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best dishwashers malasia
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5 Best Dishwashers In Malaysia – Must Read

For Malaysians, dishwashers are still a relatively new kitchen appliance. These days, they are getting more popular because people realized that it cleans well and

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6 Best Washer Dryers in Malaysia

With an all-in-one washer dryer, you can wash and dry all your clothes at one go. It is very convenient and compact, which makes it

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7 Best Mini Refrigerators in Malaysia

Considering buying a mini refrigerator? A mini refrigerator is convenient, small, and compact. It also can be used as a single-purpose storage fridge. People often

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7 Best Cooker Hoods in Malaysia

Many do not aware that kitchen cooker hoods are just as important as the kitchen stoves. You will cook more often with a good cooker

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8 Best Induction Cookers Malaysia

Looking for the best induction cooker for your new house? Or tempted to upgrade your existing gas stove to induction cooker? We have the answer

large kitchen appliances

6 Best Gas Stoves in Malaysia

Gas stoves are still the more popular choice for Malaysian household despite the advent of induction cookers. This is no surprise given that cooking via