Deka Ceiling Fan Review: Good or Waste of Money?

Are you buying a new ceiling fan? Are you considering buying the Deka brand? 

Deka Ceiling Fan is widely known for its affordable price and its wide range of ceiling fan models available for users to choose from. And there are tens of thousands of Deka Ceiling Fans had been sold on Shopee and Lazada.

In this article, we will look at what makes Deka ceiling fans a popular choice among Malaysian homeowners.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at our research on Deka Ceiling Fans.


Deka is a Malaysian brand that specializes in only two home electrical appliances, which are ceiling fans and water heaters.

It was founded in 2009, making it relatively new compared with brands such as KDK and Panasonic. It is frequently compared to Alpha and Rezo ceiling fans because all of them are new brands and affordable.

Due to its affordable price and wide range of ceiling fan models, it quickly became a Malaysian favourite.

Deka Ceiling Fans Review

You can find many reviews online regarding Deka Ceiling Fans. These reviews can be found on the Lowyat forum, Shopee Review, Lazada Review, etc.

I have analyzed and compiled them so that you can get a quick glance at the pros and cons of Deka Ceiling Fans

Pros of Deka Ceiling Fans

  • Deka ceiling fans are very affordable compared to other fan brands in the market.
  • They have various AC and DC ceiling fan models as well.
  • Deka offers a wide variety of ceiling fan models and sizes. Users can certainly find one that fits their room and meets their design needs.
  • Deka fans, even the basic models, come with remote controls and normally have four or five blades, which KDK and Panasonic basic ceiling fans don’t.
  • Many customers say the fans work well, are quiet, and keep rooms cool.
  • Some customers used the Deka fans for several years and are still functioning well.

Cons of Deka Ceiling Fans

  • Customers have reported issues with their Deka fan such as slow speed, cracking sound, low build quality, beeping sound, unexpected failure and more.
  • Capacitor failure seems to be a recurring issue among customers.
  • Some customers have reported dissatisfaction with the speed controller and the wall fan speed dial, as these can malfunction easily.
  • Some customers have reported issues with the casing and the need to tighten it to reduce noise.
  • There was a customer who experienced ceiling fan blades breaking apart.
Deka ceiling fan blade broken
Deka ceiling fan blade broken

In fairness, this broken fan blade report was published in 2017. There is a possibility that Deka Ceiling Fan has addressed this issue and improved its fan blade quality over the years.

Deka Fan Ceiling Models

Compared to Panasonic and KDK, Rezo Ceiling Fans offer more design options and sizes. 

They covered all sorts of ceiling fans, 3-blade ceiling fans, 4-blade ceiling fans, 5-blade ceiling fans, baby ceiling fans, ceiling fans with light, wood grain ceiling fans and more.

There are more than 41 Deka Ceiling Fan Models in Malaysia:

  1. DR BABY 8
  3. CV3 LED
  4. CV BABY38
  5. CV3S
  6. RT LED
  7. RT1
  8. DR BABY 5L
  9. DR BABY 5S
  10. BABY S
  11. DR55S
  12. J5S
  13. XR10
  15. CONCEPT 1
  19. DS22
  20. DS33
  21. DS11
  22. DR11
  23. DR9
  24. DWF 6R
  25. DWF 3
  26. MDC-168
  27. MS16 DC
  28. LOTUS 5
  29. DC2-509 BABY L
  30. DC2-509L
  31. DC2-507 BABY
  32. DC2-507
  33. DC2-313L
  34. DC2-311
  35. DDC 21L
  36. DDC 21
  37. DDC 31 BABY L
  38. DDC 31 BABY
  39. DDC 31L
  40. DDC 31
  41. DK 10

Deka Ceiling Fan Problems

The most common Deka Ceiling Fan problems are as below:

  • Deka ceiling fan not spinning and make beeping sound
  • Deka ceiling fan speed issue
  • Deka ceiling fan capacitor issue
  • Deka ceiling fan PCB board failure

There are various helpful tutorials to fix the issues mentioned above. The videos have garnered over 100 thousand views, which indicates that the Deka ceiling fan really has a quality problem.

Check out the video below on how to fix the Deka fan’s beeping sound problem and not spinning.

Also, check out the video below on how to bypass the Deka fan PCB board if your PCB board is spoilt.


Overall, Deka ceiling fans have many satisfied customers because they provide an affordable way to own a stylish ceiling fan. 

But there are still many recent reports which complained about its quality and reliability issues.

As a result, we can conclude that Deka’s quality control is still lacking. You should consider your budget and the features you require when deciding whether to purchase a Deka fan or another ceiling fan brand.

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