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6 Best Air Humidifiers in Malaysia

Malaysia’s hot weather makes it hard to not turn on the air conditioner at home. At the same time, using air conditioner creates dry air,

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7 Best Cooker Hoods in Malaysia

Many do not aware that kitchen cooker hoods are just as important as the kitchen stoves. You will cook more often with a good cooker

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8 Best Induction Cookers Malaysia

Looking for the best induction cooker for your new house? Or tempted to upgrade your existing gas stove to induction cooker? We have the answer

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6 Best Gas Stoves in Malaysia

Gas stoves are still the more popular choice for Malaysian household despite the advent of induction cookers. This is no surprise given that cooking via

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8 Best Cheap Baby Carriers Malaysia

Baby carriers are very useful when you’re travelling with babies. You may have heard about Ergobaby and Baby Bjorn baby carriers. They are top of