IKEA Bed Size vs. Malaysia Bed Size

ikea mattress vs malaysia mattress size

Malaysians are huge fans of IKEA furniture and IKEA meatballs (There are 4 huge IKEA stores just in West Malaysia). We can all agree that IKEA furniture is stylish and the decorative items are affordable. 

But, there’s one thing in particular that isn’t fitting into our culture, their bedframes and mattresses.

The IKEA mattress sizes are different from Malaysian mattress sizes. To your knowledge, IKEA uses Euro sizes for its mattress and bed frame.

Euro-size beds are typically 200cm long, longer than Malaysia’s bed. Moreover, they are being produced according to metric measurement, centimetres.

On the other hand, Malaysian mattresses are only 190cm in length.  They are also slightly wider because they are typically manufactured according to imperial measurements,  inches.

There are four common bed/mattress sizes available in Malaysia: single, super single, queen, and king.

compare bed size of ikea and malaysia

The photo above shows that IKEA and standard Malaysia bed sizes are quite similar in width. However, the length of an IKEA bed is 10cm longer than an equivalent Malaysian bed.

If you’re taller than 183cm (6ft), you should consider IKEA beds and mattresses. The extra 10 cm can help you sleep better so that your feet don’t go dangling in the air when you sleep.

Below is a detailed table comparing IKEA bed size to Malaysia bed size:

Mattress SizeIKEA
Width x Length (cm)
Width x Length (cm)
Single Bed Size90 cm x 200 cm90 cm x 190 cm
Super Single Bed Size120 cm x 200 cm107 cm x 190 cm
Queen Bed Size150 cm x 200 cm152 cm x 190 cm
King Bed Size180 cm x 200 cm182 cm x 190 cm
Mattress SizeIKEA
Width x Length (in)
Width x Length (in)
Single Bed Size35 in x 79 in36 in x 75 in
Super Single Bed Size47 in x 79 in42 in x 75 in
Queen Bed Size59 in x 79 in60 in x 75 in
King Bed Size71 in x 79 in72 in x 75 in

Some of you may find it difficult to memorise a bed measurement in inches and the measurement could be confusing.

In Malaysia, most mattress vendors actually use feet (ft) instead of inches(in) to describe mattress dimensions.

Malaysia mattress sizes measured in ft are as follows:

  • Single bed size: 3 ft x 6 ft
  • Super single bed size: 3.5 ft x 6 ft 
  • Queen size bed size: 5 ft x 6 ft
  • King size bed size: 6 ft x 6 ft

Despite the fact that the exact length of a bed is 6.25 ft, many people refer to it as 6 ft because it is easier to read and remember.

I was a “victim” of IKEA bed before. I bought a daybed frame but didn’t buy the daybed mattress, thinking that I could save some money buying a mattress at a lower price on Lazada or Shopee.

Hope this IKEA bed size guide helps you to clear up any confusion between the IKEA bed and Malaysia bed.

Bed size references:

  1. Wikipedia: Bed size

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