7 Best Mini Refrigerators in Malaysia

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Considering buying a mini refrigerator? A mini refrigerator is convenient, small, and compact. It also can be used as a single-purpose storage fridge.

People often relate the mini refrigerator to the dorm room, hostel and small apartment. It is actually great as a supplementary fridge to the main (bigger) refrigerator. It helps to keep your fridge storage more organized.

For example, you can make use of it as a canned drink mini fridge, snack fridge, fruit fridge, or even a break milk storage fridge.

Similar to how we picked the best full-size refrigerators in our previous review, we compared popular fridge brands like Panasonic, Hisense, Haier, Sharp based on real users’ feedback, specifications, features, and third party expert reviews.

Here are the best mini fridge in Malaysia 2021:

Compare the top 7 mini refrigerators:

ModelSize, mmNet CapacityShelf
Hisense RR60D4AGN439 x 470 x 51042LTempered glass
Panasonic NR-AE51SHMY489 x 488 x 510 50LPlastic shelf
Haier HR60H440 x 473 x 51347LWire shelf
Faber Frigo 168535 x 532 x 1030150LWire shelf
Midea MS-50472 x 450 x 49245LWire shelf
Sharp SJM60MK449 x 470 x 50145LWire shelf
Baseus Zero Space360 x 275 x 2908LPlastic shelf

Best Overall Mini Bar Refrigerator

Hisense 60L Mini Bar Fridge RR60D4AGN

Hisense 60L Mini Refrigerator RR60D4AGN

Hisense Mini Bar Fridge RR60D4AGN is great for mixed storage. Its compartments are very practical. You can keep canned drinks, bottle drinks, snacks ideal for bedroom and dorm rooms.

Chiller zoneNon-inverter
Low noise, <45dBNo interior LED lighting
6 years compressor warrantyNo ice cube tray
R600A refrigerant, environmental-friendly

Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee

Hisense 60L Mini Bar Fridge’s positive review:

The cheapest mini refrigerator on the entire site.  The shipment was very fast and received within two days.  Although the quality is very good, there is no noise at all.  For your service, work efficiency is very good. 

Hisense 60L Mini Bar Fridge’s negative review:

Cheaper is small, and no power saving ,no good.

Hisense 60L Mini Bar Fridge RR60D4AGN (439 x 470 x 510mm) is the best mini fridge for bedrooms and hostels. This compact mini fridge is ideal for college students. 

Take note that Hisense fridge shown in the video is RR60D4IGN and slightly different from this model. But there are pretty similar except for the shelf and door rack. So it gives you an idea how RR60D4AGN looks like.

It has a total of 42L net storage space and comes with a tempered glass shelf that separates the fridge into 2 zones, top and bottom. Albeit its small size, this Hisense mini bar fridge comes with a dedicated chiller zone. Its door rack can fit one number of full-size 1.5 litres soda bottles too.

interior of Hisense mini bar fridge RR60D4AGN

A multi-airflow system is used for the fridge’s cooling system to distribute the cold air evenly. 

The fridge uses the environmentally-friendly refrigerant, R600a.  And it also operates quietly (< 45dB) which is great for use in a bedroom.

Hisense 60L RR60D4AGN mini bar fridge is a good value for money pick as it ticks many of the important criteria: compact size, versatile compartment and pockets, chiller zone, easy dial control and a tempered glass shelf. It even comes with a 1-year local manufacturer general warranty and 6 years compressor warranty!

Best Premium Brand Mini Fridge: Panasonic 50L Mini Bar Fridge

Panasonic 50L Mini Bar Fridge NR-AE51SHMY

Panasonic 50L Mini Bar Fridge NR-AE51SHMY

The Panasonic Mini Bar Fridge NR-AE51SHMY has a net volume of 50 litres. It comes with a freezer compartment, an ice cube mould, and a more flexible compartment space. However, it is very expensive when compared with other China-branded refrigerators.

Adjustable plastic shelfSlightly expensive
Freezer with ice cube trayNo automated defrost
Can keep tall bottles at door shelfNo inverter
Japanese brandFreezer is not covered up

Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee

Panasonic NR-AE51SHMY’s positive review:

Good quality. Satisfied with the unit. Working and cold enough.

Panasonic NR-AE51SHMY’s negative review:


The Panasonic mini bar fridge does not come cheap, considering what it has to offer. It cost almost double the cheapest fridge on the list (the Midea mini bar fridge). But, Panasonic is the brand of reliable home appliances for many people. So, it is understandable why people willing to pay extra for it.

The Panasonic NR-AE51SH 50L Mini Bar Fridge measures 489 x 510 x 488 mm and has a  single door design. This refrigerator is powered by a non-inverter motor and uses a non-CFC refrigerant.

For its storage area, it comes with a plastic shelf that is flexible to be removed. It has wide-open door racks that allow more big water bottles to be kept at it. It also has an open freezer compartment (no door), a defrosting pan, and an ice cube tray.

interor of Panasonic NR-AE51SH 50L Mini Bar Fridge
Panasonic mini bar fridge compartment is slighly different from its competitor.

Different from other mini-refrigerator, its freezer is open and doesn’t have a cover to close it up. There a temperature control knob fitted next to the freezer that let you adjust the temperature easily.

This Panasonic NR-AE51SHMY mini fridge comes with a 1 Year local manufacturer warranty and 5 years compressor warranty.

Best 5-Star Energy Mini Fridge with Long Warranty

Haier 50L Mini Bar Fridge HR60H

Haier 50L Mini Bar Fridge HR60H

Haier HR60H is the only in the list which claims a 5-star energy rating. It has a 2 year general warranty that is longer than its competitor. Do beware that it doesn’t come with LED lighting, despite sellers claim it has LED.

Freezer compartmentNo LED lighting
2 years general warrantyNon-inverter
5-star energy rated

Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee

Haier Mini Bar Fridge HR60H’s positive review:

item received in good working order. no damage on item in or out. overall satisfied. works as it should, to chill drinks etc. icemaker takes abit o time to freeze tho. 1 and a half day to be exact.

Haier Mini Bar Fridge HR60H’s negative review:

the chiller is not cold enough the temperature only lower than room temperature abit very disappointed! they stated that there is light in the interior of fridge but actually don’t have any interior lightning 

Haier 50L Mini Bar Fridge HR60H has a size of 440 x 473 x 513 mm and claims a capacity of 47L despite having the same size as Hisense mini bar fridge.

It has a designated freezer compartment and a drip tray. And its temperature control dial is neatly located beside the freezer and it is easier to access. There are 1 fridge shelf divider at the middle, 2 door pocket compartment as shown below.

interior of Haier 50L Mini Bar Fridge HR60H

One thing to take note of is every seller and even on the official Haier site stated that it comes with LED lighting. But in fact, it does not has interior LED lighting.

This fridge runs on R600a refrigerant and uses a non-inverter motor. Although it is using non-inverter motor, it explicitly claims that it has 5-star energy. If you’re looking for the best energy-saving mini fridge, this could be the one for you.

Overall, Haier HR60H mini fridge is pretty similar to the Hisense model, but with 5 litres more capacity and a 5-star energy rating. It also has the longest 2 Years general local manufacturer warranty among all competitors (5 Years compressor warranty).

Best Single Door Small Fridge

FABER FRIGOR 168 RD 150L Small Refrigerator

FABER FRIGOR 168 RD 150L Small Refrigerator

Faber Frigor 168RD is great for anyone who wants every features in a full-sized refrigerator but don’t have enough space. This fridge is not mini but it is compact enough to fit into many tight areas. It is 5-star energry rated and running on inverter motor. Also, there is proper freezer, two level of shelfs, and a bottom vegetable crisper.

Inverter motor,5 star energyNot-so-mini
Interior LED lightNo full-auto defrost
Tempered glass door and shelves
40L Freezer(with twist ice tray)

Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee

FABER FRIGOR 168’s positive review:

Siapa-siapa yg cari peti ais,beli la dr seller ni..tak sampai 24jam dh dpt..bru order smlm,tengah hari ni dah sampai..peti ais sgt cantik,dh try,sejuk,ruang besar

FABER FRIGOR 168’s negative review:


First, this is not exactly a mini fridge but considered a small single-door fridge. Since it is not a full-size fridge, I include it in this list.

At 535 x 532 x 1030 mm, this is ideal as a secondary fridge in your kitchen. It is also suitable for anyone who lives in a 1-room SOHO unit.

The FABER FRIGOR 168 has a total capacity of 150L, out of which 40L are freezer compartment. It also has a twist ice tray and a chiller tray for yoghurt and cheese.

interior of FABER FRIGOR 168

As you can see, the fridge is divided into 5 storage areas, from top to bottom: freezer, chiller tray, first shelf, second shelf and lastly the crisper basket for fruits and vegetables. 

The tempered glass shelves are claimed to be able to support up to 160kg. The door is made of tempered glass which can withstand accidental impact. 

For door storage space, it has 3 levels of door pockets too so you can really keep a lot of food and snacks with this refrigerator.

This Faber refrigerator uses an inverter motor which explains its 5 energy stars rating. There’s a yellow interior light which makes it easy to use during nighttime.

FABER FRIGOR 168 comes with 1 year general warranty and  5 years compressor warranty.

Best Value Mini Fridge

Midea Mini Bar Refrigerator MS-50

Midea Mini Bar Refrigerator MS-50

Midea MS-50 is the cheapest mini fridge in the list. It has a similar capacity to others. And it also completes with every features that other competitors have. Ideal for putting it in the bedroom.

Chiller compartmentNon-inverter
Low operation noiseNo interior LED lighting

Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee

Midea Mini MS-50 Refrigerator’s positive review:

The fridge is quickly cool after plug in (temperature sets at 4). I put the fridge in my room. Very quite. It stated that it can be more energy saving if placed in cool places instead of warm place & direct sunlight. Comes with ice cube mold

Midea Mini MS-50 Refrigerator’s negative review:


This Midea Mini Bar Refrigerator MS-50 is an awesome compressor mini fridge. It is compact in size at 472 x 450 x 492 mm and thus is the best cheap mini fridge for bedrooms and homestay unit. Its net capacity is only 45L.

It won’t take up too much space and with its low operation noise, this mini bar fridge is perfect for your bedroom. You can also use it as a budget gamer fridge and put it below your gaming desk.

The insides are pretty much the same as Haier model.

inside of Midea Mini Bar Refrigerator MS-50

It comes with a temperature control dial where you can manually adjust its temperature. It also has a separate chiller compartment where you can keep your items organized well. 

With adjustable legs, the Midea MS-50 is a great choice for narrow space. It comes with 1 Year full warranty and 5 years warranty for the compressor.

Best Mini Fridge with Freezer

Sharp SJM60MK 60L Mini Bar Refrigerator

Sharp SJM60MK 60L Mini Bar Refrigerator

Sharp, another home appliances brand that has decades-old of reputable history. The good thing is it is not as costly as Panasonic mini bar fridge. So, you can have some saving if your choose Sharp SJM60MK. The full-width freezer (but narrow) compartment is what makes it unique from other mini fridges recommended here. It is a good choice for one who only wants to buy from reputable brands.

Sleek and black color designNon-inverter
Unique freezer compartment dimensionNo interior LED lighting
Low noise operationIce cube tray

Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee

Sharp SJM60MK Mini Bar Refrigerator’s positive review:

Packaging mantap..delivery pun terbaik 👍..sejuk pun sejuk mcm fridge biasa

Sharp SJM60MK Mini Bar Refrigerator’s negative review:

The mini fridge is not as “cold” as I was expected, but overall ok.

Sharp SJM60MK 60L Mini Bar Refrigerator is quite similar in size with the Midea Mini Bar Fridge and is also ideal for places with space constraints. 

It spots a sleek and black color design and is measured at 449 x 470 x 501 mm and has a net capacity of 45L. It has a big rececessed handle located at the top of the door.

This Sharp mini bar fridge is different from others because of its narrow but wide freezer compartment. Some users may find it useful, while others may not. Personally, I prefer this design more because it keeps the whole compartment squarish and organized.

If you use this as your main fridge, then the freezer compartment could be too small. You can’t really put any big items in the freezer. It can only fit the ice cube tray and some ice popsicles.

inside of Sharp SJM60MK 60L Mini Bar Refrigerator

This Sharp model doesn’t have tempered glass shelving despite a more expensive price. Instead, it uses only a wire shelving system. You have the choice to remove this shelf so as to accommodate taller items. 

Unlike other refrigerators on the list, this one uses a solid plastic door rack rather than only thin wires.The door rack is practically designed so as to allow bottles of various heights to be stored.

Sharp SJM60MK 60L Mini Bar Refrigerator comes with 1 Year local manufacturer warranty and 5 years warranty on the motor.

Best Mini Portable Fridge for Skincare

Baseus Zero Space Refrigerator 8L

Baseus Zero Space Refrigerator 8L

Baseus Zero Space is definitely one of the most stylish portable fridge out there. It has a vision windows that let you peep into what’s inside and even has a leather handle on top. This micro fridge is suitable to place on your desk to keep some icy cold soda drinks. You can also keep some icy cold mask and skincare products with it.

Small and portablePricey for its size
Only 3.5KgShort warranty
Stylish design with vision windows
Leather handle

Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee

Baseus Zero Space Refrigerator’s positive review:

Harga murah berbanding yg lain. btw sejuk dia x berapa sejuk mcm peti ais besar tu yaa. Lebih kepada utk skincare sejuk dia

Baseus Zero Space Refrigerator’s negative review:


Baseus Zero Space is a portable “micro” refrigerator. It measures 360 x 275 x 290mm with 8L of capacity. Practically you can only store about 8 canned drinks in it.

Not only that, it weighs only 3.5kg. With its small size, lightweight and leather handle, the Baseus Zero Space is a very portable fridge. It can be used as a car fridge, desktop fridge, at the office and can be taken on picnics.

It uses only 60W and can be powered through a car outlet.

inside of Baseus Zero Space Refrigerator 8L

This can be used as a skincare fridge too. Why do I say skincare fridge? Because it has a translucent window which you can peep what’s inside without opening it. And its stylish design can totally blend in any make-up table. You can store your skincare essence and mask in it.

There’s a pink colour choice for the girls too.

This fridge is somewhat unique because it has dual functions: cooling and heating. It can be used to keep things cool or use it to keep your drinks warm.

Although it claims that it can reach up to 25 degrees Celsius below the ambient temperature, I think this claim has some reservations to it since the device is so small and uses so little power. It is stated that it takes 1.5 hours for cooling to reach a stable temperature.

The Baseus Zero Space operate with only less than 28dB of noise. So no worries to keep it in the bedroom.

In other words, expect it to be a drink chiller rather than as cold as a real fridge.

Other Refrigerators I Like

Hisense  RR120D4AGN 110L refrigerator review

Hisense RR120D4AGN is a value for money, small single door refrigerator. It cost only RM400+ which is cheaper than the Panasonic 50L Mini Bar Fridge NR-AE51SHMY. But it has double the capacity of Panasonic’s model. 

The shelves and compartments are good. It has a big freezer area and comes with vegetable crisper at the bottom. And its door is interchangeable for the left-right side.

Mini Refrigerators FAQ

Are mini refrigerators worth it?

Yes, it saves space and energy if you don’t need so much storage space. It is also ideal as a second fridge to keep your things organized.
People get it for storing breast milk, skincare, soda drinks, fruits, and even beers.

Do you need a mini fridge?

Yes, if you’re living inMost common places are next to the main fridge in the kitchen, in the bedroom, and living room.

Do mini fridges produce a lot of noise?

No, most mini fridges produce noise below 45dB.

Why my mini refrigerator is not cold?

Most users are using the mini refrigerator wrong, you should:
– First-time usage, please let it run for 2-3 hours without loading anything inside. This helps it to cool properly.
– Don’t overstuff the mini refrigerator, it needs space for cool air circulation
– Defrost when the layer of frosh reaches 4mm or more

Is having a mini fridge in bedroom bad?

There is no problem with having a mini fridge in the bedroom. There is no harmful effect. Modern fridge produces very little noise and it will not disturb your sleep.

What mini fridge brand is best?

I recommend getting Hisense, Midea and Haier mini fridge because they are better value for money. If you prefer more reputable brands, you can get a Sharp and Panasonic mini fridge.

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