10 Best Bread Makers in Malaysia (Backed by Customer Reviews)

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Homemade bread is healthier, fresher, and free of artificial preservatives. Therefore, it would make perfect sense to switch to making bread at home. With the invention of bread makers, it has never been easier to make fresh, delicious bread at home. 

All you have to do is put the right ingredients into the breadmaker. The dough will be automatically prepared and baked for you. 

The best part is that you can get creative and bake any type of bread you like, such as gluten-free bread, sourdough bread, wholemeal bread, and even prepare pasta dough.

Here I have compiled a list of the most popular bread maker machines on Lazada, Shopee and also Amazon.com based on their respective sales and customer reviews. Check out the top 10 best bread makers in Malaysia:

Compare all the best bread makers in Malaysia.

ModelLoaf SizeAuto
Avg. Rating
(5.0 max)
Russell Taylors BM-100.9kgNo4.9
Panasonic SD-P1041.25kgYes4.9
Kenwood BM4501.0kgYes4.9
PerySmith PS35001.6kgNo4.9
Tesco BM13331.0kgNo4.6
Russell Taylors Deluxe BM-201.0kgNo4.9
Morgan MBM10200.9kgNo4.9
Trio Twin Blade TBM-2221.5kgNo4.9
Khind BM7500.75kgNo4.8
Pensonic PBM-20001.0kgNo4.9

Best Selling Bread Maker

Russell Taylors BM-10

Russell Taylors BM-10

Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee   

Russell Taylors BM-10 Features Highlight:

  • 19 pre-set programs
  • 15 hours delay timer
  • 3 customizable crust settings (Light/Medium/Dark)
  • 60 minutes keep warm function
  • Bakes up to 1kg loaf size


  • Kneader
  • Measuring Cup
  • Measuring Spoon
  • Hook

Russell Taylors BM-10’s Positive Review:

satisfied with the product. it works well, bread turned out great, soft and delicious.machine easy to operate and helpful seller. thank you.

Russell Taylors BM-10’s Negative Review:

Very bad customer service. No help was given by the seller, only asked for the problem but not trying or giving any answers.

Russell Taylors BM-10 enjoys amazing review ratings on both Shopee and Lazada. It has a combined 16,000+ rating of 4.9 stars out of 5.0 on these 2 platforms. Thousands of units are being sold and shipped to customers each month.

Standing at 265 x 270 x 305mm, this machine is more suited for a smaller family as it can bake up to 1kg bread. Featuring 19 pre-set programs ready for your use, you can enjoy making all kinds of healthy bread, cakes, yoghurt, jam and others. There’s a big enough window display to glances into checking how your bread’s doing along with a huge and intuitive LCD display. 

You can also use it to stir-fry or defrost your food items. Additionally, you can control how crispy the outer crust of the bread you want. 

There’s a programmable delay timer function (up to 15 hours) which allows you to configure the right timing for your bread to start baking. 

Isn’t it wonderful to get up every morning to be greeted with a lovely and fresh aroma of your healthy bread? It is easy to clean and maintain especially given that the inner pan is removable and non-stick. 

Russell Taylors BM-10 comes with a 1 year local manufacturer warranty.

Best Bread Maker With Automatic Dispenser

Panasonic SD-P104 Bread Maker

Panasonic SD-P104 Bread Maker

Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee   

Panasonic SD-P104 Features Highlight:

  • 13 pre-set menus
  • 13 hours digital timer
  • Automatic ingredients dispenser
  • Temperature sensor
  • 2 Customizable crust settings (Light/Medium)
  • 60 minutes keep warm function
  • 10 minutes power interruption memory


  • 1 Measuring Cup
  • 1 Measuring Spoon
  • 1 Blade
  • 1 Bread Pan

Panasonic SD-P104’s Positive Review:

Received in good condition, tried the 1st recipe and it works perfectly fine. Now I can enjoy fresh and warm bread every day. Worth buying. 1st time need to read the instructions carefully, was a bit worried when there has a loud sound during the process, but was just few sound then it stopped. 

Panasonic SD-P104’s Negative Review:


Panasonic SD-P104 scores an average rating of 4.9 stars out of 5.0 from more than 230 customer reviews on both Shopee and Lazada. And zero complaints on the product itself or customer service issues.

I have to say that this Panasonic SD-P104 is a premium bread maker with an automatic ingredient dispenser that helps heaps; ensures nut and raisin topping distribution while baking. Also, it can dispense yeast automatically at the right time to ensure a fluffy texture can be achieved.  

Measuring at 322 x 241 x 304mm, this vertical bread maker features 13 menus that allow for various bread cooking options, making dough for pizza and dumpling skin, also cakes, etc. Some users prepare doughs with it then only transfer to bake in a full-sized oven for best baking results.

It comes with a large LCD display that makes it easy to read.

Additionally, it has a temperature sensor that ensures each baking process works accordingly at the ambient temperature. Regardless of the temperature conditions, the cooking time remains the same. 

Equipped with a 13 hours timer, you can set the baking time in the evening so that you are treated with delicious bread when you wake up in the morning. 

The 10 minutes power interruption memory, helps retain the settings in the event of a brief power failure. Combined with crust control options (light and medium), the Panasonic SD-P104 is simply superior. It comes with a 1-year local manufacturer warranty.

Best Premium Bread Maker

Kenwood BM450 Bread Maker

Kenwood BM450 Bread Maker

Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee   

Kenwood BM450 Features Highlight:

  • 15 pre-set menus
  • 15-hours delay timer
  • 3 crust settings (Light/Medium/Dark)
  • Automatic ingredients dispenser
  • Adjustable load sizes (500g/750g/1kg)
  • Rapid bake function
  • Personalized program settings
  • Touch control panel

Kenwood BM450’s Positive Review (from Amazon):

I am so pleased I chose to go with this bread maker. I have many Kenwood items and all are sturdy made and reliable and this is no exception. I have had a Prima and a Breville bread makers before many years ago and gave up with them as I was unhappy with the results.

I have made six loaves so far and used the dough cycle all with 100% success. Using the White Egg Bread recipe the loaves were light and absolutely delicious. I have been using the Doves flour and yeast and been very careful with my measuring . The recipe book is clearly detailed with the various sizes and at the back it gives the breakdown times of all the different programs, time for kneading, rising etc., which is very helpful. That’s what I found hard to figure out with the other models I have previously used. It is expensive compared to others but definitely worth the money.

Kenwood BM450’s Negative Review(from Amazon):

This is my second Kenwood machine. I was so pleased with the first I recommended it to two friends who have also purchased. Their loaf results are fine while mine produced a lumpy shaped loaf no matter how many times I adjust the water as recommended in the book

Kenwood is a notable household name when it comes to baking electronics. But this model only has less than 20 local customer’s rating. It is most likely due to the high price and low sales number in Malaysia. So, I have to get customer feedback on Amazon.com.

This Kenwood BM450 spots a brushed aluminum body that will last. Standing at 385 x 315 x 235mm, this bread maker machine spots a finishes with a glass touch display panel. It has a glass windows and built-in lighting for you to check the baking condition from time to time.

Aside from making bread, you can also use this machine to bake pizza dough or even jams. With the 15 hours delay timer, you get to set the bread making process the night before and you’ll wake up to fresh bread every morning. 

Plus, the fact that it has a 1-hour keep warm function,it  makes sure you’ll always get to enjoy warm bread. It bakes 500g, 750g up to 1kg loaf sizes.

This multi-functional machine comes with 15 pre-set programs and as if this isn’t enough, you get to add 5 additional personal programs too. 

There’s a separate automatic ingredient dispenser at the top of the lid which ensures even distribution of the yummy ingredients throughout the loaf. Check out the video below.

Different from the usual bread maker, Kenwood BM450 is fitted with a convection fan, which is good as it ensures that heat is distributed evenly across the bread.

Also, if you’re in a hurry, there is a rapid 58 minutes bake setting that can save you loads of time baking. You also get to adjust how you want your crust to be. This model also comes with a fully removable lid which let users take off and clean easily.

All these unique features above set aparts Kenwood BM450 from the other cheaper bread makers. However, at the same time you will have to pay a premium for it.

Most Popular Large Capacity Bread Maker

PerySmith Ecohealth Series PS3500

PerySmith Ecohealth Series PS3500

Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee   

PerySmith PS3500 Features Highlight:

  • XL size ((1kg/1.25kg/1.5kg loaf size)
  • Twin kneading blade structure
  • 15 easy pre-set programs
  • 15-hours digital timer
  • 60 minutes keep warm function
  • Touch control panel
  • 3 levels crust controls (Light/Medium/Dark)
  • 15 minutes memory power interruption protection
  • Food grade Diamond Fluorine non-stick inner pot

PerySmith PS3500’s Positive Review:

Alhamdulillah..barang sampai dalam keadaan yang elok dan cepat..senang nak guna..aritu berkira2 survey bread maker jenama lain,tapi pilihan saya tepat..sebab bread maker ni besar, boleh uli dengan kuantiti yang banyak berbanding jenama lain

PerySmith PS3500’s Negative Review:

Not enjoying using this bread maker. Function not much. I feel it is easier to use a bread maker from Russell Taylors than this. This is my experience. Preference may differ for different peoples. 

Nothing beats getting a bread maker that makes it so easy that newbies find making a loaf of bread a piece of cake! PerySmith PS3500 is another wildly popular bread maker on Shopee and Lazada. It receives more than 5,000+ positive ratings, averaging 4.9 stars out of 5.0.

This PerySmith PS3500 is a quality bread baking machine that streamlines and simplifies the whole process further. Measuring at 440 x 290 x 355mm, this packs in an extra-large size capacity, more suited for bigger families; up to a 1.5kg bread loaf (1kg/1.25kg/1.5kg). 

users showing successful baked breads using Perysmith ps3500
Source: Shopee user review. Awesome baking result by using Perysmith bread maker

Its twin kneading blade design helps ensure even distribution of the ingredients despite the large amount in place. Fitted with 15 different programs, you can make bread, cakes, dough, jams, etc. 

inside of PerySmith PS3500

Equipped with a 15 hours delay timer function, you can set up an automatic preparation of the dough at the desired time. The 60-minute keep-warm function allows you to enjoy warm bread for a longer period of time.

Also, in the event of a power interruption, fret not, this PerySmith PS3500 has a 15 minutes memory saving function. So, once power resumes, it will continue baking with no hitches. 

The inner pan is non-stick (coated with food-grade diamond fluorine) which makes it easier for you to clean and maintain. PerySmith PS3500 comes with 2 years local supplier warranty which is longer than other brands.

Best Cheap Bread Maker

Tesco BM1333

Tesco Bread Maker BM1333

Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee   

Tesco Bread Maker BM1333 Features Highlight:

  • 12 pre-set programs
  • 13 hours delay timer
  • 60 minutes keep warm function
  • Memory function
  • Bakes 750g-1kg loaf size

Tesco BM1333’s Positive Review:

Very fast delivery and received in perfect condition.Very encouraging for a beginner to bake a loaf of bread.Can never fail . Surely you will be able to enjoy your fresh homemade bread everyday. No need to buy bread again as u can bake your own to your very satisfaction! 

Tesco BM1333’s Negative Review:

Arrived safely. Quality ok but feel the cover a bit flimsy.

Tesco BM1333 is selling for only RM189. It is probably the cheapest 1kg bread maker you can buy right now. It receives over 1,700+ ratings on Lazada, rated 4.6 stars out of 5.0.

The Tesco BM1333 measuring at 602 x 400 x 360mm, can handle up to 1 kg loaf size. Users have commented that this appliance makes making bread seamless and so easy, you may want to do it every day. 

It’s also very versatile in that it can make various types of dough, jam, cakes among other things. Also, you can make different types of bread and they are all soft and fluffy. The glass window at the top allows you to view the baking process so you’ll know what’s going on.

There are 12 pre-programmed settings, which you can choose from for the baking you need.

Tesco BM1333 has 13 hours delay timer function and 60 minutes keep warm function too. It comes with a 1 year local supplier warranty.

Best Multi-Purpose Bread Maker

Russell Taylors Deluxe BM-20 

Russell Taylors Deluxe BM-20

Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee   

Russell Taylors BM-20 Features Highlight:

  • Stainless-steel body and a tempered glass cover
  • 12 pre-set programs
  • 15 hours delay timer
  • 60 minutes keep warm function
  • 10 minutes electric power cutoff with memory function
  • Bakes 0.7 – 1kg loaf sizes


  • Measuring Cup
  • Measuring Spoon
  • Hook

Russell Taylors BM-20’s Positive Review:

Value for money. Fast shipping. Manual book includes important info and basic recipes for all loaf functions. Trying it for the first use and it looks ok. The motor sound is not loud too.

Russell Taylors BM-20’s Negative Review:

Product system coding has errors on multiple types of preset recipes. For e.g., kneading paddle spins during the baking session, destroying the bread or cake into crumbs. Also, the beeping indicator for add-in/toppings doesn’t work. Contacted the seller with no reply. Warranty is useless.

Russell Taylors BM-20 get a solid 4.9 stars out of 5.0 from nearly 1400 customers’ rating.This BM-20 model sports a sleek stainless-steel body and a tempered glass cover. 

A super sleek-looking bread maker that lets you enjoy artisan bread right from your own kitchen. It features a huge LCD display for easier access and use. Check out a quick unboxing video from the Mommy Ajar channel.

It has 12 digital programmer menu options; 15 hours programmable delay timer function along with 60 minutes keep warm function. And it is suitable to bake 0.7 – 1kg loaf sizes. 

The 10 minutes electric power cutoff with memory function helps resume the baking process in the event any brief power outage occurs. 

This feature-packed Russell Taylors Bread Maker BM-20 could be your best bread maker buddy in the kitchen. It comes with a 1-year local manufacturer warranty.

Best Compact Bread Maker

Morgan Bread Maker MBM1020

Morgan Bread Maker MBM1020

Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee   

Morgan MBM1020 Features Highlight:

  • 12 digital program menus
  • 3 adjustable crust controls (Light/Medium/Dark)
  • 13 hours delay timer
  • 10 minutes power-off protection
  • 60 minutes keep warm function
  • Bakes up to 1 kg loaf size


  • Measuring Cup
  • Measuring Spoon
  • Bread Pan Hook
  • Bread Pan

Morgan MBM1020’s Positive Review:

tried twice and worked great. it’s cheap and worth the buy. I’ve never baked anything before I bought this bread maker. succeed on my first try. Easy peasy… just put in the ingredients and wait patiently until it’s done. Highly recommended. 

Morgan MBM1020’s Negative Review:

They sent me an item that was incomplete initially and send the paddle later on and when tested it wasn’t even functioning and asked me to call a technician for repair after refusing a refund. worst service I’ve ever got on shopee. 

The Morgan Bread Maker MBM1020 is a popular choice for those running with a tight budget. It cost only RM219 and sold over thousands of units. It has more than 4,700 reviews with rating of 4.9 stars out of 5.0

Standing at 286 x 326 x 285mm, this is a compact yet a decent option if you want to bake up soft and fluffy bread. 

This is a simple bread maker with a user-friendly control panel, there are 12 pre-set programs that include various bread baking options, making dough, cakes, jams, etc. It can make up to 1 kg loaf size.

Equipped with built-in crust control options, you can choose from 3 levels of how crusty you want your bread to be. There’s a 13 hours delay timer and a 60 minutes keep warm function, so you can set the timer accordingly to suit your preference.

 This appliance comes with a 10-minute power cut protection that can retain memory for a brief period during a power outage. It also has a non-stick pan that leaves no residues, thus making it easy to clean and maintain.

Morgan Bread Maker MBM1020 comes with a 1 year local manufacturer warranty.

Best Large Capacity Bread Maker

Trio Twin Blade Bread Maker TBM-222 

Trio Twin Blade Bread Maker TBM-222

Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee   

Trio Twin Blade Bread Maker TBM-222 Features Highlight:

  • 15 digital program settings
  • 3 adjustable crust controls (Light/Medium/Dark)
  • 15 hours delay timer
  • 10-15 minutes power-off protection
  • 60 minutes keep warm function
  • Bakes 1kg, 1.25kg and 1.5kg loaf sizes


  • Measuring Cup
  • Measuring Spoon
  • Hook

Trio TBM-222’s Positive Review:

Good product, save lots of my energy and my time. I made doughnuts using it and It turned out very nice 

Trio TBM-222’s Negative Review:

Penghantaran amik masa lama sbb PKP..BILA SAMPAI Baru sekali guna motor rosak..nasib seller ok layan segala persoalan..kena hantar pusat servis utk baiki..

The Trio TBM-222 were sold by quite many sellers and at various price points. So, you should check the price carefully before you buy one. It has accumulated almost 2,000+ ratings, rated 4.8 to 5.0 stars on different sellers.

The Trio TBM-222 is a good value for money large bread maker. The first thing you’ll notice is the unique twin viewing window at the top, to give you a better view of what’s happening inside while baking commences. 

There are 15 digital program settings that include various types of bread options, cake, dough, yoghurt, jam and others. There is also a homemade option where you can opt for a more DIY mode. There are 3 loaf sizes – 1kg, 1.25kg and 1.5kg you can opt for and also 3 levels of crust that you can choose from – Light, Medium and Dark.

The LCD display control panel is easy to use. Fitted with a twin blade structure, it is powerful enough to ensure a thorough kneading process can be achieved with accurate consistency; this gives a more even mixture. 

The 60 minutes keep warm function along with the 15 hours delay timer gives great convenience. It also has a 10 minutes power cut-off function that can help retain memory, which is especially useful if you face frequent brief power outages. Trio Twin Blade Bread Maker TBM-222 comes with 1 year local manufacturer warranty.

Best Mini Bread Maker

Khind Bread Maker BM750

Khind Bread Maker BM750

Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee   

Khind BM750 Features Highlight:

  • Durable Ceramic Coated Inner Pot & Stirrer
  • 14 auto pre-set menus
  • 2 adjustable crust controls (Light/Dark)
  • 15 hours delay timer
  • 15 minutes power off protection
  • Save energy

Khind BM750’s Positive Review:

1st time trying… The result shows good.. Just put it then done! Best, all tools are provided…. Tq seller… 

Khind BM750’s Negative Review:

Easy to use. Very disappointed with the product quality. Used 3 times only, the control panel is not working and has to be sent for warranty 🙁

Khind Bread Maker BM750 sports a pink colour body, suitable for the ladies who like cute and feminine kitchen appliances. It has garnered around 300 ratings, ranging from 4.7 to 5.0 stars.

Unlike most others, Khind Bread Maker BM750 has a white ceramic coated bread pan. As I know, some people are not comfortable using normal non-stick coated pans, so this could be your best option. 

Measuring at 300 x 240 x 260mm, this is quite a compact bread maker. Equipped with 14 pre-set menu options, you can choose the type of bread you want to make, to make dough, to bake and heat, to make jams, yoghurt and others. It makes 500g, up to 750g loaf sizes, which is great for a smaller family.

However, the LCD control panel is rather small and it only comes with a single kneading blade. That said, you get to choose between 2 levels of crust options (light/dark). There’s also a 15 hours delay timer which you can program accordingly when you are ready to eat. Also, it has a 15 minutes power interrupt 

Khind Bread Maker BM750 comes with 1 year local manufacturer warranty.

Best Bread Maker for Beginners

Pensonic PBM-2000 Bread Maker

Pensonic PBM-2000 Bread Maker

Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee   

Pensonic PBM-2000 Features Highlight:

  • 19 Preset Programmes
  • 3 Loaf Size Selection (1.0LB, 1.5LB, 2.0LB)
  • 3 Adjustable Crust Setting (Light, Medium, Dark)
  • 15 Minutes Power Interruption Backup System
  • 15 Hours Programmable Delay-Start Timer

Accessories : 

  • Measuring Cup
  • Spoon
  • Hook

Pensonic PBM-2000’s Positive Review:

Major love with this machine. Dah buat karipap, donut, stir fry nasi. Semua ok berfungsi dgn baik. Best ada bread machine ni. Memang kesayangan sangat dah. Tq siapa yang promote this brand

Pensonic PBM-2000’s Negative Review:


Pensonic PBM-2000 is given an average of 4.9 stars out of 5.0 from more than 250 reviews. There is no question that Pensonic is still one of Malaysia’s favourite local brands.

This Pensonic bread maker is good for up to 2.0lbs of bread loaf (approximately 9kg). So, its size is pretty compact and only comes with a single kneading blade.

It has 19 preset programmes that are clearly displayed on the exterior of the bread maker. It practically covers all types of bread, including soft bread, natural sourdough, french, whole wheat, sugar-free, multigrain, milky load, raw dough, leavened dough and more.

It has a long delay-start timer, which is up to 15 hours. And comes with a 15 minutes power interruption backup system to protect you against spoiling a dough in case of any sudden electrical failure.

Overall, the Pensonic PBM-2000 is a good choice especially for anyone who prefers to stick with established brands and don’t want to worry about warranty claim issues in the future.

Bread maker FAQ

Which brand of bread maker is best?

For Malaysians, Pensonic PBM-2000 Bread Maker is great for beginners. You do not have to worry about warranty issue and it is affordable too. Other popular brands are Russell Taylors, PerySmith, Tesco, Morgan, Trio and Khind bread maker.

How do I choose a bread maker?

The most important factors will be the capacity of bread maker. Then, you should consider the numbers of preset programmes, single or twin kneading blades, timer, material of baking pan.

Is it cheaper to make your own bread?

No, homemade bread usually costs more than store-bought loaf. The retail loaf of bread benefits from mass production and economies of scale. Therefore, they are usually cheaper. In contrast, homemade bread is healthier and can be customized to your liking in terms of taste and ingredients.

How many days does homemade bread last?

Homemade bread is recommended to keep only for 3 to 4 days. If you keep in a fridge, it can last up to 6 to 8 days.

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