Top Load vs Front Load Washing Machines Malaysia

how to chose top load vs front load

When purchasing a washing machine, the first thing to decide is whether to buy a top load or front load machine.

For those who have limited space, a front-load washing machine is the best choice as you can stack a dryer on top of it. 

Other than that, we have many other factors to take into consideration. Let us examine the pros and cons of top-load and front-load washing machines together.

Comparison table for top and front load washing machine

Top Load WasherFront Load Washer
Energy EfficiencyGoodVery Good
Water EfficiencyModerateVery Good
Cleaning PerformanceGoodVery Good
Wear & Tear on ClothesHighLow
Washing SpeedFastSlower
Mildew ProblemLessMore
Leaking IssueLessModerate

9 factors to consider for top load vs front load washing machine

1. Space

The most important factor when deciding between top load and front load washing machines is whether you want to maximize space usage at your house.

Front load washing machine is more space-saving and compact as we can stack a dryer machine on top of it. 

stacking washer and dryer
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You can place detergent, softener, and other items on top of a front load washer too. 

Winner: Front load washer

2. Electricity and Water Usage

A front-loading washing machine uses less water and energy. In general, inverter front load washers get a 5-star energy rating, whereas top load washers only get a 4-star energy rating.

And front load washers use much less water. You can save up to 20 litres of water per wash cycle compared to a top load washer.

Over the years, you can save a lot on your utility bill by reducing your energy and water consumption with a front load washer

Winner: Front load washer

3. Cleaning Performance

Generally, front load washing machines clean better than top load washing machines. The tumbling motion helps clothes knock against each other and scrub more effectively against the drum of the washing machine.

According to the test conducted by CNET and, front-loaders remove more soils from fabric than top-loaders.

It does not mean that top load washers do not clean clothes well. A majority of top loading washers should do a satisfactory job at cleaning clothes.

Winner: Front load washer

4. Wear and Tear on Clothes

Wear and tear on clothes is related to the washing patterns and motion of washing machines.

Generally, the front load washing machine is more gentle on clothes. 

It is harsher for clothes to wash in top-load washers because they use a twisting and fast spinning motion to remove soil and stains.

Winner: Front load washer

5. Price

In general, front load washing machines are more expensive than top load washing machines of similar size. 

Front-load washing machines are likely to be a wiser investment in the long run.

If you’re only looking at the initial cost, a top load washer is definitely more affordable. 

In Malaysia, a reliable top load washer sells for only RM600, while a good front load washer costs at least RM1000.

Winner: Top load washer

6. Ergonomics

Top-loading washers are easier to use especially for the elderly. Users don’t have to bend over to load and unload clothes.

image 13
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Top load washing machine is also safer for kids because there is news that kids accidentally got locked in a front load washing machine.

Besides, it is easier to add clothes in the middle of the washing cycle for the top load washer. Once the washing cycle starts, most front-loading washers will lock their doors and not allow clothes to be added.

Winner: Top load washer

7. Washing Speed

Typically, top load wash faster than front load washing machines. 

The average standard washing cycle for front load washing machine is 1 to 1.5 hours whereas top load washers’ washing cycles is below 1 hour.

Winner: Top load washer

8. Mildew Problem

Front-load washing machines are prone to mildew. A top-load washing machine does not have this problem.

Water residue will stay inside the rubber gasket of a front load washer after each wash cycle. After some time, mold and mildew will grow inside the rubber gasket.

front load washer mold and  mildew
Mold and mildew grow in the rubber gasket of front load washer

To prevent this, front-loading washers require a lot more maintenance.

If you are a busy person and don’t have the discipline to clean your washing machine routinely, it is best to buy a top loading washing machine.

Winner: Top load washer 

9. Leaking Issue 

Both types of washing machines can suffer from water leakage issues. However, front load washers are more likely to experience leaks.

A front-loading washing machine relies on the door rubber seal to prevent leaks during the wash cycle.

Although such leakage is no longer common,  it is an undeniable fact that water leakage is more common on front loading washing machines.

Winner: Top load washer


For those who want the best cleaning performance, I strongly recommend getting a front load washing machine because it cleans better and uses less energy.

For those who want less maintenance and risk of leakage, then the top load washing machine will be the perfect choice.

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