As of Jan 2022, the Dessini Pressure Cooker has recorded more than 11,500+ sales on Shopee Official Store. 

Combined with various third-party vendors, the combined sales figures of Dessini Pressure Cookers should exceed more than 20,000 units. 

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5 Best Pressure Cookers We Like Better Than Dessini

I spent tens of hours vetting through dozens of pressure cookers available in Malaysia. I have handpicked the 5 best pressure cookers to buy in Malaysia right now. And Dessini Pressure Cooker wasn’t one of them.

I think my top 5 picks are better value for money and perform better overall.

See the 5 pressure cookers

Dessini Brand Origin

From what you can see on its official Shopee store, the name Dessini Italy is used.

By searching Dessini Italy on Google, I can’t find any evidence that shows that the brand is related to Italy or its cookware is imported/manufactured in Italy.

The only official website I can find associated with Dessini Italy is which is a local Malaysia website.

A further search leads us to a Facebook post that pointed out that Dessini’s products are all OEM from China. 

All Dessini products are priced to be really cheap or cheapest than most of its competitions.

Based on all the information gathered, I think there is a high probability that the product has no connection with Italy. And more likely to be from China.

Dessini Pressure Cooker Price

On the Dessini Italy Shopee official store, there are currently three pressure cooker models available. 

Other 3rd party sellers do sell many other variations such as Dessini 10 buttons pressure cooker, Dessini 20 buttons pressure cooker, Dessini Smart Cooker and more. 

However, I will not include them in this review as I can’t verify whether they really belong to the same Dessini brand. 

Please refer to the official models and price list below.

Dessini Italy 10-in-1 Pressure Cooker 6L (Silver)RM123.90
Dessini Italy 10-in-1 Pressure Cooker 6L (DS-379)RM127.50
Dessini Italy 10-in-1 Pressure Cooker 8L(DS-479)RM189.90

We can’t deny the fact that Dessini Pressure Cookers are really affordable. Even China Brand like Midea is selling more expensive than it for a similar model.

Dessini Pressure Cooker Features

Dessini Pressure Cooker 6L features:

  • 6L pressure cooker
  • Inner pot diameter 24cm
  • Power 1000W
  • Durable stainless steel non-stick inner pot
  • Free 1x measuring cup and 1x spatula

Dessini Pressure Cooker 8L features:

  • 8L pressure cooker
  • Inner pot diameter 26cm
  • Power 1300W
  • Durable stainless steel non-stick inner pot
  • Free 1x measuring cup and 1x spatula

Customer Review

Dessini Electric Pressure Cooker 6L has rated 4.9 stars out of 5.0, with a total of 6200+ ratings. 

The ratings may seem fine at a quick glance but let’s check out its positive to negative rating ratios. 

It has approximately 6000+ ratings which fetch 4 stars and above. And there are roughly 200+ ratings that are 3 stars and below.

This is a piece of significant information as we can assume that the satisfactory customer ratio is 30 to 1

For every 30 customers, there will be one who does not like the product or is not satisfied with their purchase.

Positive review:

the product is nice and worth for the price you pay, the delivery is fast, the seller is nice, good quality,  overall it’s is worth the money you pay

3 days to arrive!! Really love the packaging 👍it was all secured even tho there’s no bubble wrap. At first, i try boiling water and it’s functioning very well but didn’t try cooking yet

Negative review:

brg sudah sampai elok je brg dalam ada kemek.saya rasa kemek mmg dr kedai dh seller tetap hantar brg yg kemek dkt customer.rq brg wrna silver tp dia bg merah..very bad.xpa bjual tak ikhlas nma nya

Periuk dah rosak teruk….kenapa tak check dulu sebelum hantar….periuk apa mcm nih.. sgt2 mengecewakan…

Kalau korang berhasrat nak beli, tolong lah jangan ya, beli je dari shop lain sebab customer service dia teruk gila! 10 kali tanya soalan sama baru nak jawab.

Review Summary

We can see that there are plenty of happy customers of the product. The majority of negative reviews are on defective product issues.
Most of the complaints are from customers who received badly dented pressure cookers despite that the box and packaging are totally fine. It means that the manufacturer has very poor quality control on their products.

This is usually a bad sign and I will advise you to not purchase from such brands. We all know that returning and refund of products on Shopee/Lazada is not an easy process.

Also, there’s no long term review on this product due to the rating system of Shopee. So, we can’t check and verify the durability of the product.

You can spend a little more money on our best cheap pressure cooker that we recommend which gives you peace of mind.

How to use Dessini Pressure Cooker

Below is a video demonstration on the explanation and how to use all the functions of the Dessini Pressure Cooker.

Alternatives to Dessini Pressure Cooker

Dessini Pressure Cooker vs Midea

Midea is a more established brand in home appliances and kitchen appliances. At the same time, Midea is very affordable too, compared to Japanese and Western brands.

I recommend buying a Midea Pressure Cooker instead of a Dessini Pressure Cooker which has a lower rate of defective products.

Dessini Pressure Cooker vs Noxxa

Noxxa pressure cooker by Amway comes with a price tag of RM700 to RM900. It is a multi-function pressure cooker with 8 litres capacity.

It can slow cook, steam, stir-fry, boil soup broth and more.

While it is certainly higher quality than the Dessini Pressure Cooker, its high price makes it not an ideal purchase.

With such a price tag, you can check out renowned kitchen appliance brands like Tefal and Philips. Even those brands are still cheaper than Noxxa.


Dessini Pressure Cooker is indeed a big and cheap pressure cooker. However, various customer reviews show that there are good chances that one can receive a mildly or seriously dented pressure cooker.

Personally, I don’t recommend buying the Dessini Pressure Cooker but it remains to be a good functional choice for those with a limited budget.

I believe that it is better to spend slightly more reliable pressure cooker brands which are included in my top 5 pressure cookers list.

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