6 Best Dryer Machines in Malaysia

6 best dryers machines in malaysia

Since you’re here, you must be looking for the best dryer machine in Malaysia. And you should be one of many who is frustrated with the rainy seasons and want to get your laundry done right.

Malaysia’s weather can be unpredictable. Having a reliable dryer at home certainly helps, especially for condominium dwellers. A dryer can tumble dry your wet clothes quickly and effectively (as short as 20 minutes).

The best dryer for Malaysian is LG Dual Inverter Heat Pump Dryer TD-H9066WS.

For budget clothes dryer, we recommend getting Electrolux UltimateCare 500 Venting Dryer EDV805JQWA.

Here is a list of the 6 best dryers in Malaysia which we have put together.

  1. Electrolux UltimateCare 500 Venting Dryer EDV805JQWA
  2. LG 9kg Dual Inverter Heat Pump Dryer TD-H9066WS
  3. Toshiba SenseDry Tumble Dryer Machine TD-H80SEM
  4. Midea MD-7388 Vented Dryer 7kg
  5. Khind 6kg Clothes Dryer Machine KCD60
  6. Beko Inverter Heat Pump Dryer DHX83420W


First thing, I highly recommend homeowners to buy a washing machine and dryer machine separately. I am a big believer in buying electrical appliances which do one thing perfectly instead of one that does many things mediocrely.

And only get an all-in-one washer dryer machine if there’s not enough space in your house. For info, washer dryers were the least reliable laundry appliance based on historical statistics.

Also, there are two main types of dryer machines available in Malaysia, namely:

Vented dryers– The most basic dryer type. It takes in air from the surrounding, heat it up and tumble it through your clothes, and then pushes the hot, wet air outside through a duct. 

Heat pump condenser dryers– It recirculates the hot air in the dryer rather than expelling the moist air (vented dryer). Since it is recycling the heat energy, it is said to consume 63% less energy than an equivalent-sized vent dryer. They are more silent and also gentle on your clothes too. (Reference: choice.com.au)

1. Electrolux UltimateCare 500 Venting Dryer EDV805JQWA


This Electrolux UltimateCare 500 Venting Dryer EDV805JQWA is touted as the best vented dryer for caring for your clothes. It dries sensitive fabric delicately without wearing out the fabrics.

Below are the main features of Electrolux 8kg UltimateCare™ 500 Venting Dryer EDV805JQWA :

  • 8kg drying capacity
  • 80% better colour care
  • Smart Sensor for ideal drying
  • Reverse tumbling
  • Delicate drying, energy saving
  • Vapour Refresh feature
  • 10 years long motor warranty
  • Reasonably silent
  • Easy to maintain

Customer’s positive review:

No regret to purchase this 8kg vented tumble dryer. The machine itself is so smart without any complicated manual setting. I can feel the clothes are soft after it is dried by this machine. Surely will recommend to my relatives and friends.

Customer’s critical review:


This Electrolux dryer was tested and certified to perform up to 80% better colour care after 52 cycles when compared against drying under the sun.

Reverse tumbling feature

The reverse tumbling feature of this dryer where it alternatve clockwise and anti-clockwise drum movements helps reducing clothes tangling and proven to be less wrinkle than line drying laundry.

The creases will be stretched out due to these repeated movements. Your ironing task will be much faster and easier.   

Instead of using the conventional timed-drying, this Electrolux front load dryer machine is equipped with a smart sensor to adjust the drying time precisely depending on the fabric’s type, total load and moisture level.

image 1
Electrolux UltimateCare Venting Dryer will shorten the drying time if detected low humidity and less clothes

The smart sensor is essential in a dryer because it helps to avoid over-drying and prevent wastage of electricity.

It also has the Vapor Refresh function which gives a de-wrinkling and fresh feel to your clothes. 

image 2
Vapour refresh smoothen wrinkkles on your clothes.

So, if you want a reliable dryer that ensures your clothes look vibrant and new for a much longer time, Electrolux 8kg UltimateCare 500 Venting Dryer could be your best pick. 

This comes with 2-years general local manufacturer warranty and 10 years warranty on the motor.

Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee

2. LG 9kg Dual Inverter Heat Pump Dryer TD-H9066WS

image 3

LG TD-H9066WS (600 x 690 x 850mm) is one of the best heat pump dryer machines in Malaysia. It comes with a dual inverter heat pump which dries clothes faster than ever.

 LG 9kg TD-H9066WS dryer main features:

  • 9kg capacity
  • Dual Inverter Heat Pump
  • Saving on energy and time
  • Reversible door
  • Eco Hybrid technology – Energy Mode and Time Mode.
  • Auto Cleaning Condenser function – hassle-free cleaning
  • Allergy Care function – 99.9% of live house dust mites removed
  • Smartphone connection

Customer’s positive review:

produk terbaik dari LG. harga murah dari seller. penghantaran pantas dari seller. oder pagi ni esok sampai. dryer banyak mode tapi mostly pakai basic je kot.

Customer’s critical review:


Equipped with LG’s advanced inverter technology, Dual Inverter Heat Pump, this machine boasts of having a higher energy efficiency level with a shorter drying time. 

LG TD-H9066WS is rated A+++ -10% according to the IEC standard (source: LG.com)

Since this is a heat pump dryer, it works in a closed-loop system, the machine need not be close to a ventilator for an external air duct. You’ll then have the flexibility to place this dryer anywhere in your house. 

The Eco Hybrid technology allows 2 options, namely Energy Mode and Time Mode.

image 5

You select Energy Mode if you wish to save on energy usage and should you need to have a speedy and quick-drying session, you can go for Time Mode.

Fitted with the Allergy Care function, you’ll be relieved to know that 99.9% of live house dust mites that can cause allergy/respiratory issues can be eradicated. The British Allergy Foundation (BAF) has attested to this.

This dryer also comes with auto cleaning condenser feature which automatically clean the condenser every time you use it.

image 1 1
LG dryer auto cleaning condenser feature

This feature is especially handy for those who prefer hassle-free and maintenance-free dryer. So, the dryer will always operate at optimal performance.

Similar to other energy efficient dryer, this LG dryer has Sensor Dry feature which optimize the drying time depending on the moisture level on the clothes.

One more thing to note that heat pump dryer is not using direct heating to dry clothes. So it will always be more gentle to your clothes. Less crease and shrinkgae issue.

image 1 2
Heated dryer may cause shrinkage to sensitive fabric whereas heat pump dryer is more delicate.

Lastly, for those tech-savvy users, you can make use of the available smart dryer technology. Just connect it to a mobile app. You can then download new updates and have a smart diagnosis done. 

This comes with a 1 year local manufacturer warranty and 10 years motor warranty.

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3. Toshiba SenseDry Tumble Dryer Machine TD-H80SEM

image 1 3

This 7kg Toshiba vented dryer machine TD-H80SEM (595 x 555 x 840mm) has a great 20 mins quick dry function. Another good choice of affordable vented tumble dryer.

Toshiba 7kg SenseDry Tumble Dryer Machine TD-H80SEM features highlight:

  • 20 mins quick-dry function
  • SENSEDRY™ technology
  • Anti-crease functionality
  • LED digital control panel
  • Child lock feature
  • 10 years long motor warranty
  • Quiet operation

Customer’s positive review:

Easy to use & very convenient. Just plug in the dryer & clean the lint filter after each use. My clothes are dry in less than an hour; even the thick fabric one like jeans. Definite timesaver instead of waiting for whole day to dry the hanging fabric.

Customer’s critical review:

-No negative reviews on product. A few complains about slow delivery.

Fitted with Toshiba’s SENSEDRY™ technology, this dryer automatically stops once the clothes are completely dried. It prevents over drying your clothes, protecting the fabric, and save energy.

There are 16 different built-in drying programs for different fabrics and drying needs.

Its anti-crease function helps laundry from getting wrinkled when undergoing the periodic drum rotations after drying completes. This helps cut down the ironing effort required. 

One thing to note that this Toshiba TD-H80SEM dryer does not come with a reverse tumbling feature which Electrolux Ultimatecare series have. Hence, it could still develop slightly more creases compared to the Electrolux Ultimate care.

Apart from that, this dryer comes with a large LED digital control panel that is clear and user-friendly.

For safety precautions, there is also a child lock to safeguard against any unwanted accidents. 

This non-inverter vented tumble dryer comes with 2 years local manufacturer warranty and 10 years motor warranty.

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4. Midea MD-7388 Vented Dryer 7kg

image 1 4

For less than RM800, Midea MD-7388 dryer (595 x 555 x 840mm) is one of the cheapest vented dryers in Malaysia. It is an excellently priced air-vented dryer and receive hundreds of 5 star reviews on both Lazada and Shopee.

Midea MD-7388 dryer features highlight:

  • Affordable pricing
  • 7kg drying capacity
  • Various built-in drying programs
  • Safe temperature sensor to help maintain optimal heating
  • Crease guard feature
  • Child lock function

Customer’s positive review:

convenient machine to have. help a lot

Customer’s critical review:


It has 7kg drying capacity with a temperature sensor to help maintain optimal heating. It uses a safe thermostat heater to dry your clothes without damaging the fabric.

In short, this is a great budget dryer indeed.

There is also a crease guard feature that helps reduce wrinkles during the drying process. The child lock function gives you the peace of mind, you won’t need to worry about any accidents.

There is also a cool-down phase function that can prevent wrinkles due to overheating.

However, don’t expect this Midea dryer to be comparable to premium dryer which cost 2 to 3 times of irs price.

This dryer machine comes with 2 years local manufacturer warranty, 3 years warranty for the control panel and 5 years motor warranty.

Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee

5. Khind 6kg Clothes Dryer Machine KCD60

image 1 5

Khind KCD60 is a small compact-sized dryer with only 6kg drying capacity. It measures at 680 x 525 x 780mm. 

Khind KCD60 features highlight:

  • 5 pre-set programs – Cold Air, Anti-Wrinkle, Warm Air, Hot Air and Air-Dry
  • PTC Heating Element – dries clothes quickly and easily without overheating
  • 2 heating options – strong or weak
  • Double lint filter
  • Stainless steel drum
  • Analog Timer control
  • Huge door for ease of loading and unloading the clothes

Customer’s positive review:

Perfect size for a small family.

Customer’s critical review:

Better to invest a bit more and take a better dryer. it is better to have it wall mounted or on a higher ground as the knob for setting the temp is at the bottom.

Weighing at 25kg, this Khind Dryer Machine KCD60 has 5 pre-set programs, namely Cold Air, Anti-Wrinkle, Warm Air, Hot Air and Air-Dry.

It operates on a PTC Heating Element which dries clothes quickly and easily without overheating.

With this, clothes will not burn and at the same time, maximum safety is assured. You have 2 options (strong or weak) to choose from when it comes to heating.

The filter has a double lint which helps to prevent lint from gathering. This increases the lifespan of the dryer and also helps to save energy. The drum is made of stainless steel and thus is sturdy.

There is also a mechanical timer control to give you the flexibility to set a timer for your drying the clothes.

This dryer is specially designed with a huge door for ease of loading and unloading the clothes.

It can be wall-mounted but you need to be cautious to ensure the wall structure is sturdy. It is not advisable to mount against a hollow brick wall.

This model comes with 1 year local manufacturer warranty but no mentions of motor warranty.

I would only recommend getting Khind KCD60 dryer machine if you have space constraint. Otherwise, getting a full-sized budget dryer like Midea is better value for money.

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6. Beko Inverter Heat Pump Dryer DHX83420W

image 1 6

Lastly, I would like to introduce Beko Inverter Heat Pump Dryer 8kg DHX83420W. It has a size of 597 x 846 x 654mm with a heavier weight at 45kg.

Beko Inverter Heat Pump Dryer DHX83420W features highlight:

  • 7kg and 8kg model available
  • EcoGentle technology
  • AquaWave technology
  • Reversible door
  • Sensor Drying with OptiSense
  • Automatic anti-creasing function
  • Long 12 Years Warranty on the Inverter Motor
  • Drum light
  • Reverse tumbling
  • A++ energy efficiency

Customer’s positive review:

very quiet compare to my last dryer. very minimum hot air coming out from the dryer. easy to use plug and play

Customer’s critical review:


Beko dryers are made in Europe. They are also sold under the brand name Blomberg in areas like U.S, and U.K. It has more than a century of expertise in home appliance and is often regarded as the name of a quality product.

This Beko dryer comes with EcoGentle technology, which provides effective drying while preserving the vibrant colours of the clothes.

Also, it has AquaWave technology makes the drying more gentle.

image 1 7
Specially designed paddles inside the drum (source: beko.com)

It moves the laundry in a wave-like motion to reduce stretching and entangling of clothes.

This together with a special curved glass door makes drying gentler and more efficient and specially designed paddles move the laundry in wave-like motions inside the drum.

The door is reversible for easier access. You can configure so that washer is open to the left and dryer open to the right.

image 1 8
Beko dryer reversible door (source: beko.com)

So, when you remove the clothes out of the washing machine, you can dump them into the dryer without any hassle. 

This dryer utilizes Sensor Drying called OptiSense. It basically utilizes the humidity sensor to optimize the drying performance.

There is also an automatic anti-creasing function so that your ironing task will be less tedious. 

The LED digital display is clear and easy to read. There’s also a flexible time delay of up to 24 hours.

The energy efficiency level is A++ which is great but slightly fall behind LG TD-H9066WS dual inverter heat pump dryer.

This model comes with 12 years warranty on the inverter motor (On-site Service) and 2 years warranty on general parts and labours Fee (On-site Service).

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Samsung dryer machines quick review – Recommended

Overall, Samsung dryers often receive good ratings and praise from various online review sites. However, Samsung dryer is not cheap. For a similar price point, you often can get an LG dryer model with better reliability and performance.

Elba dryer quick review – Not recommended

Elba is a brand under Fisher & Paykel. To be honest, I don’t have first-hand experience using an Elba dryer. But Fisher & Paykel dryers are not really that well-received in North Ameria market.

Bosch dryer quick review – Neutral

Bosch branded home appliances are not really that common in Malaysia. Although being not popular, they do make some great home electrical products. The shortcoming of buying a Bosch dryer would be its warranty claim. Compared to other more well-known brands like Electrolux and LG, you may have a harder time for warranty claim if anything happens.

Hitachi dryer quick review – Not recommended

As I observe in both Lazada and Shopee, there are many selling various Hitachi washing machine models but very few Hitachi dryers available. And only premium model like Hitachi dryer BD-W1500 (cost about RM4,000) can be found. For that, we don’t recommend buying a Hitachi dryer.

Dryer Machines FAQ

How much does a dryer cost in Malaysia?

Vented dryers cost from RM600 to RM2,000. Heat pump dryers cost RM2,000 to RM5,000

What is the best dryer brand in Malaysia?

LG, Electrolux, Toshiba and Beko are some of the most reliable dryer brands in Malaysia

Which dryer is the most energry efficient?

Generally, heat pump dryer is more energy-efficient than the vented dryer. There’s no official SuruhanJaya Tenaga rating for dryer yet. So, there’s no 5-star energy dryer to be found in Malaysia.

How do i choose a dryer?

3 main factors to considered: size/drying capacity, heat pump or vented dryer, price.

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