Malaysians love cooking with a gas stove despite the fact that electric stoves (induction cookers) are now very common and affordable.

This is because gas stoves heat up faster and are more economical than induction cookers.

Today, there are various types of gas stoves in Malaysia, some costs less than RM100 and others could exceed a few thousand ringgit.

Do you know the difference between a cheap and an expensive gas stove? Let’s take a look at the different gas stove models available in Malaysia.

What is the best gas stove in Malaysia?

The best gas stove in Malaysia is the Rinnai RB-712N-S. The Rinnai gas stove is made of thick and durable stainless steel. The two burners are rated 3.7kW and feature a Rinnai proprietary design. It burns more efficiently and heated up quickly. It also consumes less gas compared to a conventional burner.

Here is a list of the top 8 best gas stoves in Malaysia:

  1. Best Gas Stove: Rinnai RB-712N-S
  2. Best Cheap Stainless Steel Gas Stove: Milux MGH-S633M
  3. Best Built-in Gas Stove: ELBA EGH-J8552G
  4. Best Cheap Tabletop Gas Stove: SwissThomas Stainless Steel Gas Stove
  5. Best Glasstop Gas Stove: Butterfly BTG 2L Glass Gas Stove
  6. Best Tabletop Gas Stove: Midea MGS-T211G
  7. Best Portable Gas Stove: Golden Fuji GF-9000
  8. Best Camping Gas Stove: Foldable Mini Stove

1. Rinnai RB-712N-S

Best Gas Stove Malaysia

Rinnai RB-712N-S

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Rinnai RB-712N-S is a 2-burner gas stove which is made of stainless steel. Rinnai is a very famous kitchen appliance brand.

It is also famous for its silent kitchen hood and multipurpose built-in oven.

This RB-712N-S model has received the Japan Good Design Award.

Rinnai RB-712N-S is recommended as a top choice because of its good build quality and reasonable price. As compared to a glass stove, stainless steel stove is more durable and there is no risk of exploding.

This Rinnai gas stove measures 77cm x 45.2cm x 7.2cm and weighs 7.7kg.

Although it is a built-in gas stove, it comes with rubber feet for support. Thus, users can just place it on the kitchen countertop and use it.

In addition, the Rinnai RB-712N-S is also very flexible. It can fit different cut-out sizes, perfect for replacing your existing built-in gas stove. There’s no need to worry about it can’t match your existing cut-out size.

This Rinnai gas stove has two 3.7kW burners that can be used simultaneously. The burner uses a semi-double ring design that heats more evenly.

Finally, the Rinnai RB-712N-S uses a black enamel pan support. And a cast iron wok stand is also included in the box. So you can use a frying pan or a wok on this gas stove.


  • Even heating
  • Easy to clean
  • Flexible cut-out size
  • Battery ignition


  • Heat efficiency is not stated clearly

2. Milux MGH-S633M Dapur Gas Stainless steel

Best Cheap Stainless Steel Built-in Gas Stove

Milux MGH-S633M Dapur Gas Stainless steel

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The Milux MGH-S633M gas stove has a design that similar to the Rinnai RB-712N-S but much cheaper. This is because Milux is a local brand.

The Milux gas stove measures 75cm x 40cm x 15cm (L x W x H) and weighs 12 kg.

A unique feature of the Milux MGH-S633M gas stove  is the Tornado focused fire function that allows food to be cooked faster and saves gas.

The two burners on this Milux gas stove are powered by battery ignition and have a power rating of 3.7kW each.

Lastly, the Milux MGH-S633M gas stove is made of stainless steel and comes with rubber feet at the bottom so that it sits firmly on a countertop. It has a modern and stylish surface and is easy to clean.


  • Approved by SIRIM
  • Tornado Focused Fire burner 
  • Cheap


  • Fixed cut-out size
  • Customer’s complaint on receiving dented stove (could be thin material issue)

3. ELBA 2 Burners Glass Stove EGH-J8552G

Best Built-in Gas Stove

ELBA 2 Burners Glass Stove EGH-J8552G

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ELBA 2 Burners Glass Stove EGH-J8552G is the best built-in gas stove in Malaysia. This Elba gas stove measures 76cm x 44cm and weighs 13.19Kg. 

It uses high-quality tempered glass. Overheating or accidental knocking is less likely to break the glass.

This Elba Gas stove has two 120mm size burners and it uses a battery auto ignition system.

The advantage of the ELBA EGH-J8552G gas stove is that it has a very high flame rating of 5.0kW, higher than other usual gas stove models. It allows you to cook faster. 

The ELBA EGH-J8552G gas stove comes with dark tempered glass that looks elegant. It is suitable for a modern kitchen.


  • Auto battery ignition system 
  • 5.0kW flame rating
  • Quality tempered glass


  • Fixed built-in size, less flexible

4. SwissThomas Stainless Steel Dual Gas Stove

Best and Cheap Infrared Gas Stove

SwissThomas Stainless Steel Dual Gas Stove

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If your budget is limited, the SwissThomas Stainless Steel gas stove is the best cheap tabletop gas stove. It measures 71cm x 36cm x 8.5cm and weighs 1.1 kg. 

Different from the usual gas stove, it uses an infrared burner on the right side with a flame rating of 1.75kW, while the 8 Jet burner on the left side has a flame rating of 2.2kW.

The advantage of the 8-jet burner and infrared burner is that it produces blue flames. So, it will not leave burn or black marks on the cookware. 

Blue flames also indicate more effective combustion. So, this type of gas stove can save gas consumption by 40% compared to a normal burner.

Even so, the SwissThomas Stainless Steel gas stove has few significant weaknesses. 

First, it weighs only 1.1kg which means the build quality is not good and it is very thin. Therefore, it may dent easily and be less durable.

Second, many users of infrared gas stoves complain that infrared burners are not durable and are difficult to wash. Many infrared burners fail after the first or second year. And it cannot be repaired if it is damaged.

Since SwissThomas stainless steel gas stove is very cheap, it is still our top pick for best gas stove under RM100.


  • Cheap, only RM100
  • Gas savings of 40%


  • Piezo ignition
  • Poor quality
  • Infrared burner not durable

5. Butterfly BTG 2L Glass Gas Stove

Best Glass Top Gas Stove

Butterfly BTG 2L Glass Gas Stove

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Butterfly BTG 2L Glass Gas Stove is one of the best-selling tabletop gas stoves on Shopee. Different from the usual tabletop gas stove, it uses a glass surface that is more beautiful and easier to clean.

Measuring 75cm x 11cm x 44cm and weighing 8 kg, this gas stove has two 110mm burners. It uses a double-pipe auto igniter.

The Butterfly BTG 2L gas stove uses tornado burners.  A tornado burner uses less gas than a normal burner.


  • Reasonable price
  • Beautiful
  • Tornado Burner
  • Local warranty
  • SIRIM-approved


  • Flame rating not specified

6. Midea MGS-T211G Dapur Kaca

Best Budget Tabletop Gas Stove

Midea MGS-T211G Dapur Kaca

Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee

If you are not familiar or confident with a tornado burner, you can check out the Midea MGS-T211G Gas Stove that uses a standard burner.

Similar to Butterfly BTG 2L, the Midea gas stove uses a tempered glass top. The thickness of the glass is 6mm and gives a lifetime warranty.

The burner uses cast iron which is more durable. In addition, the burner has a flame rating of 4.7kW. Users can cook quickly with this gas stove.

Although the Midea MGS-T211G Gas Stove is cheap, it uses an auto-ignition system that uses batteries. So, the fire can ignite easily with just one twist of the knob.

Midea also says that the MGS-T211G gas stove has high energy efficiency. It is able to save gas consumption by up to 20%.


  • Reasonable price
  • 6mm tempered glass with lifetime warranty
  • Flame rating 4.7kW
  • SIRIM-approved

7. Golden Fuji GF-9000

Best Portable Gas Stove

Golden Fuji GF-9000

Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee

For people who are looking for a single-burner gas stove or mini gas stove, Golden Fuji GF-9000 is a good choice. The size is small, only 25cm x 20cm and weighs only 0.98 kg.

Golden Fuji GF-9000 gas stove is best suits for both camping and steamboat. With its small size, it is easy to carry and place anywhere. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Although it is a mini gas stove, the heat power of this burner can reach 2.2kW. It is less than a normal size gas stove, but it is considered very powerful for such a mini gas stove.

Best of all, it comes with a case for storage purposes when not in use. 


  • Light and small
  • Cheap
  • Storage box


  • Moderate flam rating (2.2kW)

8. Foldable Mini Stove

Best Camping Gas Stove

Foldable Mini Stove

Best deal on Lazada Best deal on Shopee

For those who often camp, Foldable Mini Stove is one of the must-have camping equipment.

This folding gas stove has a very small size of 12cm x 12cm x 10cm. It is very suitable for camping activities. 

Foldable Mini Stove has a fire rating of 2800W. You can cook light meals over the fire.

Inside, there are piezoelectric spark plugs. So, it is easy to use.

Most importantly, this type of gas stove is only sold at RM10+. Anyone can buy one and try it out to see if it is useful.


  • Very cheap
  • Can be folded into a very small size


  • Less safe, need to be used with caution

Gas Stove FAQ

u003cstrongu003eWhat is the best gas stove brand in Malaysia?u003c/strongu003e

Rinnai is the best gas stove brand in Malaysia. It is a Japanese brand with a long history of manufacturing gas stoves. Rinnai uses self-designed burners that have better heat efficiency than other brands.

u003cstrongu003eIs a gas stove or electric stove better for home use?u003c/strongu003e

In my opinion, electric stoves are better for home use because they are safer and there is no risk of explosion or gas leakage. Gas stoves are ideal for commercial use because they are cheaper and heat up quickly.

u003cstrongu003eTempered glass or stainless steel gas stove is better?u003c/strongu003e

Tempered glass gas stoves are more beautiful and easy to clean, but they can break if accidentally knocked at the edges. Stainless steel gas stoves are more durable but difficult to clean and easy to scratch.

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