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best refrigerators malaysia
large kitchen appliances

10 Best Refrigerators Malaysia

The refrigerator has evolved greatly over the years. Now various types of refrigerator models are available including single-door, double-door, french doors, mini refrigerators and smart

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large kitchen appliances

6 Best Cooker Hoods in Malaysia

The kitchen hood is an essential kitchen appliance if you frequently cook in the kitchen. It is just as important as a gas stove (or

best gas stoves malaysia
large kitchen appliances

8 Best Gas Stoves in Malaysia

Malaysians love cooking with a gas stove despite the fact that electric stoves (induction cookers) are now very common and affordable. This is because gas

best oven malaysia
large kitchen appliances

Top 10 Best Ovens Malaysia for Baking

A lot of Malaysians enjoy baking cakes and cookies in their free time. To ensure successful baking, a good oven with precise temperature control is