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Malaysia is known for many things, well yes, food is one of them but one of the most notable things in Malaysia is its weather. We enjoy tropical weather that sees quite a fair bit of rainfall, causing the climate to be basically hot and humid as well.

On top of this, we do also have to contend with the haze which often times happen, which unavoidably can elevate the temperatures too. The air conditioner is very important for us especially when turning on a ceiling fan is not sufficient to cope with the hot weather. Here are the best portable air conditioners in Malaysia.

  1. Midea MPH09CRN1 -Best Cheap Portable Air Conditioner
  2. Midea MPF-12CRN1 -Best Portable Air Conditioner

Portable Air Conditioners vs Wall-mounted Air Conditioners

Wall-mounted AC seem to be the popular pick since it is more effective to cool down a room faster. Although many have argued that it is possible to find comparable portable ACs that can function just as well as the wall-mounted ones, but … chances are high, that such will be much more costly.

The advantage of portable ACs is that they are, as the word ‘portable’ suggests, more mobile and flexible. BUT something to take note though – there is a hose that is required for hot air venting. It needs to be a separate room or space, most will channel it to outdoor through a window. So there is a certain amount of restriction to the mobility here. Well, it still easier to re-locate this than a wall-mounted one!

Portable AC units do take up floor space though, especially when you need to have the extra space to ensure that the unit stays a distance from the wall, so as not to restrict the airflow. As for the hose, it needs to be as straight as possible, because the possibility of having kinks could severely limit the effectiveness.

Even with these downsides to portable ACs, we still believe that they are excellent alternatives to the wall-mounted ones as in general, they ARE cheaper and do not require complicated installations is less hassle. So, in short, portable ACs are comparatively much more flexible (plug and use), thus less headache and superbly more convenient.

Types of Portable Air Conditioner

There are essentially 2 types of portable air conditioners:

image 21
Photo above shows how single and dual hose portable AC work

Single-hose units use the same hose for both input and output for air. Being a single-hose unit, they are not as efficient when comparing to double-hose ones. They can still cool the air but at a harder rate. Having said this, they are still popularly used, especially for smaller rooms.

Dual-hose units have one hose just for input and another for the output. Having 2 separate hoses would mean they are more efficient and of course, best suited for larger rooms. It is usually much more expensive. To be honest, no one is selling dual hose portable AC in Malaysia.

Should I get a portable air conditioner?

Well, most offices and restaurants do have a central air conditioning unit installed. Although they are, in general pricier, they are effective to cool a huge space. At times, such space may not always be occupied fully and therefore running this central air conditioning unit may not be economical at all. Therefore, you can actually consider getting a portable air conditioner to help supplement the cooling needs.

Another thing is that some do live in places with too many restrictions that no way a wall-mounted air conditioner can be installed, thus in such cases, you may also need to look into getting portable air conditioners instead. If you have a tight budget then air cooler might be a better choice.

What to consider when buying portable air conditioners?

Horsepower – Well, first things first, you need to take a good look at the intended coverage area where you want to use it. The portable AC needs to have the enough horsepower (HP/BTU) to effectively run for that amount of space.

It would make no sense to get one that has a very strong capacity for a really small space, as you’ll only be wasting electricity. And if you get one that is too underpowered, you’ll find yourself paying the electricity bill through your nose and you are still left with a warm room.

Installation Location -Next, you will also need to consider the exact position where you intend to have the unit placed – whether you have a good enough space that is also near a window etc … all these are important factors that need to be taken into consideration.

Best Budget Portable Air Conditioner -Midea MPH09CRN1

image 22

Midea MPH09CRN1 Portable Air Conditioner is the best value for money air cooler for the most common need. It can be easily set up at any place, any time. Turn on your power supply and enjoy the cool air.

RM788 on Lazada RM788 on Shopee

We found ourselves placing the ribbon onto Midea MPH09CRN1 Portable Air Conditioner. This is a value for money 1.0HP portable air conditioner that comes with a VC filter and a self-evaporation system. Overall, it is easy to use and install.

It is good enough for a small room size of 10-14m2. The design employs a no bucket design and no frequent draining required as the water condensation evaporates on its own, but still a good practice to check it once in a while.

This appliance also comes packed with silver ion filtration – nanosilver attached to the filter releases silver ions that are thoroughly effective in eliminating bacteria. So, this is a thumbs-up feature!

Functioning like any wall-mounted air conditioner, this unit has the Sleep Mode – the capability to automatically increase the power for the 1st two hours, after which the temperature stabilizes and is held steady for the next 5 hours, and then it will shut off on its own, thus saving electricity. You’ll be sleeping like a log to know this. So, all good.

Midea MPH09CRN1 comes with a 1 Year full warranty by Midea Malaysia and 5 years compressor warranty.


  • Great cooling capacity of 9000 BTU
  • Silver ion filtration
  • Self-evaporation feature
  • Auto self-diagnosis and Auto Protection features 
  • Sleep mode
  • Auto Swing (horizontal)
  • Minimalistic design


  • The indoor noise level of 53dB can be daunting for some. But to others the noise level is acceptable, so it is pretty subjective.
  • The remote control was not that easy to use.

The competitions

Morgan Portable Air Condionner MAC-091 is the closest competitor to Midea portable air conditioner. It has the same 1 year warranty and 5 years compressor warranty. It is even slightly cheaper than Midea’s. I would like to praise Morgan’s installation manual that really guides users through the whole installation process. However, Midea is preferred for its expertise in manufacturing air-cond product. Midea’s air-cond looks slightly more modern too.

Gree CUTEE Portable Air Conditioner is produced by Gree, another well known China air-cond product manufacturer. However, its high price tag that is equivalent to 1.5HP Midea’s model makes it an easy pass. It also has only 3 years warranty on compressor compared to 5 years warranty of Morgan and Midea.

Acson 1.0hp MOVEO portable air conditioner is even more expensive than Gree Cutee. Too expensive to be considered. For that price, you can consider buying a 1hp wall mounter air-cond and pay for the installation fee.

ELBA EPAC-D3910 1HP PORTABLE air conditioner is also very expensive. Plus, air-cond products are not their focus appliance range.

Best Portable Air Conditioner for Malaysians

best overall portable air cond

Midea 1.5hp MPF-12CRN1 Portable Air Conditioner comes with 2-year warranty and 5 years compressor warranty. 1.5HP cooling capacity that suits for a bigger room.

RM1259 on Lazada RM1199 on Shopee

We looked into several models, like MEC, Elba, Honeywell, Acson, Gree… but the winner still fell to Midea MPF-12CRN1 Ionizer Portable Air Conditioner. Yes, it is Midea again. It seems that Midea has somewhat dominated the portable AC and air cooler market in Malaysia.

This is a powerful unit with an ionizer function. Anions are good for health. This ionizer feature creates such anions that produce fresh and healthy air. So, what you get will be fresh air – awesome. This unit also boasts of a biofilter and a silver ion filter as well. Extra filters would mean better filtration capability, which automatically translates to cleaner air! With a setting temperature ranging from 17-30 degrees Celsius, this unit does provide a good range of temperature choice indeed.

In general, it is just as easy to install and use. The challenge could be to find the right outlet through the window for the exhaust hose which was comparatively bigger. But once this can be resolved, the rest – easy as pie.

This 1.5HP unit is good enough for a medium-sized room. This design is also a no bucket design – no frequent draining required as the water condensation evaporates on its own, but once in a while, you need to look into ensuring the water is all properly drained out but even if you do forget, the unit is ‘smart’ enough to remind you.

Functioning like any wall-mounted air conditioner, this unit, not only has the Ionizer function but also the Sleep Mode – yup, like the unit above, the cooling effect is automatically increased for the 1st two hours, after which the temperature is stabilized for the next 5 hours, and then it will shut off on its own, thus saving power, ensuring great comfort as well.

Midea MPF-12CRN1 comes with 2 years full warranty by Midea Malaysia and a 5 years warranty on compressor.


  • Great cooling capacity of 12,000 BTU
  • Ionizer, biofilter & silver ion filtration
  • Self-evaporation feature
  • Auto self-diagnosis and Auto Protection features 
  • Sleep mode
  • Air direction control (up and down)
  • Setting Temperature Range: 17-30 C
  • Great power savings capacity
  • Good value for money for medium-sized rooms.


  • The indoor noise level of 55dB.
  • The hose is a little short so may impact where you can place the unit


Portable air conditioners popularity has been rising steadily for its flexibility and mobility. Despite some minor restrictions that portable AC do have, they are still excellent alternatives to wall-mounted AC.

And most of all, they do not require complicated installations and thus less hassle. So, in short, portable air conditioners are excellent plug and use appliances.

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