10 Lesser-Known Malaysian Tech Bloggers Worth Following

Is blogging dead in the year of 2020? To be more specific, are there even any Malaysian tech bloggers left in 2020?

We can’t deny that everyone is about bite-sized social media content nowadays. According to Hubspot 2020 marketing report, there is less than 40% of people read blogs.

In fact, there are still plenty of good tech websites in Malaysia. Based on my observation, there are mainly three levels of tech blogs in Malaysia.

  1. The behemoth – Soyacincau.com, Lowyat.net, Technave.com, Amanz.my, Wiser.my, Zinggadget.com, Pokde.net
  2. The boutique team – KLgadgetguy.com, nasilemaktech.com, mdroid.my
  3. The solo blogger – we will discuss it below

To be honest, the tech-related niche is incredibly hard for newcomers. Everything is super fast-paced when new tech is coming out almost every other days. Solo blogger stands no chance to compete with professional tech media with teams of content writers and editors.

And also, today consumers are leaning towards visual content more than written content. All the bigger tech websites mentioned above cover both written and video content.

If you’re an extrovert and have fun making videos, this is a good time to try out as a content creator on YouTube.

If you’re an introvert like me … *sigh, blogging is still doing okay but just need a different angle.

It is almost close to pointless to cover tech news for a solo blogger when your post will never reach anyone with Google traffic. There’s still a slight chance to get traffic from social media if you’re good with the social media game.

In the spirit to support local tech blogger, I am on a mission to compile a list of 10 smaller Malaysia tech bloggers worth following in 2020:

1. BlackTubi.com

image 19 99

If you watch tech reviews on YouTube, you should know Dave2D as the “laptop guy”. In Malaysia, we have BlackTubi.com, the “WiFi router guy”. Blacktubi mainly reviews WiFi routers and nothing else.

It is definitely one of the best examples that shows the power of niche down to become an expert in only one field/gadget.

Similarweb stats: 56,848 monthly visits

2. JayceOoi.com

image 19 100

JayceOoi.com do a lot of hands-on review for tech product and gadget. To date, he published close to 700 posts.

Although it is hard to compete against other tech media with gadget reviews, hard work does pay off. Also, he targets worldwide audience instead of focusing only in Malaysia market.

He run a YouTube channel too to gain more exposure.

Similarweb stats: 23,293 monthly visits

3. Tekkaus.com

image 19 101

Tekkaus.com is a lifestyle blog that covers quite a substantial amount of tech and gadget news. But also frequently blogs about travel and food.

Tekkaus had been blogging since 2007. He is considered the first batch of Malaysian bloggers. Now, he has a large following on social media with more than 10K Facebook page fans.

Similarweb stats: < 5,000 monthly visits

4. JWTechreviews.com

image 19 102

The person behind JWTechreviews.com is Jeremy Wong. He is the “dashcam guy” in Malaysia.

You can find the most detailed ever dashcam reviews on the website, complete with his comments, photos and actual dashcam footages.

I would say his dashcam reviews are simply the best locally and even internationally. Definitely one of the most underrated blog.

Similarweb stats: < 5,000 monthly visits

5. Techrakyat.com

image 19 103

A shameless plug here. Techrakyat.com shouldn’t be missed out. I was heavily inspired by wirecutter.com to start this website to provide useful product reviews.

Different from a pure product review website, I cover useful lifehack tips and money-making tips too.

I wanted to grow Techrakyat.com to the next level. But hit quite a few road bumps too. So, please help to share this website with your friends if you find this site to be interesting.

Similarweb stats: 20,770 monthly visits

6. Ohsem.me

image 19 105

Ohsem.me is owned by K. Azwan who had been blogging more than 10 years.

To be honest, it surprises me that how little traffics this website receives.

The gadget hands-on reviews are great and detailed. For phone review, he covers on the functions, perfomance, camera quality, design and gives proper rating.

There is so much genuine blood and sweat hard work here. It deserved more love from fellow Malaysians.

Similarweb stats: < 5,000 monthly visits

7. Tinyman.blog

image 19 106

I stumbled upon Tinyman.blog on Facebook as someone is sharing its blog post.

Tinyman.blog is a Chinese tech website which focus on Malaysia tech news and reviews. It appears to be doing quite well on the social media.

From here, we can see that there’s definitely a market for Malay and Chinese language websites to strive. With a non-English website, you avoid competing with all the big local website as well as international big names.

Similarweb stats: 9,827 monthly visits

Let me know if there’s a hidden gem in Malaysia blog scene

It is a bit sad that I could not complete the list of 10 Malaysia tech bloggers. If you read this and know any good but smaller tech bloggers in Malaysia, comment below to help me complete this list.

p/s: Similarweb estimated traffic is no way accurate because it gets my website traffics wrong too (my website has more traffic than the estimation). It is just for general information.

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