Top 10 Best Ovens for Baking in Malaysia

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There is a huge surge of interest in bakeries during the covid19 pandemic. And many are looking for the best ovens for baking cake, bread and cookies.

Precise temperature control is the key to baking success. Hence, a good oven should heat up rapidly to the correct temperature and spread the heat evenly and stably.

Here are the top 10 most popular ovens on Lazada Malaysia (sorted from cheapest to most expensive):

  1. Panaletrik Electric Oven 12L
  2. Pensonic PEO2305 Electric Oven
  3. Butterfly BEO-5221 Electric Oven
  4. Khind 28L Electric Oven OT2800
  5. Firenzzi TO-3035 35L Electric Oven
  6. Khind Electric Oven OT5205
  7. Elba Built-in Oven 6840SS
  8. Beko Built-in Oven BIM22100X (71L)
  9. Electrolux EOB2400AOX Built-In Oven 74Litre
  10. Panasonic Steam Convection Cubie Oven (30L)

Before deciding which oven to buy, lets understand how to choose the right oven for yourself.

How to choose a good oven that best suited for your needs

1. Types of Oven

OTG Oven – It is known as an oven, toaster grill, the three core functions of a traditional oven. We also call it a convection oven.

A convection oven has heating elements both on top and bottom of the oven. And a good oven should allow users to control the heating of these elements separately.

It is best for baking cakes, toast bread, and grilling meat. Cooking is slower compared to a microwave oven.

Microwave oven – Microwave oven uses microwaves to heat food. A modern microwave oven can be used for baking, grilling and quick reheating of food. Since there are absences of heating elements at top and bottom, baking will be less ideal. 

Microwave oven is good for preparing a quick meal efficiently because it heats up very fast.

2. Size of Oven

It is important to choose an oven size that matches your needs and still fits in your kitchen. Don’t buy an oversized oven for a small kitchen.

The oven needs a dedicated space. If it is troublesome to set up the space for the oven, it will dramatically lower down your desire to use the oven.

3. Digital Controls

Analog control is great as they almost last forever. However, digital controls in the oven have many advantages over analog control. 

The most important one would be precise temperature control. Secondly, an oven with digital control usually comes with a programmable timer which lets users cook in more sophisticated ways.

We strongly suggest users not to go for the cheapest oven available because baking ingredients are usually not cheap. It might end up costing you more if your baking fails.

Lets check our picks and reviews for the best ovens on Lazada Malaysia.

1. Panaletrik Electric Oven 12L

Cheapest small electric oven on Lazada

Cheapest small electric oven Panaletrik Electric Oven 12L

Panaletrik Electric Oven 12L is compact and cheap. It is best for beginners who wanna try out bakery for fun.

✔ Cheap
 Very small and compact
No individual top and bottom temperature control

Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee

Panaletrik electric ovens come in a few sizes, 12L, 20L, and 52L. And the 12L variant is the smallest and cheapest one. It has close to 200 good reviews on Lazada Malaysia. There are minor complaints on the oven being too small.

Average rating of 4.5/5 on Lazada.

It has a maximum power of 1000W, 60 minutes switch off timer, and auto shut off. Users can control the temperature between 100 to 250-degree celsius. It is a very basic electric oven without any extra features. Just keep in mind that 12L is very small indeed.

image 8 1
User’s photo shows the oven is fit for 2 piece of slice bread.

Many praise its functioning okay and bake well as long as you set your expectations right.

Panaletrik electric oven 12L comes with 1 year warranty. Buy panaletrick oven now.

2.Pensonic PEO2305 Electric Oven 23L

Another great budget electric oven

Budget electric oven -Pensonic PEO2305 Electric Oven

Pensonic PEO2305 Electric Oven is another great budget choice.

✔ Affordable local brand
 Can select whether bottom, top or both heating
Short power chord

Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee

At 23L capacity, this is our budget pick. Pensonic PEO2305 Electric Oven has earned an outstanding 4.9/5 rating score from more than 1100 reviews on Lazada. It has all the standard functions – toast, grill and bake. Maximum power rating is at 1380W.

ss mjTKArJcu 8oac7rkgG7FRYcuFhlSG0bWWjHH5CNeKpygvQ59UHuRBMuSie7HpZiIyEHD8ckV5v2yiHiCH5Kiczr OZtyLnvu52UfBwuERiIvdXfSjvbcE1umSg aeb qHY7u
Average rating is 4.9/5 on Lazada

Allows adjustable temperature settings of up to 250℃, which basically covers most of your baking needs. It also has a 60 minutes timer.

At 53 × 39 × 37 cm, it is somewhat on the smaller side but is more than sufficient to serve great meals for a smaller-sized family (2-4 people). The control panel, handle and the glass door handle are all stainless steel.

Overall, it is a good enough oven with a below-average price. Buy Pensonic 23L Oven now.

3. Butterfly BEO-5221 Oven 20L 

Value for money electric oven

value for money oven

Butterfly BEO-5221 Electric Oven is a great value for money choice.

✔ Value for money
 Generous accessories
2 years warranty
Bad apple vendor use misleading photo

Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee

Butterfly BEO-5221 oven has a capacity of 20 litres and rated 1380W. It comes with a variety of accessories including 1 crumb tray, 2 baking trays and 2 baking racks.

image 9
Average rating of 4.6/5 on Lazada

Take note that there is no rotisserie function for BEO-5221. Some vendors are misleading customers by using photo of another Butterfly Oven Model. If you wish to do “ayam golek”, then take the BEO-5229 model with rotisserie function. 

Butterfly oven has 2 years local warranty. Buy butterfly oven now.

4. Khind Oven OT2800 28L

Most favourited retro-style oven

retro styled oven

Khind OT2800 is a cute little retro-style oven.

✔ Square shaped, save space
 Top & bottom heater selection
Chic appearance
2 years warranty

Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee

Khind OT2800 is a 28 litres oven that comes with a modern-vintage look. Many customers have good reviews on it and loved its design. More than 460 reviews are 4 stars and above. And most negative reviews are only on the delivery services.

zdBXI MuBKlVrgXfHeKz9y22r3ZO0r0MWMags1SO4q8wg GStTV7Eaf4VxjqFJCN6CEuD 4vumLSn5TInAeeHLIv 0dJq1XyTAcIZpHMVpsb6MsEww5XlFS1N3mCGeHdYuA6NBJc
Average rating of 4.8/5 on Lazada Malaysia

28 litres capacity is good for a grilling whole chicken or baking a 8” cake. There are separated top and bottom heaters. Users also love its bright oven lamp that lets user check their food with ease.

Quoted one customer: “ what matters most is its quality of cooking and this is where this oven really shines with its nice thorough even baking. Cakes, toasts, cookies all turned out extremely nice with that wonderful golden crust.”.

Khind OT2800 Oven comes with 2 years local warranty. Buy Khind OT2800 now.

5. Firenzzi TO-3035 Oven 35L

Good medium-sized electric oven

good medium sizzed oven

Firenzzi TO-3035 is a medium-sized oven with 35L capacities. It also has dual temperature control

✔ Independent temperature control
 Good fize for small family
Rotisserie function

Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee

Firenzzi TO-3035 is a medium-sized oven with 35 litres capacity. It has a maximum power rate of 1500W. There is zero complaint on product quality, product defects, nor delivery problems.


It has individual control for top and bottom heating elements which is great for baking. Accessories included are bake tray, bake rack, crumb tray and rotisserie handle.The built-in light is bright

image 10 2
Customers love its built quality and function.

Firenzzi has only 1 year local warranty. Buy Firenzzi TO-3035 now.

6. Khind Oven OT5205 52L

Best oven for big family

best oven for big family

Khind OT5205 is huge but not expensive. It even has rotisserie function.

✔ Extra large 52L capacity
 Rotisserie function
2200W heating power
Up to 120 mins timer
No separated temperature control

Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee

Khind Electric Oven OT5205 has garnered more than 500 positive ratings and reviews on Lazada. Customers rave on its extra-large and spacious 52L capacity.

ekW FwCw jia1n eMVxgvFLRyvKd3GbcHN4bZ7u2Gji754pRfMNyZXCJDqEZwMs8pE91apDTp3mQyAbmwqM7VPS5ErDQkSuB8ytp7PnXSQH8yWilHjgOA4 ffrR7xNS kNtWTfDG
Average rating of 4.6/5 on Lazada.

You can stuff in a huge 3kg chicken for roasting with space to spare. It also has various functions – roast, bake, broil, grill, toast, heat up, all with pre-set timer function of up to 120mins.

At 1800-2200W, this is a powerful convection baker with rotisserie function (360-degrees rotation) and has even heat distribution. So, if you need a value for money large oven, this Khind Electric Oven OT5205 could be the one for you.

This product comes with a 2 Years local manufacturer warranty. Buy Khind OT 5205 now.

7. Elba Oven 6840SS 56L

Cheap built-in oven Malaysia

cheap built in oven

Elba 6840SS is a built-in oven with 56L capacity. It has 8 different cooking functions.

✔ Affordable built-in oven
 Triple glazed glass door
8 different cooking functions
No digital control

Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee

Elba 6840SS is a 56L built-in stainless-steel oven with dimension of 558 x 580 x 550mm. This oven is more suited for those of you with a more compact sized kitchen and still have heavy cooking needs.

image 11
Average rating of 5/5 on Lazada. But there isn’t much review on the functionality of the oven.

It offers 8 different functions – conventional, bottom heat, half grill, roast, hot air grilling, pizza, full grill (with rotisserie) and defrosting.

Furthermore, the glass door is triple glazed that seal the heat tightly within the oven. Hence, the glass also will be cool to touch externally. The heating temperature can go up to 250°C.

As compared to other built-in ovens, this Elba Built-in Oven 6840SS is less than half the price. It is one of the cheapest built-in ovens in Malaysia.

This product comes with 1 Year local manufacturer warranty. Buy Elba 6840SS now.

8. Beko BIM22100X 71L

Best value European made Built-in Oven

best oven made in europe

Beko BIM22100X oven is made in Europe. It is built with quality to last. And the price is reasonable too.

✔ Large 71L capacity
 Double glazed door
8 Different cooking functions
2 years warranty
No digital control

Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee

Beko is one of the most beloved choice of built-in ovens on Lazada. It is has a 4.9 out of 5 stars rating. And most customers love its appearance. 

JWPBmXhhHQahpjOxtGiu8Dw5AqOuzDbGJ83RuiWy4YjVMtF29mcBQkWV1lWm7bIpYYZPFsOJf61W4AlpgvvMHzHl KBkC IWg4IELBzJbuqtqFdZi 6U PkQTESEL8mq6AeKX3sy
Average rating of 4.9/5 on Lazada

Beko BOM22100X has 71 litres capacity. It is good for medium to big family food preparation. It can fits up to 4 bakery tray at one go which is a huge time saver if you’re into baking cookies.

WSVg3PEPpr5Ep5NoHBKTH6HaOc5YbzbrGH9M3SJfNrrjcoYan8ArbXCYbjMsqapqgBLrrI1tlYidbOvlFggAzzVHHg5Leu n9LmJcbaekal8Jvty8uKhK7 S2kZmmOTr3T04Ka4K

The build quality and door of this oven is very sturdy. The glass door is double glaze for better heat insulation thus temperature more consistent. The door is made to be extra durable too. It can support loads as much as 22.5Kg so you can rest your hot dishes on the open oven door

This oven has separated top and bottom heat control . And it has a huge fan right at the back of the oven that ensures thorough air circulation within the oven. It cooks perfect grilled fish, chicken and meat cutlets.

On top of that, this oven comes with 2 years warranty. Buy Beko BIM22100X now.

9. Electrolux Built-In Oven EOB2400AOX 74L

Best large built-in oven

best large built-in oven

Electrolux EOB2400AOX is one of the most popular large built-in oven on Lazada.

✔ 72L capacity
 Evenly distributed heat with huge fan
Digital timer
4 layer glass door

Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee

At a massive 72L, this Electrolux built-in oven can be split into 3 levels, flexible and spacious to cook multiple dishes, at one go. Baking, grilling, roasting becomes easy.

Uew01gLcl38ljrWeJ1Vg ouIM LwTN3lZKxU8 HnQmiKTV8lwiU5oipz2IX6EV2nlkMbAm2gtLkFYQ22 PHfhnEjY70 fS4me pIvSHDs7mB2O6N7dyr7
Average rating of 4.0/5 on Lazada.

Electrolux’s UltraFan Plus technology ensures heat is distributed evenly throughout the oven, so anywhere inside the oven will have evenly distributed heat. Additionally, it has a 4-layered glass door which keeps the heat in for better energy efficiency.

The inner of the oven is coated with smooth enamel coating enables easy and convenient cleaning. Stains and spills easy to wipe as they do not stick.

Although this is on the pricier end, it is still a worthwhile investment to make in the long run especially if you cook a lot and often cater to many.

This oven comes with 1 Year local manufacturer warranty. Buy Electrolux EOB2400AOX oven now.

10. Panasonic Steam Oven NU-SC300BMPQ 30L

Best Premium Steam Oven Malaysia

best premium oven

Panasonic NU-SC300BMPQ is a convection steam oven. It can be steam only, convection only or combination of steam and convection mode.

✔ Elegant black colour oven
 Hybrid oven with steam and convection function
30 preset cooking programs
Easy cleaning function
Small capacity 30L

Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee

One of the latest from Panasonic, this oven helps make cooking easy and more convenient. It is known as a convection steam oven. It uses both steam and dry heat to cook. The steam oven is considered as the healthiest way to cook because it can retain moisture, vitamin and minerals in the good.

f4t4HiEuPt2FE41hJbV94KuznBrXpgK0Px YlM05GzIBwlS8JLoBEg4ZYemoQM5LtOYe3MRErruvSZpXoDqxuOAjDarNIm6ETdOCv9NiUCar9T2uG Bx6hqillks fW0UMBLcV3
Average rating 5/5 on Lazada

The size of the oven is 375 mm x 494 mm x 476 mm, 31L capacity. It is good for stew, bake, healthy steam, grill, healthy fry and fermentation. And comes with 30 preset cooking menus.

The superheated steam – fast, easy and thoroughly removes all oil for healthier enjoyment while maintaining the nutrients and juiciness on the inside of the food. There are 3 different steam temperature settings: 120℃ (meat, vegetable, reheating), 150℃ (seafood) and 190℃ (meat, poultry and seafood gratin). It can set to be stewing food up to 3 hours.

This product comes with a 1 Year general warranty. Buy Panasonic SC300BMPQ oven now.


Baking is a healthy, convenient and practical way to have your food cooked while you attend to your other chores.

We hope that the above list that covers the best ovens ranging from premium to budget picks for tabletops and also built-in models would help you decide better.

We also have detailed reviews and recommendations for microwave ovens and air fryers which can help you to shorten your cooking time.

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