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best robot vacuums malaysia
small home appliances

6 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners Malaysia

In recent years, robot vacuum cleaners have advanced greatly. We have robot vacuums that come with Lidar sensors, 3D vision, can vacuum and mop simultaneously,

best air coolers malaysia
small home appliances

8 Best Air Coolers Malaysia, from RM150

Hot temperatures in Malaysia are difficult to cope with. A home air cooler is one of the most affordable home appliances that can provide us

best rice cookers malaysia
small kitchen appliances

10 Best Rice Cookers Malaysia, RM50-RM600

Rice has always been the staple food for all Malaysians. Rice is always served with popular Malaysian food like curry, fried chicken, roast chicken, grilled

best laptop stands malaysia

8 Best Laptop Stands in Malaysia

The use of a laptop stand makes working on a laptop easier and more comfortable. It is important for maintaining a proper posture while using