Top 10 Best Ovens Malaysia for Baking

best oven malaysia

A lot of Malaysians enjoy baking cakes and cookies in their free time. To ensure successful baking, a good oven with precise temperature control is very important.

There are many types of ovens available today, including electric convection ovens, toaster ovens, built-in ovens, steam ovens, and air fryer ovens.

What is the best oven in Malaysia?

The best oven in Malaysia is The Baker Electric Oven ESM-60LV2. This oven can heat up rapidly to the correct temperature and spread the heat evenly and stably. It is very reliable when it comes to baking cakes and cookies.

The following is the list of the top 10 best ovens for baking in Malaysia:

  1. Best Electric Oven: The Baker Electric Oven ESM-60LV2
  2. Best Large oven: Butterfly Electric Oven BEO-1001
  3. Best Small Toaster Oven: Panasonic NT-H900
  4. Best Oven for Small Business: INNOFOOD Electric Convection Oven KT-BF1A
  5. Best Built-in Oven: Beko Built-in Oven BIM22100X
  6. Best Budget Built-in Oven: ELBA VOLTO EBO-K5670 
  7. Best Vertical Oven: Samu Giken Vertical Electric Oven
  8. Best Steam Oven: Panasonic Steam Convection NU-SC300BMPQ
  9. Best Cheap Steam Oven: Tjean Steam Oven
  10. Best Air Fryer Oven: Russell Taylors Air Fryer Oven

1. The Baker Electric Oven ESM-60LV2

Best Overall Electric Oven

The Baker Electric Oven ESM-60LV2

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The Baker Electric Oven ESM-60LV2 is the best electric oven for most people in Malaysia because it has a large capacity, top and bottom independent temperature control, and multi-stage power selection. 

The Baker Electric Oven ESM-60LV2 features:

  • Top and Bottom Independent Temperature Control
  • Adjustable thermostat from 90°C – 250°C 
  • 120 minutes timer
  • Different heating option
  • Double-layer glass door
  • Rotisserie function
  • Internal lamp
  • 2000W

First of all, The Baker Electric Oven ESM-60LV2 boasts a large 60-litre capacity. With such a big oven size, it can easily accommodate a whole chicken for rotisserie cooking and can be used to bake a large cake.

Most importantly, it has independent temperature controls on the top and bottom, which many budget oven models lack. The temperature of each heating element can be adjusted between 90 and 250 degrees Celsius.

It has been reported by a customer that the bottom temperature is inaccurate by 40 degrees Celsius. If you happen to get a unit with a similar issue, it could be a little bit inconvenient to use.

Despite that, The Baker Electric Oven ESM-60LV2 is still highly recommended because of its affordable price, large capacity, and versatility.

2. Butterfly Electric Oven BEO-1001

Best Large oven

Butterfly Electric Oven BEO-1001

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The best large oven in Malaysia is the Butterfly Electric Oven BEO-1001. Featuring a 100-litre capacity, it is perfect for residential as well as commercial use.

The Butterfly Electric Oven fits four 8″x3″ round baking trays easily. It allows you to bake multiple cakes quickly.

Besides its large size, it is a powerful 2700W convection oven with a rotisserie function. 

The Butterfly Electric Oven has four knob controls: temperature, fan speed, on/off control for top and bottom heating elements, and a timer. But there is no separate temperature control knob for the top and bottom heating element

The maximum timer duration is 120 minutes.

Along with the box of the Butterfly Electric Oven BEO-1001B, it has a crumb tray, 2 baking trays and 2 baking racks.

Overall, the Butterfly Electric Oven BEO-1001 is a value for money large-sized oven. Moreover, Butterfly Oven is known for its durability and long lifespan.

3. Panasonic NT-H900

Best Small Toaster Oven

Panasonic NT-H900

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If you are looking for a small toaster oven,  then check out the Panasonic NT-H900 Compact Toaster Oven. It is perfect for preparing a quick and easy breakfast meal for up to 2 people in the morning

Panasonic NT-H900 features:

  • Toaster oven
  • 70 to 230 degrees Celsius
  • 9L capacity
  • 1000W Power
  • Double Glaze Glass Door
  • 15-minute Timer
  • Upper and lower heater

If you already own a large-capacity microwave, a compact oven like the Panasonic NT-H900 would make the perfect addition to your kitchen. 

The Panasonic toaster oven has a lower and upper heater that provides even and stable heat distribution.

It can be used to prepare a variety of dishes that can’t be cooked in a microwave. Also, you can find many quick and easy toaster oven recipes online.

The toaster oven can be used to prepare toast, heat up pastries, bake a small pizza, or make french fries. 

We would like to remind you that the 9L capacity is very limited; it can only fit two slices of bread at a time. In case you need more space and capacity, the Panasonic NT-H900 is not for you.

4. INNOFOOD Electric Convection Oven KT-BF1A

Best Oven for Small Business

INNOFOOD Electric Convection Oven KT-BF1A

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The INNOFOOD Convection Oven KT-BF1A is the best convection oven for small business owners. It has eight layers of brackets, making it the best for baking cupcakes, bread, bun and cookies.

INNOFOOD Convection Oven KT-BF1A features:

  • 60L capacity
  • Twin convection fans
  • Double glass door
  • 120-minute timer
  • Temperature 50 to 300 degrees Celsius
  • 2670W

INNOFOOD Convection Oven KT-BF1A is very easy to operate and straightforward. There are only two knobs: one for setting the timer and one for regulating the temperature.

To achieve fast and even baking, there are two powerful convection fans in this INNOFOOD convection oven.

INNOFOOD Electric Convection Oven KT-BF1A has two powerful convection fans

However, the INNOFOOD Convection Oven KT-BF1A is very expensive. The retail price of the oven starts at RM1699+. So, it is not quite suitable for home bakers.

In conclusion, the INNOFOOD Convection Oven KT-BF1A is a large, super-efficient oven that is perfect for those who wish to start a bakery business or own a pastry shop.

5. Beko Built-in Oven BIM22100X

Best Built-in Oven

Beko Built-in Oven BIM22100X

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Beko BIM22100X built-in oven is made in Europe. The build quality is great and the price is reasonable too.

Beko BIM22100X features:

  • 71L capacity
  • 60cm width
  • 8 cooking functions 
  • Tripe glass door protection and insulation
  • Single and dual grill
  • 2500W

Beko BOM22100X has 71 litres capacity. It is good for medium to big family food preparation. 

For those of you who like to bake cookies, this can hold up to four trays at once.

Large capacity of Beko Built-in Oven BIM22100X can hold up to four trays at once

In addition to its stylish design, this oven has an awesome build quality. The glass door is triple-glazed, so it has great insulation and the temperature stays more consistent. 

The door is made to be extra durable too. It can support loads as much as 22.5Kg so you can rest your hot dishes on the open oven door

This oven has separated top and bottom heat control. And it has a huge fan right at the back of the oven that ensures thorough air circulation within the oven. It cooks perfect grilled fish, chicken and meat cutlets.

It has 8 cooking programmes, namely defrosting, fan-assisted, conventional, multi-dimensional, electric grill, fan heating, half-grill with fan and bottom heating. It has a built-in steam clean function too.

Lastly, the Beko BIM22100X Built-in Oven has a two-year general warranty and a 12-year motor warranty, giving you peace of mind.


Best Budget Built-in Oven


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Elba VOLTO Oven is an elegant built-in oven with a 56L capacity. It has a dimension of 565 x 595 x 565 mm.  It comes with 7 different cooking functions.

ELBA VOLTO EBO-K5670 features:

  • 56L
  • 7 cooking functions
  • Mechanical control
  • Enamelled interior
  • Triple-glazed glass door
  • Temperature 50 to 250 degrees Celsius

With its compact size, this Elba oven is perfect for those of you who have a smaller kitchen but still bake a lot.

It offers 7 different functions – light, conventional, conventional with fan, top grilling, top heating with fan, bottom heating with fan, and defrost.

In addition, the oven’s glass door is triple-glazed, which seals the heat tightly. Thus, the glass will also feel cool to the touch externally. 

This ELBA VOLTO EBO-K5670 built-in oven costs less than half what other models in the market cost. 

Considering its elegant design and good features, I would highly recommend the ELBA VOLTO EBO-K5670 as the best cheap built-in oven in Malaysia.

7. Samu Giken Vertical Electric Oven

Best Vertical Oven

Samu Giken Vertical Electric Oven

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The Samu Giken Vertical Electric Oven boasts a vertical design that is different from a conventional oven. It measures 300 x 300 x 375mm.

Samu Giken Vertical Electric Oven features:

  • 12L capacity
  • 800W Power
  • 100 to 200 degrees Celsius
  • Vertical storage design
  • Double-tube photothermal heating
  • 60-min timer

The Samu Giken Vertical Electric Oven is quite popular on Shopee. It has sold hundreds of units. Many customers were pleased with the design and the ease of use.

The vertical design makes it unique and different from the usual horizontal oven usual. There is more vertical space. Thus, it allows more flexibility when it comes to baking cakes and bread.

In addition to the usual metal heating element, the seller claims it has photothermal heating as well for more even heating. My understanding is that photothermal heating refers to infrared heating.

Infrared heating is good because of reduced heating time and uniform heating.

One thing to note is that the Samu Giken Vertical Oven cannot be set below 100 degrees Celsius, and the maximum temperature is only 200 degrees Celsius.

8. Panasonic Steam Convection NU-SC300BMPQ

Best Steam Oven

Panasonic Steam Convection NU-SC300BMPQ

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A steam convection oven is getting more popular in recent years. The Panasonic NU-SC300BMPQ is our top pick for the best steam oven in Malaysia.

The steam oven retains moisture better in food and keeps more nutrients. So, users can enjoy healthy food that tastes better.

Panasonic NU-SC300BMPQ oven features:

  • 30L capacity
  • Smoke glass door with black masking
  • Touch control with LCD display
  • 30 auto menus
  • Superheated steam function

Firstly, steam convection ovens are very expensive, and they might not suit everyone. The Panasonic NU-SC300BMPQ is selling for close to RM3,000.

Convection steam ovens are suitable for those who appreciate their versatility and health benefits.

Steam convection ovens are usually larger than standard ovens of similar capacity.

The Panasonic Superheated Steam Convection Oven NU-SC300BMPQ has a big size of 375 x 494 x 476 mm. But it has only a 30L capacity.

The most unique feature of this Panasonic steam oven is its superheated steam cooking. The steam is heated to 190 degrees Celsius. As a result, steam particles penetrate foods deeper and cook faster, making them juicy.

Food will also become healthier as excess oil is dissolved and dripped away during steaming.

With the Panasonic NU-SC300BMPQ, you can do all kinds of dishes. It can be used to bake, steam, grill, healthy fry and even ferment. It’s a great multi-functional kitchen appliance that cooks everything.

9. TJean Steam Oven

Best Cheap Steam Oven

TJean Steam Oven

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If you’re looking for a budget steam oven, I will recommend you to check out the TJean Multifunctional Steam Oven. It is cheaper than the Panasonic NU-SC300BMPQ but it has a smaller capacity of 10.5L.

TJean Multifunctional Steam Oven features:

  • 10.5L capacity
  • 1800W power
  • Stainless steel interior oven
  • Double water tank design

The TJean Multifunctional Steam Oven has three different cooking modes. There is an air fryer mode with 1550 heating power. Steam frying also uses 1550W. Then, there is a more healthy steam mode which uses 800W.

The TJean Steam Oven uses a double water tank design. There is a water tank for purified water and an empty water tank for condensate dirty water. 

This TJean Steam Oven has one major disadvantage. With a capacity of 10.6L, it is quite limited and only suitable for a small family of 2 to 3 people. 

At the price of this oven, you can get a cheap air fryer and a steamer separately, which will be better in terms of cooking capacity and convenience.

10. Russell Taylors AF-60 Air Fryer Oven

Best Air Fryer Oven Malaysia 

Russell Taylors AF-60 Air Fryer Oven

Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee

The best air fryer oven in Malaysia is Russell Taylors AF-60 Air Fryer Oven. Technically, I believe it is just a standard convection oven. Due to the fact that a convection oven works similarly to an air fryer except that an air fryer is usually smaller in size.

Russell Taylors AF-60 Air Fryer Oven features:

  • 23L capacity
  • VORTX technology air circulation
  • Dual control
  • Temperature range 90-230 degrees Celsius

For people wanting to get a big air fryer, this Russell Taylors AF-60 Air Fryer Oven is a good choice.

The transparent glass door allows the user to check the condition of the food at any time. There is a lot of usable space in this Russell Taylors Oven too.

In addition, the oven comes with a variety of helpful accessories including a rolling cage, rotisserie fork, tray handle, mesh basket, wire rack, and drip tray.

Therefore, Russell Taylors AF-60 Air Fryer Oven is the best cheap air fryer oven you can buy in Malaysia because it is affordable, large and comes with many accessories.


Pensonic PEO2305 Electric Oven 23L Review

Pensonic PEO2305 Electric Oven is the best-selling oven at an affordable price. It has a 23L capacity and comes with an adjustable heating function selector. 

Unfortunately, there is no interior lighting, so it could be difficult to check the condition of the pastry while baking. 

There are some customers who also complained that they received dented units. 

Otherwise, the Pensonic PEO2305 Electric Oven is the best cheap oven for its price.

Khind Electric Oven OT2800 28L Review

Khind OT2800 is a 28 litres oven that comes with a modern-vintage look. There have been more than 11,000 units sold, and many customers love its design and have good things to say about it.

The 28 litres capacity is good for grilling whole chicken or baking an 8” cake. There are top and bottom heater selections for different baking needs.

Firenzzi Oven Review

Firenzzi offers many different oven sizes. It has 36L, 50L and 60L options. In all models, there is a dual temperature control which allows users to finetune the best baking settings according to their needs.

Compared to The Baker Ovens, the price of the Firenzzi oven is slightly more expensive. However, they both share a very similar design. So, I think The Baker Oven is a better choice.

Choosing the right oven for your needs

To choose the best oven, here are the 3 important things you should consider.

  1. Types of the oven – convection oven, toaster oven, steam oven aka combi oven, or microwave oven.
  2. Size of the oven – oven size should match your family size and how often you cook
  3. Control accuracy – standard control, top and bottom individual control, digital control 

Because baking ingredients are usually not cheap, users should not go for the cheapest oven available. You may end up spending more if your baking fails You may end up spending more if your baking fails frequently.

Oven FAQ

Which oven brand is best in Malaysia?

The best oven brand for most Malaysians is The Baker Oven. It has a very competitive price and good quality.

What are the 4 types of ovens?

There are four types of ovens – convection oven, toaster oven, steam oven and microwave oven.

Which type of oven is best for baking?

A convection oven is best for baking purposes. A fan circulates hot air inside the oven rapidly to bake food evenly.

Is Samsung Oven good?

Samsung Microwave Oven is more common in Malaysia. But, Samsung has a very limited selection of convection ovens now. So, Samsung Oven may not be a good choice.

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