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best food steamers malaysia
small kitchen appliances

8 Best Food Steamers Malaysia

Using a food steamer for cooking is more healthy than stir-frying, roasting or boiling. You don’t need to use oil and there’s no smoke when

best rice cookers malaysia
small kitchen appliances

10 Best Rice Cookers Malaysia, RM50-RM600

Rice has always been the staple food for all Malaysians. Rice is always served with popular Malaysian food like curry, fried chicken, roast chicken, grilled

dessine pressure cooker review malaysia
small kitchen appliances

Dessini Pressure Cooker Review

As of Jan 2022, the Dessini Pressure Cooker has recorded more than 11,500+ sales on Shopee Official Store.  Combined with various third-party vendors, the combined

best pressure cookers malaysia techrakyat
small kitchen appliances

Top 5 Best Pressure Cookers Malaysia

Searching for the best pressure cooker? I have checked out more than 20 different pressure cooker brands and models and concluded that the Midea MY-D6004B