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7 Best Water Filters in Malaysia

In Malaysia, water filters are a must-have home appliance. Although our water supply has already been treated in the plant, water quality in Malaysia varies

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Cuckoo Water Filter Review – Pros and Cons

Cuckoo and Coway are two very popular water filter brands in Malaysia.  Both of the brands have thousand of sales agents and we can see

coway water filter review
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Coway Water Filter Reviews – Pros and Cons

Coway and Cuckoo are the most well-known water filter brands in Malaysia. With thousands of agents and regular advertising campaigns featuring popular actors and actresses

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Oven vs Microwave, What’re the Differences?

Ovens and microwaves are two different kitchen appliances that many people confuse. These two cooking appliances cook food in completely different ways. In the convection

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8 Very Best Coffee Machines Malaysia for Home

Coffee, Milo, and tea are Malaysians’ favourite daily drinks. The quickest and easiest way to prepare a good cup of coffee at home is by