Astro Ultra Box Review – Pros and Cons

astro ultra box review

Astro Ultra Box and Ulti box are the official TV boxes to watch Astro TV programmes without using a satellite dish. Rainy days and bad weather are no longer a problem for Astro users with these TV boxes.

Astro Ulti Box vs Ultra Box

The main difference between the Ultra Box and Ulti Box is that the Astro Ultra Box can stream 4K UHD content whereas Astro Ulti Box only can stream videos in HD 1080P resolution.

Both TV boxes support video streaming with the internet. So, it is recommended to use a fast internet broadband service, minimum 30Mbps.

Other than that, there’s really no significant difference between these two Astro TV Boxes.

Comparison table for Astro Ulti Box vs Ultra Box

Astro Ulti BoxAstro Ultra Box
FeeFrom RM19 for existing customers (one-time) or Switch to Astro Primary PackFrom RM89.99 (per month)
Video playback qualityUp to 4K UHDUp to 1080P HD
Cloud recordingYesYes
Affected by rainNoNo
Internet speed requirement10Mbps minimum30Mbps minimum

Astro Ultra Box Specifications

Astro Ultra Box is made by Samsung, but no official specifications have been released.

Unlike the Unifi Plus Box, which runs on Android TV OS, Astro Ultra Box runs on Astro’s proprietary operating system. The interface is similar to the one on the original Astro Decoder. 

The Astro Ultra Box specifications are shown below:

  • Processor: n/a
  • GPU: n/a
  • RAM: n/a
  • Flash: n/a
  • WiFi: 2.4 and 5.0Ghz
  • Connectivity: HDMI 2.0
  • System: Astro Proprietary OS

Astro Ultra Box Review

Astro Ultra Box Package Price

In order to get Ultra Box, users need to subscribe to Astro TV Packs that are higher tiers than the Primary Pack.

There are currently 9 different Astro TV packs available, starting at RM59.99.

Complete Astro Ultra Box Package Price is listed as below:

Astro PackagePrice per monthChannels
Primary PackRM59.9980+ channels, Astro Go
Movies PackRM59.99 (for 6 months)90+ channels, Astro Go, Disney+ Hotstar, HBO GO
Sports PackRM59.99 (for 6 months)100+ channels, Astro Go, Disney+ Hotstar, HBO GO
Entertainment PackRM89.99 (for 6 months)95+ channels, Astro Go, TVBanywhere
Entertainment Plus PackRM99.99 (for 6 months)100+ channels, Astro Go, Netflix, TVBanywhere
Premium Pack 1RM99.99 (for 6 months)100+ channels, Astro Go, HBO Go, beIN, Disney+
Premium Pack 2RM99.99 (for 6 months)110+ channels, Astro Go, Netflix, TVBanywhere, beIN
Premium Pack 3RM99.99 (for 6 months)110+ channels, Astro Go, Netflix, TVBanywhere, HBO Go, Disney+
Platinum PackRM129.99 (for 6 months)135+ channels, Netflix, Disney+, beIN, HBO Go, Astro Go, TVBanywhere


Astro Ultra Box Channel List

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There are different Astro channels included in each Astro TV package. The more channels you want, the more you will pay.

In comparison to Unifi Plus Box, Astro Ultra Box supports major western streaming services like Netflix and HBO Go, which is an important factor for some users. 

However, Astro Ultra boxes do not support for installation of additional Android TV apps because it is not Android TV OS.

Complete Astro Ultrabox Channel list 2022 as below:

  1. Astro SuperSport HD
  2. Astro SuperSport 2 HD
  3. Astro SuperSport 3 HD
  4. Astro SuperSport 4 HD
  5. Astro Supersport 5 HD
  6. SPOTV
  7. beIN Sports HD
  8. beIN Sports 2
  9. beIN Sports 3
  10. Eurosport HD
  11. HITS Movies HD
  12. HBO HD
  15. HBO Family
  16. HBO Hits
  17. tvN Movies HD
  18. ABO Movies Thangathirai HD
  19. BollyOne HD
  20. Paramount Network
  21. Crime & Investigation HD
  22. HGTV HD
  23. DMAX HD
  24. BBC Lifestyle HD
  25. MTV Live
  26. tvN HD
  27. K-Plus HD
  28. CNN HD
  29. BBC World News HD
  30. Al Jazeera English HD
  31. Sky News HD
  32. CNA HD
  33. CNBC Asia HD
  34. Bloomberg TV HD
  35. ABC Australia HD
  36. National Geographic HD
  37. Discovery Channel HD
  38. Discovery Asia HD
  39. BBC Earth
  40. History HD
  41. Animal Planet HD
  42. BOO HD
  43. TA-DAA!
  44. Cartoon Network HD
  45. Nickelodeon HD
  46. Nick Jr.
  47. Moonbug Kids
  48. Boomerang
  49. Astro SuperSport UHD 1
  50. TV1 HD
  51. TV2 HD
  52. TV3
  53. Astro Ria HD
  54. Astro Prima HD
  55. Astro Oasis HD
  56. Astro Warna HD
  57. Astro Citra HD
  58. Go Shop BAARU
  59. Al-Hijrah
  60. Colors Hindi HD
  61. Go Shop RUUMA
  62. Go Shop GAAYA
  63. TVS
  64. Awesome TV
  65. TV Okey HD
  66. NTV7
  67. 8TV
  68. TV9
  69. Astro Vaanavil HD
  70. Astro Vinmeen HD
  71. Astro Vellithirai HD
  72. Star Vijay HD
  73. Colors Tamil HD
  74. Zee Tamil HD
  75. iQIYI HD
  76. Go Shop 303
  77. Astro Xiao Tai Yang HD
  78. TVB Classic HD
  79. Astro AEC HD
  80. Astro Quan Jia HD
  81. CTI Asia HD
  82. Celestial Classic Movies
  83. Phoenix Chinese Channel HD
  84. Phoenix Info News HD
  85. Astro Hua Hee Dai HD
  86. CCTV4 HD
  87. KBS World HD
  88. ONE HD
  89. Astro Awani HD
  91. CGTN HD
  92. Nat Geo Wild HD
  93. Astro Tutor TV SK HD
  94. Astro Tutor TV SMK HD
  95. Astro Ceria HD
  96. AXN HD
  97. Lifetime HD
  98. PRIMEtime
  99. HITS HD
  100. TLC HD
  101. Food Network HD
  102. Asian Food Network HD
  103. Warner TV HD
  104. eGG Network HD
  105. Astro Arena HD
  106. Astro Arena 2 HD
  107. HITZ FM
  108. MY FM
  109. LITE FM
  110. MIX FM
  111. ERA FM
  112. SINAR FM
  113. MELODY FM
  114. THR RAAGA
  116. GOLD
  117. OPUS
  118. THR GEGAR
  120. JAZZ
  121. OSAI
  122. BAYU
  124. NAS FM
  125. V FM
  126. WAI FM
  127. TRAXX FM
  128. MINNAL FM
  129. AI FM
  130. ASYIK FM
  131. ZAYAN
  132. GO XUAN

Astro Ultra Box supported apps:

  1. Netflix standard
  2. Disney+ Hotstar
  3. beIN Sports
  4. HBO Go
  5. Astro Go
  6. TVBanywhere+

If you want to compare the difference between each of the different Astro TV package, you can use the official Astro TV package comparison tool.

How to Set Up Astro Ulti Plug & Play Box

Astro Ulti Box and Astro SIM card will be sent to users in two separate deliveries. Before proceeding with the installation, double-check that both serial numbers match.

Step-by-step instructions on setting up Astro Ulti Box are as below:

  1. Insert Astro SIM card into Astro Ulti Box
  2. Connect the power, HDMI and ethernet cables
  3. Turn on the Ulti Box and follows the Astro Box installation guide menu
  4. Connect the Ulti Box to the internet through Ethernet or WiFi.
  5. Proceed for necessary software updates.
  6. Wait for the box activation process to complete and press “finish”
  7. Done, you can start watching your favourite shows.

Astro Ultra Box FAQ

Can the Astro Ultra Box connect using WiFi or Ethernet Cable?

The Astro Ultra Box supports both WiFi and Ethernet cable connections.

Who is eligible for Astro Ultra Box?

The Astro Ultra Box is available to all Astro TV package subscribers except for Primary Pack and NJOI users.

Who is eligible for Astro Ulti Box?

Existing Astro customers (except NJOI) may upgrade to Astro Ulti Box for a small one-time fee. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the new Astro Primary Pack, which will be a contract for 24 months.

How do I watch YouTube on Astro Ultra Box?

No, Astro Ultra Box does not support YouTube.

Can I watch Netflix on Astro Ultra Box?

Yes, but it is only available with certain Astro TV packages. And it is only Netflix Standard. You can stream Ultra HD content on Netflix using the Ultra Box

Can I watch HBO Go or HBO MAX on Astro Ultra Box?

Yes, but it is only available with certain Astro TV packages.

Do I need a 4K TV for the Ultra Box?

No, Ultra Box is suitable for all TV. Ultra Box streams video in both HD 1080P and UHD 4K resolutions.

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