Talk Vibe 30 is back ON…


Like me,a data hungry person, am using hotlink fast plan + yes konfem 4G plan.

Hotlink fast every week get 2GB data sat/sun. RM3 10GB or reward 2GB 1-7am to download big files. Speed 50-70Mbps at my location.

Yes konfem 4G plan unlimited data speed capped at 4Mbps RM30/month, for everyday use.
(Need band 38/40 lte compatible phone to use & manually set APN setting in simcard setting if the APN is empty)

So if I topped up my maxis every week RM5, I will probably have to pay RM50 per month.


thanks man.. i appreciate ur time and money to give us a good input. hope u succees in every way u do.


If you subscribe to TuneTalk +Vibe 30 for RM28.30, you will not get the free 4GB high-speed internet.
I’m not sure whether it’s due to the price you pay is less than RM30, or the subscription of +Vibe plan is not considered as top up.


Ya, can’t get the free 4gb data


Thanks for the research! I’ve applied to switch to Tunetalk based on your recommendation. Can’t wait for my sim card!


i’m looking for best prepaid for hotspot. does any of the prepaid offer so call unlimited date for hotspot?


Hi Kai, thank you for the insightful analysis.

Just a heads-up: XPax Youth (Prepaid) offers 50% extra data for eligible customers, so the price per GB is more favourable compared to regular XPax plans. For instance, the 15GB monthly plan is available for RM50, thus the price per GB is at RM3.33/GB.

Do you have any plans to include special offers like above into the comparison?

Also, why does your “prepaid plans under 60” comparison table include 3 plans above RM60?


This is really very useful for me. Especially the table.
Appreciate you work on that and share to us generously.
Thanks a lot Kai.
Anyway, can you help to fix the facebook link?

Kisaa ie
Kisaa ie

want to ask regarding ookyo plan, we already choose the 4 unlimited apps. for examples Telegram. Is it all the activities we do in the app is unlimited? (ie. video call, receiving pictures & videos.)


Useful information. Thank you for sharing


you are wrong on your yoodo statement

“However, there is one huge disadvantage of Yoodo. It does not allow data/call time/SMS add-on in middle of the month which can be risky when you over utilized your call time or mobile data. You do not have any means to top up additional call time or mobile data.”

you can add more in the middle of your plan using ‘booster’ ie buy more in the app

Zainul Kambali
Zainul Kambali

Awesome research and info bro. Brilliant! Keep it up.