Rezo Ceiling Fan Review – 7 Pros 3 Cons

rezo fan review

Buying a new ceiling fan? There is a good chance you have come across Rezo ceiling fans. 

The last 2 years have seen a surge in popularity for Rezo ceiling fans.

The reason for this is that Rezo ceiling fans are very competitively priced, and they offer a stylish design that appeals to young consumers.


REZO logo

Rezo is a local Malaysian ceiling fan brand. The company was founded in 2019 as a manufacturer of ceiling fans.

The company’s motto is to produce high-quality, reliable ceiling fans. It is claimed that Rezo ceiling fans are extremely powerful, energy-efficient, and silent.

What are the advantages of Rezo Ceiling Fans?

In comparison to conventional ceiling fan suppliers like Panasonic and KDK, Rezo Ceiling Fans come with more design options and sizes.

At a quick glance, you can find that there are more than 31+ ceiling fan designs for customers to choose from. And there are also wall fans available.

Below are different series and models of REZO ceiling fans:

  1. ASTER42
  2. ASTER56
  3. AURA
  4. AXIS46
  5. AXIS56
  6. COSTA
  8. KAZE
  9. MAXIM
  11. MEYER
  12. MICA
  13. OPPA
  14. VENUS
  15. VENZO46
  16. VENZO56
  17. VIVO
  18. ZETTA42
  19. ZETTA56
  20. AX 42
  21. AX 56
  22. FITO565
  23. IMPRESS565
  24. K16
  25. S106
  26. S306
  27. TERA565
  28. VZ46
  29. VZ56
  30. ZERON PLUS 56
  31. VENTUS MY56

Pros of Rezo Ceiling Fans

Let’s find out the good sides of Rezo ceiling fans.

  1. Price is very competitive, cheaper than Panasonic/KDK
  2. A wide range of ceiling fan sizes are available for different-sized rooms
  3. Rezo ceiling fans available in both classic and modern designs to suit the different interior design aesthetic
  4. Rezo ceiling fan models usually available in both white and dark colour
  5. Responsive technical teams that support installation and return issue
  6. 5 stars energy saving rating (even for AC motor model)
  7. 3 years motor warranty for AC ceiling fans and 5 years motor warranty for DC ceiling fans

Cons of Rezo Ceiling Fans

Let’s find out the bad sides of using Rezo ceiling fans.

  1. Less reputable and track records compared to established ceiling fan brands like Panasonic and KDK
  2. Higher chances of receiving defect unit
  3. No warranty for Sabah and Sarawak customers

Rezo is a relatively new brand, so its durability is unknown. Its cheap price and helpful technical team should compensate for these shortcomings.

Rezo Ventus Ceiling Fan Review

rezo ventus my56

Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee

Rezo Ventus MY56 is the most popular Rezo ceiling fan model. Almost 30,000 units have been sold on Shopee alone.

It has an incredible average five-star rating. There are more than 10,000+ 5-star reviews, 300+ 4-star reviews, 60+ 3-star reviews, 10+ 2-star reviews, and 10+ 1-star reviews.

Based on this, there are more satisfied customers than disappointed customers for Rezo Ventus Ceiling Fan.

Rezo Ventus is a 56 inches 5-speed ceiling fan. The blade is made of ABS material. At low speed, it runs at 101 RPM and at high speed, it runs at 260 RPM. The average air delivery is 240 CFM.

This Rezo ceiling fan comes with remote control. On the remote, there is a timer control that lets users set automatic shut-off at 2,4,5 or 8 hours.

In addition, Rezo has also prepared video instructions for the installation of Rezo Ventus MY56. Users should be able to install themselves without hiring electricians.

Check out some of the positive customer reviews for Rezo Ventus MY56:

Damn good!!!! I am so gifted I found this seller! Godsent to me! I had some issues with the installation. The caller himself called n explained to me. It was actually my mistake. Now the fan is blowing wind like a twister. No joke! SERIOUSLY! I will def return to the same seller forever

Easy to fix and install off line. Screw tightening are smooth and match. Suggest to have a user guide for non experience users. Good value for money.

Fan was very light and super fast, strong wind even speed 2, if 5 can fly

Hebat dan sangat terbaik servis yang diberikan. Mudah dan senang berurusan dengan seller. The best in the world. Cepat, pantas dan mudah berbisnes dengan seller. Good product quality. Good value for money. 

I decided to try this new brand REZO Ventus costing me rm134. So far 3 months it been fantastic, wind is strong, fan is silent. It comes with 3 years warranty, hence I decided to try it and its cheap

At the same time, let’s see some of the negative customer reviews for Rezo Ventus MY-56:

Kali ke-5 beli kipas ni dr seller.Nasib kurang baik dpt kipas ni bunyi knocking, besi gesel.Starting kipas ade bunyi dengung & mcm berat

Need to improve a lot, kipas laju semua ok tapi 1 hari je pakai board hijau rosak… Tapi ok lah dlm 2-3 technician dtng tukar kat rumah.

Baru satu hari pasang dah rosak

The second one I bought had some issue with the pcb board. Hence, didn’t function after fix but the technician and Rezo made the repair in 1 business day.

Beli 6 unit. 4 unit ok. 2 lagi ada masalah. Tengah tunggu technician datang tgk. So kita review low star dulu.

Get mine with faulty PCB, and need to wait For the Technician support 11 days to repair mine. 

angin x kembang bwah kipas saje berangin

Rezo Fan Problem

The most common Rezo Fan Problem is a faulty PCB board. 

Customers who have ceiling fans under warranty can contact the seller or manufacturer to arrange a visit on-site to replace the board and fix the fan.

Rezo Fan Warranty

Rezo ceiling fans come with a one-year general warranty. There are also 3 years warranty for AC motors and 5 years warranty for DC motors.

Rezo Fan FAQ

Which country is Rezo from?

Rezo ceiling fan is a Malaysian brand.

Is Rezo Fan Good?

We can conclude that Rezo ceiling fans have good quality and performance based on thousands of good customer reviews that can be found online.


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